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NFL Cartel Bo and Cartel 20 drop a street banger with “Product”

After sweeping the streets with his single, “Location”, Houston’s NFL Cartel Bo plans to continues to add more fuel to the fire with is trap anthem, “Product”. Carrying the lyrical intensity he displayed on “Location”, Bo flexes his wordplay even more with the righteous delivery he infuses on this record. His voice, especially in the intro, triggers thoughts of early Rick Ross. Between the work of the hook and the alignment of the verses, it’s a descriptive tale of pressing xans, taking different people’s pack, advising drug dealers to know their legal limit, and more. Songs like these can go a long way in measuring Bo against some of today’s kingpins of the South, but will allow him to separate himself because he’s a Texas artist who’s riding a different wave. Follow him on IG here.

Rising Houston rappers Cash Fendi and Hustle Boy Dada link on “Out The Gate”

Giving the roll that Cash Fendi has been on, it’s quite easy to say that he’s continuing to push for one of the top spots in Houston’s budding music scene. Coming off the heels of his project, Creme De La Creme, he keeps his foot on the gas and keeping going above the speed limit to show others he’s destined for greatness in H-Town.

In the process of doing so, he links with HustleboyDada to create a trapped out anthem, “Out The Gate”. The duo exchange hustler driven flows and find themselves posing with pit bulls, sipping drank, and puffing some of the finest greenery. This video just goes to show you how much potential this song has and how it can catch fire in 2018. Check out the video below.

Ca$h Fendi links up with Se7en x SickoFinesse for gritty visual, “Man Down”

If you follow Popped Cherry you should be familiar with Ca$h Fendi by now. The Northside Houston native is coming off the heels of a successful debut album release, and has established himself as a serious lyricist with a knack for making catch records. A deadly combination.

Creme De La Creme set the foundation for the young Houston rapper, and it continues to grow with more releases. Today we shine a spotlight not only on Ca$h’s continued ascension but some of the key players of The TRBE as well, Se7en and SickoFinesse. “Man Down” was one of my favorite records off the album and it comes to life in the Deezy Miaci directed visual.

Listen to Creme De La Creme below.

INTERVIEW: Ca$h Fendi discusses his new album, the vision, and how he plans to take over Houston.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.51.40 PM

Houston rap has had a long history of success, beef, creativity, and biting. Decades of artists, self funded records, and the historic Rap-A-Lot records have built the legacy the city stands on. When somebody tells you they’re from Houston, you can hear it in their slang, in their music, and their pride. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.49.53 PMNorthside’s Ca$h Fendi to talk about his new project Creme De La Creme, Houston’s rap scene, his inspiration, and how he plans to bring Houston back to what made it so successful in the past.

Creme De La Creme is full of influence. While more lyrical then some of his current counterparts, the production and flavor screams Houston. Fendi bounces from sampling vintage Lil Wayne on “Shy Bitch”, to a cash making anthem “Run It Up” to making collaborative slappers with Wes Blanco on “Bruce Wayne”. I was most impressed with strong production from the likes of SoloHendrixx and BeldonDidThat. Cash told me it was a priority to keep most of the project’s work in the city, and the result was a thoroughly cohesive effort from one of Houston’s up and comers staking claim to best in the city.


What gave you the idea to put the short interview right away in the middle of the project?

I like giving people an insight into my mind, and how I live. I feel like interviews are a great way to give people that feel, and to see where I’m coming from.

It seems like you take quite a bit of pride in your lyricism, are you a “in the studio” freestyle type dude or do you enjoy the writing process?

I have moods… sometimes I hear a beat and I’m just like, I gotta write to that. Sometimes when I’m in the studio with a producer, like with SoloHendrixx and the “Shy Bitch” song, it’s easier for me to vibe. But mostly, 9 times out of 10, if I know I’m going to work with a producer I usually have at least the hook in mind, everything flows naturally after that.

What are some of your favorites or your most favorite off of the album?

