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Houston’s Nick Ryan delivers his spin on a melodic trip with “Found”

The biggest city in Texas has no shortage of musical influence. Houston’s 627 square miles offers countless talent, and a million lanes. In the midst of the recent wave of artists like Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, and Maxo Kream laying their foundation in the city, Space City  has seen numerous artists feeding into that alternative lane. One of the newest selections in this new lane for Houstonians is Nick Ryan. Channeling his inner Majid Jordan, Ryan’s autotune croons over an open soundscape. While I found the autotune to be overused, “Found”, the lead single for his upcoming project, “Lost & Found”, offers a listener a good idea of what Ryan can bring to the table. I look forward to hearing more from the kid from Houston.


Rizzoo Rizzoo gathers “Nawf Houston” together for his new street anthem, “4 Deep”

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.22.17 AM

With a project in the works, buzzing Houston artist Rizzoo Rizzoo has been creating a wave for himself over the last year delivering infectious single after single. I had the opportunity to catch him live during the No Jumper Maxo Kream tour last year and he had one of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time. He emits flavor and high energy no matter where he goes building attention for his upcoming mixtape Nawfside Huncho.

Part of that roll out, is the new gravitating visual for his song, “4 Deep”. Although it strays from the hit-making Rizzoo that fans have grown to love, it shows more of an egier/serious side of his artistry and a deeper look into how far he’s come as a melodic lyricist. As he’s gaining more traction, we definitely recommend getting hip to what the “Nawfside Huncho” has cooking.

Check it out below.


Khawaja – RIP

Khawaja stays with the hits. The Houston artist dropped a smooth, somber, energetic ballad that makes you feel. RIP shows a change of pace for the artist, with vibrant production from Cash Money AP and 30Hertz that really breathes life to the story he’s telling and putting you in the mood for Hennessy and texts you’ll regret in the morning. Listen to it below.

Backyard Boyz – Distance

After a haitus, the Backyard Noise gang is back in full effect with their new single Distance. Each member delivers a verse that presents their own style and character, while fitting together with seamless transitions. Spacey production from AKA provides an eerie knock that pushes the squad to another level. Be on the lookout for more from the crew coming very very soon.

Los Angeles singer Samantha Stone connects with 300 Ent’s John Rose for “I Don’t”

Fresh off the release of her last record that was exclusively hosted by Elevator, Samantha Stone is back with a new heart break anthem titled, “I Don’t.” The record is a collaborative effort between her and Dallas, TX. based singer John Rose. John began to receive overwhelming attention in 2017 as his debut single Beautiful reached 2.8 million plays, a landmark accomplishment for an unsigned artist making music from his home that led to a recording deal with New York’s 300 Entertainment. The two singers gracefully intertwine over an airy and melodic production that showcases both of their lyrical ability and vocal prowess.

The song is about being so infatuated with an ex lover, while trying to get over them at the same time. I had a love so toxic and dangerous, I knew I had to get away. I didn’t want to feel miserable anymore and the only thing I could do was run away.”  – Samantha Stone

Lona x A.K.A. – Moments Notice EP (Review)

The chemistry of artist and producer is arguably the most important thing in rap right now. Like, everybody wants to work with Metro, but not everybody can even fit with what he brings to the table (cough, Nav & Big Sean, cough).  More than ever we just hear artists rapping over beats sent to them, sounding good to the ear but lacking true depth, and it’s honestly become rare to hear something that sounds truly organic. Sometimes though, if you look hard enough, you might find collaborations that fit like a glove.

Members of the Backyard Noize collective, Lona and A.K.A. are no strangers to working to together, yet this project is the first time everything has felt so tight knit. A.K.A.s vibrant, bouncy production style is in full force, matching Lona’s voice and delivery very well, whether he’s holding a melody or delivering a verse. He has a talent for remaining distinct with his sound while keeping each beat unique in their own right, with their own life and style. A.K.A. steals the show with his feature on LUV 4 U as well, his R&B pseudonym Alvynne showing serious melodic ability. Lona’s versatility is one of his best qualities. Being able to transition between rapping and singing with ease is a highlight, his singing standing out on Precious Tyme, and 1998 Freestyle showing he can rap with the best of them over a classic feeling bounce.

Neither of these guys ever disappoint. Serving as an appetizer until Lona’s 346 album drops, Moment’s Notice is the blend of artist and producer connection that the game needs more of. Listen below.

NFL Cartel Bo and Cartel 20 drop a street banger with “Product”

After sweeping the streets with his single, “Location”, Houston’s NFL Cartel Bo plans to continues to add more fuel to the fire with is trap anthem, “Product”. Carrying the lyrical intensity he displayed on “Location”, Bo flexes his wordplay even more with the righteous delivery he infuses on this record. His voice, especially in the intro, triggers thoughts of early Rick Ross. Between the work of the hook and the alignment of the verses, it’s a descriptive tale of pressing xans, taking different people’s pack, advising drug dealers to know their legal limit, and more. Songs like these can go a long way in measuring Bo against some of today’s kingpins of the South, but will allow him to separate himself because he’s a Texas artist who’s riding a different wave. Follow him on IG here.

