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Houston rapper Doeman takes rap back to the barrio, with a breath of fresh air.

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In 2018 the rap climate would tell you we don’t come across a rapper spitting bars very often, certainly not on the internet. Blogs would have you believing true lyricists have been sent fleeing to the shadowed corners of open mic venues or J. Cole fan pages. In their defense, very rarely do we stumble upon a rapper who can appeal to both hemispheres.

However on Tuesday off a tip from an industry leader in town, Houston’s Doeman came across our inbox with the best thing we’ve heard this week. The Southside artist had the internet buzzing yesterday with the release of his new Bird Medina directed video “Barrio God II Intro”. The J Cardenas produced track is everything you want with a haunting melody paired with aggressive drums. Riding in on an old Chevrolet convertible, Doeman doesn’t skip a beat as he talks his shit. His second verse calling out our governments twisted Immigration laws, a talking point for many but a daily occurrence and obstacle many Texans are faced with.

With over 10 million Hispanics in Texas, Doeman has the ability to do what most artists can’t. With compelling bars, and a natural swagger that growing up in Houston can teach you, he has the ability to build a platform that nobody else in Texas has shown they can stand on. It just so happens that it’s something the whole state can get behind.

With his project Barrio God II on the way soon, and rumored collaborations with Cardiak, Willie B from TDE, and Scoop Deville after a recent trip out to Los Angeles, Doeman is an artist who might level up before you catch your breath. Stay tuned for more.

California artist DPIH shows brilliant visual versatility with his video, “Death”

When it comes to the California music scene, it’s certainly one of the faster-growing hubs of homegrown talent. Historically silenced by all the “stars” moving to California, the local scene has been buzzing this year. The versatility and variety of work has been something to watch out for and you can see that with Los Angeles act, DPIH. The growing artist has released content in the past but he delivers an impactful visual with his new single, “Death”. 

The eerie melodic jam is off-kilter to say the least but it gives an insight to watchers that DPIH certainly has a different mindset than others when it comes to his artistry. It’s really clean, sonically and visually. The video was filmed by Eugene Ehl, who absolutely killed it.  That level of professionalism usually goes a long way for newer artists, and it definitely makes me want to see what DPIH is coming with next. Premiered by the good people over at Modern Life Mag, check out the video below. 

California artist Blatz drops his well anticipated visual “AIM”

If you’re from Milwaukee like I am, the name Blatz rings a bell. Instead of the classic beer, Blatz is a buzzing artist from Los Angeles with an advanced sound already beginning to stand out in a city known for stand out’s. He drops off a visual for his popular song “AIM” produced by kidkeva and directed by Noah Blastoids. The video features some beautiful ladies and his squad, bringing a gravitating visual that highlights his personality and flair in the catchy single. With shades of flow influenced from some of the most popping in the industry, Blatz continues to find his voice in a crowded field. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Blatz soon, so roll one up and check out the visual for “AIM” below.

Los Angeles based artist Rell drops a fire visual for “Legend”

As the ball keeps rolling in 2018, the spectrum of the Los Angeles music scene continues to evolve. Artists presenting new vibes to the forefront are plentiful and you can find that in the melodic sounds of Rell. Coming fresh off the successful release of his latest project, The World Is Mine, Rell continues to apply the pressure with the release of one of the strongest singles from the project, “Legend”.

The Citrus Strap VHS directed visual captures Rell roaming the streets of LA while balancing various rad effects and clips of Scarface to show off his iconic influence that’s carried out in the song. Check out “Legend” below and let us know what you think!

AJ Bray – Make It Quick

Already back to work after hitting us with his latest body of work Gucci Durag Chronicles II, AJ Bray blessed us with a new hit. Produced by Izak, who’s careers starting to heat up himself, Make It Quick shows off AJs talent who instantly quotable lyrics and perfectly riding a rhythm with his delivery. Listen to Make It Quick below, and be sure to peep GD2 here.

