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Meet Broward County’s Anonymuz and listen his new song/video “Motorola”

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From underground popularity becoming mainstream success, million dollar label deals, and a few brutal assault accusations, everyone in rap had their eyes on Broward County this year. The hype rarely disappointed, and the drama rarely subsided. Among the many bright spots was the continued ascent of Anonymuz,  a hard-spitting underground MC from South Florida.

Since the attention grabbing project Vice City late last year, Anonymuz has built his buzzing fan base to over 55k Youtube subscribers, 19k followers on Soundcloud, and over 50k Spotify listeners a month. Unapologetic, gracious, and a genius at the internet machine has turned his fanbase into a cult-like status  spamming his mentions with support in droves. Helped by his popularity in the online gaming community, Anonymuz is able to have an impact at festivals like E3 as well as the music crazy SXSW where he headlined multiple showcases last year.

This week, Anonymuz took another huge step along his journey with the release of a new single/video titled “Motorola” produced by frequent contributor downtime and directed by Adam Gharib and SYGMOD. “Motorola” is Anonymuz at his best; rapid fire bars, a catchy hook, and a high level of bravado makes for a great record. For such a chill person, he comes to life behind a mic and you get the sense he’s waiting for the world to wake up and realize what he’s got.

The video is excellent, SYGMOD and Adam use a dimly lit parking garage and some grainy effects to really bring out not only the anonymity he’s known for, but the character he is. From color, to quick camera work hitting as hard as the beat, I was entertained throughout. It was Anonymuz’s first music video since “Vice City” a year ago, so the growth and direction is definitely apparent. SYGMOD and Adam really brought this newly evolved character to life. Check it out below.

With his recently released project Urameshi, and the success of Vice City’s single “Cowboy Bebop” anime has had an influence in building Anonymuz’s catalog. While anime has been a popular theme in rap music in the last year, usually it’s from rappers biting the aethsetic that the Japanese cartoons offer. “I love anime… but I think the way people put it in music is kinda strange you know what I’m saying?” mentions Anonymuz when I asked it’s importance. Unlike most rappers who simply mention it in their music, Anon uses anime as more of a soundtrack. “When I name a song after an anime or game, it’s more so when I hear the song it reminds me of the vibe I get when I watch that anime or play that game it’s more like a soundtrack or theme to the shit.”

Intrigued by the connection, I was curious what influence the characters have on him. Anon responded with, “I learned a lot about myself from my last album where I embodied someone who was morally grey and I learned that I walk that same line…”. As Anonymuz continues to learn about himself, we continue to learn about him, and it seems like every release gives his growing fan base something stronger to grasp on to. He’s prime for a giant 2018, led by new management and new direction. We can’t wait to see where it goes! Check out the rest of his catalog below.

Rojas drops first single off new project “Ravenous”

Broward County menace Rojas (@rojasonthebeat) releases the first song off his first project ‘Ravenous’ slated to hit the streets May 17th. After solidifying himself with bangers like XXXTENTACIONs ‘Look At Me’ he’s back. This time teaming up with Tyla Yaweh, Donnie Purpp, and Max P for this tunk rattler track ‘Stay Lit’.

Listen to the track below.