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D. Brooks and Tan The Terrible are back with the extremely catchy “Rockstar Two” produced by Hovenchy.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 7.50.47 PM

Texas artist D. Brooks and Little Rock’s Tan The Terrible are back on the NTRL Exclusive sponsored track this time with the support and production from GBC contributor Hovenchy. Known for their melodies and pop samples with a heavy dose of auto-tune, the duo turns “Rockstar Two” into an anthem worth of the summer. The first installment of “Rockstar” made some noise in 2017 hitting Elevator and Daily Chiefers while running up 7k plays on Soundcloud. This time around Tan takes the chorus, laying down a catchy confession of why his girl hates him and his lifestyle.

“I’m a rockstar too, and she hate that too” 

D. Brooks verse shows the growth his music has taken since we’ve last heard him on our pages. Engineered by Triga, D’s voice blends well, mixing melody into his verse effortlessly. DJ Chxno, the youngest of the OVO Chopstars likes what he hears and adds the official Chopped Not Slopped version. Texas is on fire, let us know which one you like most. Stay tuned for more D. Brooks, his second album Boy On Fire is due later this fall.


My song of the day is “Texaco” from Grizz + Supa

This song is too good to be skipped over for another day. Austin’s Grizz and Supa hop all over the NTRL exclusive release titled “Texaco”. The scintillating beat provides the perfect sound for the high energy Grizz and the counter balance of the lackadaisical verse from Supa adds a lot of depth to the track. The proverbial road to wealth, success, and respect can be a long one, this song glorifies that well. Grizz has a couple projects dropping soon and he is hitting the momentum at the right time. He’s shown that he can bring multiple different styles to the table, and after a sneak peak of the projects he’s dropping, can’t wait for you to hear them. This song deserves way more listens, so run this shit up!