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Yung Fuji – Lxner (Music Video)

Texas City rapper Yung Fuji dropped off a visual for his track Lxner. The hazy xGod.Lifex x Pa$tor Herb$ production nicely complements Fujis flow and style, which he uses to prove why he’s easily up next. Once of the best voices in underground, his consistency and confidence in each of his tracks is steadily pushing him towards success. Check out the video below.

Khawaja x Arthur Black – Picture Perfect

Khawaja just can’t be stopped. His production is impactful, and he continues to push himself artistically, which shows with each new release. Linking with Arthur Black on the production, Picture Perfect shows Khawaja catering more towards his pop sensibilities with the structure, the production knocks like straight hip hop. The synths are soft and light, but the 808s kick you in the chest, in a good way. I love to see an artists versatility, and with Khawaja, you never know what’s coming next. Arthur Black is making a name for himself as well, and this is a huge step in the right direction. Picture Perfect is sure to get the parties jumping all fall. Check it below.

You Gotta Hear This Shit, Bruh: 7 Producers On The Come Up

Production is one of the most important parts of hip hop culture right now, easily. Producers are flourishing, with so many unique sounds and styles, becoming artists in their own right, but continuously fail to get the notoriety that they deserve. Niggas could spend all day going in depth on what certain rappers bring to the culture, and the impact that they had on the game, but when it comes to those behind the boards putting in work to make the songs what they are, nobody seems to pay attention. Rappers don’t just make the songs by themselves, you know? To truly appreciate somethings value, you gotta pay respect to all the pieces that make up the whole. There’s so much more beyond the horizon besides a Metro beat, but people don’t notice hidden gems til everybody is already on the wave. Once again, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself, so of course I gotta take matters into my own hands. I spent hours listening to dozens of tracks, trying to find the most unique and creative sounds and find the minds who stand out and bring something new to the table. These 10 have some of the best work you’ve never heard, and continue to redefine the what being a producer really means.


twitter: @aka21000

What impressed me about AKA is that at his age and experience he already has a much better ear for music than more established artists, and it comes through in his work. There’s a lot of layering and intricacies with his style that contributes to his sound, and you can hear a great amount of variety in his beats. Like, his project TEARS delivers a somber sadness throughout, while something like Everybody Eats packs a lot of high level energy. Although I can’t show off the unreleased stuff he’s played for me, trust when I say it is NEXT LEVEL. Showing growth with every track he puts out, AKA is a big one to look out for.


twitter: @hellasketchers

An Austin native, Sketchy basically lets the music speak for himself. His social media is bare, and there’s little known about him outside of his music. Even though he keeps it lowkey, his music packs a serious punch. I found him after a youtube video lead me to a bunch of “type beat” recommendations, and I was taken aback by the fully developed sound that he had. Each beat has a clarity that’s usually found in the big names producers, and his work as an artist is super catchy in itself. Even when I was already a fan of his work, I recently found that he had a placement on controversial rapper Tay K 47s album on the track Saran Pack, which in my opinion is one of Tay Ks best tracks. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we hear Hella Sketchy a lot more often.


twitter: @frumhere

I found frumhere off a soundcloud repost a while back, and it’s been interesting to watch his development as he gears up to drop his first album. He has a more laid back, lofi sound that you can really vibe to. His Amerie mix we lie there & she says im trippin is certified bop, put a chillhop twist on a track that’s already a classic. What I love is that I instantly feel the emotion he conveys through his beat, dropping songs perfect to break up and make up to. His album is done and on the way, so don’t sleep on it or you’ll be missing out big time.


twitter: @youngkhawaja

Discovering Khawaja was just a matter of running in the same circle. In simple terms, he’s an artist that just ended up producing to give himself something to flow on, but he’s really honed his craft and come into his own. When I heard the 6 Rings beat I was honestly surprised he didn’t have more clout, and his new track Que Quieres showcases a diversity in cultural background and influence that is rare to see within a lot of other producers. He’s on his way to becoming a serious heavy hitter in the scene, with some of the most impactful content out.


A few weeks ago, searching for music for a project I was working on left me to drown in an almost never ending sea of generic “type beat” videos. Izaks beats were most of the few that even stood out, but they stood out by a large margin. To lay it all out, the shit just knocks. The simplistic style insanely catchy, so much so that he just landed a deal with Atlantic records just last month. He just knows how to use sounds effectively and make anything he does sonically pleasing. If you keep your ear to the ground, you’ll 100% hear “Izak made this one!” on your favorite soundcloud rappers tracks.

i couldn’t find a good picture and thought this looked cool lmao

Por Vida

twitter: @joeywithpulp

Por Vida has been at for a minute now. He started producing at the age of 15, having blown up on SoundCloud in highschool under the name “Raava” and just recently making a comeback a new moniker He recently released an EP titled Only Nineties Kids, which is full of Vibes and has reworks from some of your favorite artists, is a member of the DIY stronghold Bassethound Collective, and a member of San Marcos based rap crew The Pnthn. Peep his shit on soundclound and bandcamp.


twitter: @lovibe_

Another soundcloud find, visual artist and producer Lovibe has vibe in his name so you know he stays with the heat. All jokes aside, the Ukrainian(wow hip hop is universal af) producer is bringing some serious sounds to the table. His kicks pack serious punch and add that perfect amount of texture and don’t overpower, his melodies are crisp, and he deserves way more credit. Almost transcendent, his tracks deliver you to a new plane and leave you floating on sonic clouds of sound.