“Run It Up”, “In My Pocket”, and I like “Ballad of Cash” too. I like “Ballad of Cash” because I like telling stories thru my music sometimes.

Have you been musical your whole life, or is this pretty recent?

I’ve been writing verses and shit, since like 6th grade. I got composition books full of verses. At the time I was pretty clean cut, before I really got off the porch. It was a lot of clean verses, no cursing. Once I hopped off the porch and started to really see life, it started to get a little more life oriented.

A big part of your project and vision is to bring Houston together, and to help support each other like Atlanta has shown. Do you think that falls on the veterans, guys like Bun, Slim Thug, Paul Wall to push that unity or is it on the younger guys to set a new precedent?

As far as the legends, when Houston was really running the rap scene there wasn’t too much unity then. There was still northside to southside beef and guys not wanting to do tracks together, I think it’s still on that wave.. that’s not the wave. Atlanta is winning because… Atlanta artists see the potential and take guys who show potential and show them the way. It’s all about us coming together, keeping that shit in the city, and investing in each other. Producers, videographers, rappers, all that.

What are some of your favorite projects of 2017?

Man there was so much good music this year.. I listen I like that Karma by Dave East, of course, that’s one of my favorite artists. I like everything Big Sean dropped this year, he’s going to always be underrated just how the world is. They don’t process bars, they just like catchy shit. HoodRich Pablo Juan’s Designer Drugs 3, I like Glock Season, Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, Rick Ross, Migos’ Culture, man there was just a lot of shit. Amine, I liked his project too, that was crazy. Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimy project, Drake, but that should go without being said.

What’s next?

Definitely going to follow up Creme De La Creme, probably coming this summer. I’m going to push this until me and Se7en drop a project around 4/20, but I have a lot of friends who make music so you’ll see my name pop up. A bunch of videos from Creme De  La Creme, just to stay relevant, you can expect a lot from me in 2018.


Appreciate the conversation with Ca$h Fendi, I fully expect whatever he has coming next to be worth a listen. Seems like he has a very conscious understanding of the scene, where it’s headed and his potential. In the meantime, run up Creme De La Creme, and let us know what your favorite track is.

Jay$teez ft. Eddie B – Diamonds

It really be the artists around you with the most genuine and authentic sound. Jay$teez and Eddie B linked up for Diamonds, and it’s one of the best underground songs I’ve heard in a minute. The laid back, soulful, and jazzy instrumental is so infectious you could listen to it by without vocals, and both artists know how to ride, Jay$teez bringing the melodies while Eddie B hitting with bars like “put the ring on the game like it’s Smeagol” for all my nerdy niggas. Listen to the track below.

The Best Soundcloud Links In My DM’s last night

Soundcloud can be overbearing, the amount of links we normally sift through is endless. The beautiful thing about the app is the same thing that makes it tiresome. Anyone from anywhere can share music where quality is usually an afterthought and styles come and go in waves. Sometimes in my downtime I like to open up the DM’s to the willing, and artists from all over the country came with some heat last night. Here’s some of the best.

LuKe 4K – StarPower ft. Swan Ivy (prod. by ok boi)

My favorite record of the night, Texas artist LuKe 4K comes with the heat on “StarPower” featuring buzzing Ivy Music Group artist SwannyIvy. Produced by ok boi and mixed/mastered by San Antonio’s G Clef, this song is top notch radio quality. The autotune laced record is catchy as hell and the two bring some serious star power to the track. LuKe 4K has been dropping lots of good music lately, his 2018 can be very bright. In the meantime, play this extremely loud.

Lil Sef – Flexing Up (prod. by Cormill)

I’ve been familiar with Lil Sef for awhile. The Atlanta native has been grinding and working on his sound for awhile now. He finds a good formula with “Flexing Up”, you can hear the southern influence in the classic trap beat, catchy chorus, and grimy ad-libs. Atlanta’s musical history has been written by catchy records and artists who blow up overnight. Sef’s putting in that work, excited to see how he builds on it.