TonyBIGZ returns with another single titled “DGF”

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 7.05.57 PM

If you haven’t heard yet, TonyBIGZ is definitely somebody to get familiar with. The LA artist’s music features plenty of the dark wavy sounds that the underground loves, and after only a few releases over the past year has started to make a name for himself online. Yesterday he dropped off a new record titled “DGF” produced by Los Angeles producer N2X. After a heavy push online, it reached our ears at Popped Cherry and we’re really fucking with it. Perfect for the kickback, the whip, or the party, take a listen below and add this one to your playlist.

SPOTLIGHT: Get familiar with Tan The Terrible and his new album “Never Fails”

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If you’ve been following Popped Cherry throughout 2017, you’ve probably seen the name Tan The Terrible pop up on the timeline. The Arkansas native and Los Angeles resident mixes a unique blend of pop/rap that balances heavy melodies with pulsing 808’s. The 8 track album titled Never Fails is straight vibes, each song transitioning smooth throughout the whole project taking us through Tan’s journey of the past year chalked full of hustling, women, moving across the country, and the long journey to success.

Featuring production by Ian Eastrn, who happens to be Tan’s cousin, you can tell they’ve created a great vibe together. Then I found out Ian was 16 and I was blown away. He has a great understanding on how to build a song, drums are always on point and he allows enough space to let Tan’s creativity and melodies shine through. Other production credits go to the incredibly talented Yuni Wa, Uncle Nick, and Mach Soul.


  1. “Never Fails” – This song was the first single/visual released prior to the project and has racked up a few thousand views on Soundcloud. Produced by Ian Eastrn the insanely catchy chorus had me hooked the first time I heard it. Figuring out track placement is sometimes the hardest decision for newer artists, I love that Tan lead off the album with a song people were familiar with encouraging them to click on song 2 and dive further into the project. Run this one up.
  2. “Iced Out” – My favorite track and possibly the most underrated song on Never Fails lays a filtered chorus over an infections melody produced by Uncle Nick. Tan speaks on being iced out even when he stays low-key, but wishing he could share those luxuries with a bad one. Makes sense to me. This one will be on repeat for a long time.
  3. “Rainbow” – One of the more emotional tracks on the album, “Rainbow” was produced by fellow Arkansas native Yuni Wa. The multi-genre producer lays down some deep 808’s that really bring increase the depth of the song. Tan mentioned “Rainbow” was a direct result of some of the stuff he had been dealing with at the time. You really feel that angst and sadness in his voice. A lot of people’s expectations, especially when artists move to LA, is that the path to success is littered with giant achievements, fame, and money. Tan comes off as super self-aware and confident in his journey and where it’s going. Most of the time, that’s all you can do.

With new music dropping shortly, I hope we see the timeline full of new Tan The Terrible. Like we mentioned in our previous posts, the blend of pop/rap that Tan excels at creates an almost infinite ceiling of growth. Definitely an artist I can see being on the radio, and sometimes all it takes is for one of these songs to hit to take him to the next level. Regardless of when that will be, the kid from Arkansas is going to keep on winning because if you’re putting in that work you can never fail.

Stream Never Fails on Spotify below or click here to view on SoundCloud.

TanTheTerrible’s “Never Fails” is a fucking hit

Another Arkansas native popping up on our timeline has been TanTheTerrible. He just released his single “Never Fails” which will be on the album of the same name releasing later this month. Produced by Ian Eastern this song is catchy as hell. Tan balances his auto-tune perfectly and the chorus has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. If this is any indication of what the album will sound like, it will be fire.

2017 has been a year of blending tons of genres. This record has a great 808 heavy beat, but Tan’s sound falls anywhere in-between pop and r&b. Anybody making music like this has an almost endless ceiling, and his ability to blend genres so easily will benefit him greatly. Excited to see more from the LA resident making all the right moves.

Goon Des Garcons* follows up “Sore Loser” release with visual for “Deadman”

Goon Des Garcons* continues the push of his recent release Sore Loser with a short visual to the fan favorite “Deadman” produced by Idle Kid.

As an all around creative, Goon directs and edits the Italian Leather shot video. It shows Goon being kidnapped and beat up by two women in Los Angeles. The gritty visual definitely shows off the vibe of the song. Watch below and run it up for the boy!

Check out the album below.