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JMAC The Dragon – The Wait (Prod. A.K.A.)

For the past few years, JMAC the Dragon has been a soldier on his grind. He’s consistently shown a strong pen game and a serious hunger for success, and he enforces that even more with his latest, The Wait. He’s delivering every line with a newfound energy, fully owning his sound, flow, and style, and the A.K.A. production is powerful, the grimy melody and heavy bass making each bar feel harder than the last. Peep the wait below and be on the lookout for what else JMAC has in store.

T.Y.E gets held hostage by taymoney in video for “Kalashnikov”

After his recent project 32, T.Y.E’s name has been buzzing on platforms all over the country, including industry leading Noisey. The Dallas rapper is back with a new visual for “Kalashnikov” produced by Lazy Drug and shot by frequent contributor Dance Daily. They grab upcoming Dallas artist taymoney to hold TYE hostage in what looks like a deal gone wrong with some crazy Russians. As true professionals, extra points for rocking the rifle from which this song gets its name. Dance Daily has been killing the videos, the cuts and transitions in this are crazy. He’s able to do a lot with a pretty basic storyline, and keeps you entertained for 2:42.

Of course, most of that entertainment comes from T.Y.E. Just like on 32, he’s able to create vivid stories with his words, and deliver them in creative ways. The man has fucking bars, straight up. He knows how to use space in his verses and build excitement, before pulling away to build suspense. I strongly hold on to my claim that he’s the best rapper right now in Dallas (don’t @ me twitter, I dare you).

I wouldn’t mind hearing more T.Y.E soon. If he can keep capitalizing on this momentum he’s had the last year you’ll be seeing him everywhere in 2018. Honestly, I also wouldn’t mind seeing taymoney holding a rifle more either. Peep game below.

Stream 32 below

Lil Kickdoe’s addicting record “Break Even” is staying on repeat

Dallas rap has been getting functions jumping all year. The streak continues with Lil Kickdoe’s “Break Even” produced by turbotaxxx and Kickdoe himself. This beat is booming and requires playing at the absolute maximum level your stereo can push out. The flow is Plaboi Carti esque but Kickdoe spits more bars than you’d hear on a Carti record. Dallas has really cultivated something cool in 2017 and I can’t wait to see how they make it all work and who besides Tay-K can grab some national spotlight. Definitely stay tuned for more Lil Kickdoe on Popped Cherry and check out “Break Even” below. This is the type of record I drive around the block just so I can keep listening to it.

Chxpo is the latest to remix Tay-K’s “The Race”

If Chxpo finishes 2017 just as strong as he started it, he might go down as the best underground rapper of the year. He’s also been putting on for Texas super hard this year and yesterday dropped a video of him hanging out with Tay-K prior to the “The Race” blowing up. I’ve hated the fact rappers come out of the woodwork to remix Tay-K’s song, but it’s seemingly the song of the summer and with that sort of exposure… it’s no surprise people wanna jump on it.


Oak Cliff’s T.Y.E drops his heavily awaited project “32” and cements his place among Dallas’ best

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.33.30 PM

Dallas native T.Y.E keeps popping up on my timeline week after week, and yesterday he finally released his project 32.  The aggressive sound of 32 is riddled with stories about his environment and what living in what is the toughest neighborhood in Dallas can bring. “I like to talk about depression, the trauma, and the effect that the environment has on you”, T.Y.E comments in his Noisey article. The title of the project stems from the last two digits of the 75232 zip code of Oak Cliff, and the Yung Gorillas gang he shows tribute too.

32 is impressively full bodied, filled with soul samples, bars, and singing. Touching on old relationships, how his hood perceives him, and the violence that surrounds him. A deep collection of self analyzing, brash confidence, and dark memories. Each track is unique in production and how T.Y.E is delivering his story. During my first listen I had this feeling I was hearing Dallas’ version of Section.80, the now infamous project that helped put Kendrick Lamar on the map. Both T.Y.E and Kendrick share this innate ability to build emotion, utilize silence, and create a record balancing both melody and straight rap. Impressive is an understatement.

The standout track is “32 Lifestyle” which was released with a video the day the project dropped. Filmed by Dance Daily, the visuals do a great job of delivering the viewer with the area and people that surround the Dallas rapper. The setting allows the viewer a visual while T.Y.E  fills our imaginations with the stories that take place in the streets of the neighborhood he lives in.


T.Y.E has been putting out quality work all year, and 32 has the ability to take him anywhere. He’s an artist and a sound that Dallas’ rap scene desperately needs, and while Tay-K stays behind bars, T.Y.E stands on top. Stream the whole project below.

@YakTheMack’s “MJ” video gives off mesmerizing vibes

From grocery shopping for the “munchies”; blazing on rooftops with the homies, MJ is a familiar scene for the stoners. Yak the Mack collaborates with upcoming Taylor gang visual artist Daniel Kelly with song titled MJ featuring Texas Boyz’ affiliate Hot Rod for a soulful twist on the hippy lifestyle.

Dallas artist Ky Vido’s “Hold Up” will snatch your attention

Ky Vido is a new up and coming artist here in Dallas, him and Kenny Gee did an amazing collaboration together on their new song Hold Up. KY Vido is known for his lyrical ability and tenacious flow and will be doing his first show in Arlington this month.

Instagram: @thereal.kyvido

The Mood – My Side

Dallas duo The Mood has been on a hot streak when it comes to songs. But this one right here in particular caught my attention. Everything from the production to the way they came onto the song was executed perfectly. It has a dope eerie sounding intro that will catch almost anybody’s ears. Both artist switch off back and forth with amazing timing. Songs like these are a lot cooler in my eyes as opposed to each artist have just one long verse. This keeps the listener focused anticipating whats going to be coming next. With some hints of a almost Travis Scott style in their sound this is the perfect song to cruise with the windows down on a summer night. Follow both artist – @thereallCT / @Sledge50k