SamDoes – Naked ft. Brandon Allen & C02 (prod. by Serge Crown)

Hailing from Maryland, SamDoes sent me a few songs but “Naked” really stuck out. The off-kilter beat with heavy 808’s leads the vibe but the verses really standout on this song. Each artist brings their best. Sam tells me he’s been rapping for 7 years and the experience shows, he can flow with the best of them.  Sometimes when you have so many artists on a track it can come off forced, but “Naked” is cohesive and each verse feels natural. This one is going straight to the playlist. Check out Sam’s other work, his catalog from 2017 is impressive.

A2 – Tarxan (prod. by A2)

The Austin native has a tendency for wavy records and party anthems. His recent single “Tarxan” is really good. The record is as good as it gets on Soundcloud; short, catchy, about xanax, and well produced. If he can deliver more fun songs like this, I will definitely keep listening. This one should be played at every frat party in Austin. Most impressively, everything was produced and engineered by A2 himself.

Dylan Cohl – 007 (prod. by Wolfe De Mchls and Dylan Cohl)

Houston will never have a shortage of artists making good music. Dylan Cohl really caught me by surprise. “007” is a vibe! Reminds me a lot of TDE’s Isaiah Rashad, this dude can really rap. The laid back vibe was perfect to smoke to and his  flow was 10/10, he raps his ass off nearly the whole song. This is definitely one you plug the AUX in and drive to. He’s dropping another project soon and I’m very excited to see what he can do.

Ca$h Fendi releases a crisp visual for “Shy Bitch”

As the Houston sound continues to flourish with more and more people aiming to differentiate themselves as artists, but it’s only so many who are going to make the cut as far as getting to the next level. One artist in particular, Ca$h Fendi has been growing allScreen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.44.55 PM this year and he plans to make his big splash with his debut project, Creme De Le Creme this winter. In process of releasing his project, Fendi unleashes the flawless visual for his single, “Shy Bitch”.

The Lil Wayne sampled record displays Fendi being surrounded by beautiful women and large masses of blunt smoke. The Northside bred product is poised to be one of Houston’s promising acts in this upcoming year, stay tuned for what he has in store. Check out his video below and stay plugged to Popped Cherry for an upcoming interview with Ca$h and his debut project dropping December 7th.

Lona – Stay Sleep

Houston’s Lona is on a wave to the next level. His grind and commitment to his art paired with his levelheadedness translates very smoothly into his music. Stay Sleep is his latest single from his upcoming album 346, telling all those who aren’t rocking with him to keep that same energy when he’s at the top. The A.K.A. production is dark and aggressive, perfectly matching Lona’s energy as his spits about his come up and the ups and downs that come with putting your all into this shit. People might think the game is all about the limelight, but Lona shows us not everything that glitters is gold. Listen to Stay Sleep below.

Kenny Gee grabs Maxo Kream for his new single “Rollin Up”

rollinupAustin rapper Kenny Gee has made some noise around the area throwing parties all summer. Now that it’s Fall he returns with some music and grabs Houston frontrunner Maxo Kream for his latest single “Rollin Up”.

Whoever produced this did a great job, chorus sounds really well mixed and creates the vibe for the whole track. Maxo shows some respect for the Austin rapper and mimics Kenny’s flow to start his verse.

Dope to see major Texas artists linking with some of the young kids. Can only hope that continues, as that would go a long way to bringing Texas back to rap’s dominance.

Khawaja – Sabr

Khawaja has been putting in a lot of work recently. From dropping collab projects and singles, a solo project, and a handful of loosies, he’s had a busy year, and with this new track, he might just have a hit on his hands. His latest offering Sabr, arabic for patience,  pays homage to his cultural roots, and shows us what it’s like to hungry, trying to make it in the game at any means necessary, and you can really feel that hunger come thru when you listen. He’s tired of being patient, he’s kicking the door down and forcing his way into the game. Khawaja has a seriously high production quality in his tracks, so you know the tape he’s got in the chamber is about to be major. Give Sabr a listen below.