Rising Houston rappers Cash Fendi and Hustle Boy Dada link on “Out The Gate”

Giving the roll that Cash Fendi has been on, it’s quite easy to say that he’s continuing to push for one of the top spots in Houston’s budding music scene. Coming off the heels of his project, Creme De La Creme, he keeps his foot on the gas and keeping going above the speed limit to show others he’s destined for greatness in H-Town.

In the process of doing so, he links with HustleboyDada to create a trapped out anthem, “Out The Gate”. The duo exchange hustler driven flows and find themselves posing with pit bulls, sipping drank, and puffing some of the finest greenery. This video just goes to show you how much potential this song has and how it can catch fire in 2018. Check out the video below.

Ca$h Fendi links up with Se7en x SickoFinesse for gritty visual, “Man Down”

If you follow Popped Cherry you should be familiar with Ca$h Fendi by now. The Northside Houston native is coming off the heels of a successful debut album release, and has established himself as a serious lyricist with a knack for making catch records. A deadly combination.

Creme De La Creme set the foundation for the young Houston rapper, and it continues to grow with more releases. Today we shine a spotlight not only on Ca$h’s continued ascension but some of the key players of The TRBE as well, Se7en and SickoFinesse. “Man Down” was one of my favorite records off the album and it comes to life in the Deezy Miaci directed visual.

Listen to Creme De La Creme below.

INTERVIEW: Ca$h Fendi discusses his new album, the vision, and how he plans to take over Houston.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.51.40 PM

Houston rap has had a long history of success, beef, creativity, and biting. Decades of artists, self funded records, and the historic Rap-A-Lot records have built the legacy the city stands on. When somebody tells you they’re from Houston, you can hear it in their slang, in their music, and their pride. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.49.53 PMNorthside’s Ca$h Fendi to talk about his new project Creme De La Creme, Houston’s rap scene, his inspiration, and how he plans to bring Houston back to what made it so successful in the past.

Creme De La Creme is full of influence. While more lyrical then some of his current counterparts, the production and flavor screams Houston. Fendi bounces from sampling vintage Lil Wayne on “Shy Bitch”, to a cash making anthem “Run It Up” to making collaborative slappers with Wes Blanco on “Bruce Wayne”. I was most impressed with strong production from the likes of SoloHendrixx and BeldonDidThat. Cash told me it was a priority to keep most of the project’s work in the city, and the result was a thoroughly cohesive effort from one of Houston’s up and comers staking claim to best in the city.


What gave you the idea to put the short interview right away in the middle of the project?

I like giving people an insight into my mind, and how I live. I feel like interviews are a great way to give people that feel, and to see where I’m coming from.

It seems like you take quite a bit of pride in your lyricism, are you a “in the studio” freestyle type dude or do you enjoy the writing process?

I have moods… sometimes I hear a beat and I’m just like, I gotta write to that. Sometimes when I’m in the studio with a producer, like with SoloHendrixx and the “Shy Bitch” song, it’s easier for me to vibe. But mostly, 9 times out of 10, if I know I’m going to work with a producer I usually have at least the hook in mind, everything flows naturally after that.

What are some of your favorites or your most favorite off of the album?

“Run It Up”, “In My Pocket”, and I like “Ballad of Cash” too. I like “Ballad of Cash” because I like telling stories thru my music sometimes.

Have you been musical your whole life, or is this pretty recent?

I’ve been writing verses and shit, since like 6th grade. I got composition books full of verses. At the time I was pretty clean cut, before I really got off the porch. It was a lot of clean verses, no cursing. Once I hopped off the porch and started to really see life, it started to get a little more life oriented.

A big part of your project and vision is to bring Houston together, and to help support each other like Atlanta has shown. Do you think that falls on the veterans, guys like Bun, Slim Thug, Paul Wall to push that unity or is it on the younger guys to set a new precedent?

As far as the legends, when Houston was really running the rap scene there wasn’t too much unity then. There was still northside to southside beef and guys not wanting to do tracks together, I think it’s still on that wave.. that’s not the wave. Atlanta is winning because… Atlanta artists see the potential and take guys who show potential and show them the way. It’s all about us coming together, keeping that shit in the city, and investing in each other. Producers, videographers, rappers, all that.

What are some of your favorite projects of 2017?

Man there was so much good music this year.. I listen I like that Karma by Dave East, of course, that’s one of my favorite artists. I like everything Big Sean dropped this year, he’s going to always be underrated just how the world is. They don’t process bars, they just like catchy shit. HoodRich Pablo Juan’s Designer Drugs 3, I like Glock Season, Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, Rick Ross, Migos’ Culture, man there was just a lot of shit. Amine, I liked his project too, that was crazy. Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimy project, Drake, but that should go without being said.

What’s next?

Definitely going to follow up Creme De La Creme, probably coming this summer. I’m going to push this until me and Se7en drop a project around 4/20, but I have a lot of friends who make music so you’ll see my name pop up. A bunch of videos from Creme De  La Creme, just to stay relevant, you can expect a lot from me in 2018.


Appreciate the conversation with Ca$h Fendi, I fully expect whatever he has coming next to be worth a listen. Seems like he has a very conscious understanding of the scene, where it’s headed and his potential. In the meantime, run up Creme De La Creme, and let us know what your favorite track is.