Damaria’s “Friday Night” takes us back to the classic days of R&B


Houston songstress, Damaria, drops her debut EP tonight at 9pm. Following up on the successful release of “Never Find Another”, she drops another cut off the album with “Friday Night”. R&B doesn’t always need to be full of Chris Brown dance moves, and catchy choruses. Classic R&B is a vibe, it’s a feeling, it’s addicting. Produced by Soulful808s, “Friday Night” is a fresh rewind on that classic feel. Damaria is one of my favorite artists right now, and we’ll be posting her EP Love Overdxse as soon as it drops tonight. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Listen To Dylan Cohl’s Death Proof EP

Houston’s Dylan Cohl is a new artist with a sound and style that has roots in Hip Hops classic down south era. His latest body of work, Death Proof, takes me back to the earlier 2000s with his flow, and the laid back southern sounds he brings forward remind me of early UGK or Geto Boys, but blends it with a modern swag to create something timeless.  He’ll definitely be one to look out for, bringing back the Texas Trill sound in a way that would make Bun B proud. Check out Death Proof below.

Love drives Damaria crazy in “Never Find Another” video

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.31.32 PM

Rising Houston songstress Damaria delivers us an enticing and captivating video for her Summer single “Never Find Another”. Directed, filmed, and edited by the crazy talented Ciara Boniface, the video shows Damaria pushed to the brink by love. Shot almost like a short film, “Never Find Another” tells a story of being decieved by someone you’re in love with, and coming to the realization that you aren’t the “only one”. One of my favorite videos of the year to this point, Ciara Boniface is a true star behind the lens, and Damaria has the makings of a star in front of it.

Produced by StevieBBeatz, the production quality of the song is excellent. Sometimes engineers and producers can over-mix female vocals but not in this case; the quality of her voice shines through.  I heard the song before watching the video and thought it was good, but didn’t think too much of it. Don’t get me wrong, Damaria kills it. However, sometimes with songs like these, you need to put a face to the music to really connect – and the video did all of that and more.

Damaria drops her debut EP this month, and “Never Find Another” definitely takes the place of a lead single. With really only Kehlani, SZA, and the legendary Mary J. Blige delivering great female R&B albums this year, the market for another R&B star is wide open. With the right push, I think the ceiling is very high for Damaria. Stay tuned to Popped Cherry for more on the talented Houston artist.

Yung Fuji Drops off New Track “DXPE”

Texas City shooter Yung Fuji just dropped off a new heater for us to vibe to. DXPE has a sad trap sound that you can really feel, projecting his emotion and passion through the music.  One of the best flows out of East Texas, Fuji is constantly working, dropping projects and tracks left and right that are always hard. Peep DXPE below and check out Fuji’s latest project Alternative Reality.

Austin’s JahleelFaReal continues his visual push with “Piece N Chain”

Another Austin rapper showing up on Popped Cherry’s radar is JaleelFaReal. He continues his recent visual streak with “Piece N Chain”, the 4th music video he’s released this summer, and the lead track on his recent mixtape 1710.

“Piece N Chain” has that classic Texas sound to it. Produced by Jahleel and the TryCulture collective the dark banging beat and the simple melodic chorus create a song that could be relevant in any era of southern rap music.

“Just another youngin’ on the block
posted up with money in my sock
used to run for hoes and piece n’ chain
just another youngin’ in the game’

The TryCulture produced visual shot by Freddie Robertson, shows off Jahleel in Houston hanging out of an oversized Jeep. The black and white video gives off that classic feel and allows Jahleel to be himself in a video that might be overacted by most rappers. I hope to see his name popping up more and more in Austin and the rest of Texas.


Listen to 1710 below.

Trill Sammy’s “FACES” sounds like classical trap music

Trill Sammy is not holding back with content, as he drops off “FACES”. The classical sound with with trap feel is one of the first things you notice from the Beldondidthat produced track. Trill Sammy hops on the track and takes it to a hit status. Its one female after the other for the rapper as he isn’t really concerns for the long term relations, but rapper focused on his money and music. Take a listen to the newest track from the Houston rapper.

Lil Rarri – NO OPPS (Prod. by Lil SKRT)

You may have heard the name WhyJae floating around the Houston streets. WhyJae, also known as Lil Rarri, is a Houston emcee that has been on the rise for quite some time now. From selling out shows at Warehouse Live to touring with Maxo Kream, this man has made his mark.

After releasing his “LIL RARRI” EP a couple months ago he has stayed busy by doing features and singles.

Today Lil Rarri is back with another hit titled “No Opps.” Check it out down below and make sure to surf his SoundCloud page for more heat.