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D. Brooks and Tan The Terrible are back with the extremely catchy “Rockstar Two” produced by Hovenchy.

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Texas artist D. Brooks and Little Rock’s Tan The Terrible are back on the NTRL Exclusive sponsored track this time with the support and production from GBC contributor Hovenchy. Known for their melodies and pop samples with a heavy dose of auto-tune, the duo turns “Rockstar Two” into an anthem worth of the summer. The first installment of “Rockstar” made some noise in 2017 hitting Elevator and Daily Chiefers while running up 7k plays on Soundcloud. This time around Tan takes the chorus, laying down a catchy confession of why his girl hates him and his lifestyle.

“I’m a rockstar too, and she hate that too” 

D. Brooks verse shows the growth his music has taken since we’ve last heard him on our pages. Engineered by Triga, D’s voice blends well, mixing melody into his verse effortlessly. DJ Chxno, the youngest of the OVO Chopstars likes what he hears and adds the official Chopped Not Slopped version. Texas is on fire, let us know which one you like most. Stay tuned for more D. Brooks, his second album Boy On Fire is due later this fall.


Tan the Terrible’s catchy new album “Tan Turismo” is packed full of hits

tanturismoWe thought Tan the Terrible was done for the day after releasing the visual for “Tan Turismo”, which ends up being the intro track to the full Tan Turismo album. Produced entirely by frequent contributor Ian Eastrn, Tan channels his inner race car driver and delivers a 9 track album full of melodies and catchy lyrics.

Hailing from Little Rock (Arkansas), a recent hot bed for rap music, Tan the Terrible began his musical journey 8 years ago. He’s been able to create a multitude of sounds delivering upbeat hits with heavy trap beats. After venturing  out to Los Angeles, Tan was able to combine a large variety of sounds and genres to help pave his own lane. While we heard those sounds on his previous projects You Should Know Better and Never Fails, Tan Turismo is the culmination of both, and working exclusively with Eastrn has allowed him to refine that sound and deliver an in-depth project full of big moments.


“Get up Go” – The second track of the project is one of Tan’s best. Getting the opportunity to hear this one live when Tan performed at Fresh Baked in Austin, TX opening up for Key! and Diego Money makes hearing it on the album even better. The high paced crooning is peak Tan, tying clever verses with a catchy hook has all the makings for some commercial success.

“Mapco” feat. C-Wil & Hector Slash –  “Mapco” is a great change of pace on the album, offering listeners some hard bars they probably weren’t expecting. Joined by fellow Little Rock artists C-Wil and Vile Pack member and Popped Cherry veteran Hector Slash this one is gritty and cutthroat. Tan shows off his versatility and I’ve kept this one on repeat all day.

If you haven’t seen the Juughaus directed video for “Tan Turismo (Intro)” check it out here. Listen to all of Tan Turismo below and let us know what you think!

Tan the Terrible returns as Tan Turismo with a brand new visual

If you follow Popped Cherry closely, you’ll know we fuck with Little Rock, Arkansas hard. One of our favorites is the auto-tune crooning Tan the Terrible. Catchy melodies and hard hitting pop beats has become his calling card working with Ian Eastrn, and the duo return from the success of his last project Never Fails with a new character and a refined sound.

Check out the visual for Tan Turismo’s self titled video below.

SPOTLIGHT: Get familiar with Tan The Terrible and his new album “Never Fails”

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 2.52.24 PM

If you’ve been following Popped Cherry throughout 2017, you’ve probably seen the name Tan The Terrible pop up on the timeline. The Arkansas native and Los Angeles resident mixes a unique blend of pop/rap that balances heavy melodies with pulsing 808’s. The 8 track album titled Never Fails is straight vibes, each song transitioning smooth throughout the whole project taking us through Tan’s journey of the past year chalked full of hustling, women, moving across the country, and the long journey to success.

Featuring production by Ian Eastrn, who happens to be Tan’s cousin, you can tell they’ve created a great vibe together. Then I found out Ian was 16 and I was blown away. He has a great understanding on how to build a song, drums are always on point and he allows enough space to let Tan’s creativity and melodies shine through. Other production credits go to the incredibly talented Yuni Wa, Uncle Nick, and Mach Soul.


  1. “Never Fails” – This song was the first single/visual released prior to the project and has racked up a few thousand views on Soundcloud. Produced by Ian Eastrn the insanely catchy chorus had me hooked the first time I heard it. Figuring out track placement is sometimes the hardest decision for newer artists, I love that Tan lead off the album with a song people were familiar with encouraging them to click on song 2 and dive further into the project. Run this one up.
  2. “Iced Out” – My favorite track and possibly the most underrated song on Never Fails lays a filtered chorus over an infections melody produced by Uncle Nick. Tan speaks on being iced out even when he stays low-key, but wishing he could share those luxuries with a bad one. Makes sense to me. This one will be on repeat for a long time.
  3. “Rainbow” – One of the more emotional tracks on the album, “Rainbow” was produced by fellow Arkansas native Yuni Wa. The multi-genre producer lays down some deep 808’s that really bring increase the depth of the song. Tan mentioned “Rainbow” was a direct result of some of the stuff he had been dealing with at the time. You really feel that angst and sadness in his voice. A lot of people’s expectations, especially when artists move to LA, is that the path to success is littered with giant achievements, fame, and money. Tan comes off as super self-aware and confident in his journey and where it’s going. Most of the time, that’s all you can do.

With new music dropping shortly, I hope we see the timeline full of new Tan The Terrible. Like we mentioned in our previous posts, the blend of pop/rap that Tan excels at creates an almost infinite ceiling of growth. Definitely an artist I can see being on the radio, and sometimes all it takes is for one of these songs to hit to take him to the next level. Regardless of when that will be, the kid from Arkansas is going to keep on winning because if you’re putting in that work you can never fail.

Stream Never Fails on Spotify below or click here to view on SoundCloud.

Spotlight: D. Brooks releases debut project “Unorthodox Rockstar”


Some artists demand your attention whenever they pop up, and some artists keep your timeline consistently full of new content and music. One artist who has done the latter this year has been Austin’s underground hit-maker D. Brooks. Yesterday he dropped off his debut project Unorthodox Rockstar, a 10 track album chalked full of hype and a visual for his short song “6 for 6” filmed by buzzing Texas videographer Worthy Sire. The video is a look into D. Brooks brand, and sets the tone of the rest of the project.

Executively produced by tredyboi1hunna and  TrigaFTW, with a few production credits to Ninetysixbeats and EldrickBeats, the projects’ consistent sound is the most impressive part. Rarely are artists able to find one or two producers who they consistently go back to each time. Brooks and tredyboi have a connection that will only continue to grow. Surprisingly, Unorthodox Rockstar was only dropped on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, and Google Play. Brooks has had great success on SoundCloud recently, racking up over 40k plays on just 6 songs this year, but continues the trend of artists skipping over the free platform as a way to have the music mean a little more then the stats that define SoundCloud culture…and to make a little money too I suppose.

“Fiji Water” is one of my favorite tracks, and the clear “industry single” on the project. A 808-heavy anthem from Tredy, D. Brooks does what he does best with an incredibly infections chorus and some of his best verses to date. Sometimes D has a tendency to try too hard, but this one is as effortless as MJ’s jumper. This one will be on repeat for the rest of the year.

“Mick Jagger” is another standout on a project full of singles. An ode to one of the greatest rockers of them all. Brooks mixes a few different flows, and is able to float all over the spacey production. Setting the scene of a wild party, all D see’s is hoes doing blow and getting stoned. We might need a visual for this one.

“Hello” is another track with industry single potential. The chorus and melody dominates the song, with a few short verses to keep it from getting too repetitive. I have a feeling this is the one all the shawty’s will rock to.

“Rockstar” holds the only feature on the project. Arkansas’ hit maker Tan The Terrible freestyles a melodic verse that bangs. This one goes crazy, and has been on repeat ever since it was released back in April. The two met at SXSW last year and vibed enough to make this magic, hopefully we hear them both on a track again soon.

I already know this project will be underrated, it requires a slightly longer attention span than most are willing to give, but if you listen through the entire project, I promise you will walk away with a favorite song and a new artist to keep an eye on. Brooks has shown an insane amount of growth over the last 6-8 months, this one might not be the project to blow him up, but at this rate… it’s going to happen eventually.

Listen to Unorthodox Rockstar in its entirety below.

Tan The Terrible hits a lick in dope new visual for “Never Fails”

neverfailsOne of the artists we’re super big on over here at Popped Cherry is Tan The Terrible. 2 weeks after the release of his hit single “Never Fails” produced by Ian Eastrn, he drops off the visuals, and they’re dope. Filmed by The Manic by Design Studio and Autoboy Official, “Never Fails” is a classic spin on Bonnie & Clyde told by Tan. Accompanied by his girl, Tan hits a lick on an armed robbery in the hills of Hollywood and makes off with everybody’s favorite things, cash and drugs. Check out our review of the song here, and check out the video below. Tan The Terrible is dropping his album soon, stay tuned for Popped Cherry for the latest.

TanTheTerrible’s “Never Fails” is a fucking hit

Another Arkansas native popping up on our timeline has been TanTheTerrible. He just released his single “Never Fails” which will be on the album of the same name releasing later this month. Produced by Ian Eastern this song is catchy as hell. Tan balances his auto-tune perfectly and the chorus has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. If this is any indication of what the album will sound like, it will be fire.

2017 has been a year of blending tons of genres. This record has a great 808 heavy beat, but Tan’s sound falls anywhere in-between pop and r&b. Anybody making music like this has an almost endless ceiling, and his ability to blend genres so easily will benefit him greatly. Excited to see more from the LA resident making all the right moves.