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Mike Melinoe drops off fire visuals for “Phase Face Moonlight”

Recorded two years ago, Mike Melinoe’s fiery video for “Phase Face Moonlight” has finally been released and premiered on Noisey. The energetic rapper from Detroit, who now stays in Austin, is surrounded by flame throwers outside of a warehouse somewhere in the city limits. The fiery video includes Melinoe ganged up, then transporting to some spaceship somewhere, orbiting around the planets. It’s a wild concept, but so is Mike’s whole approach to art.

A lot of what Mike does can’t be explained, or sometimes even understood until the 3rd or 4th listen. Something he is entirely comfortable with, and if the listener can keep up they can really get behind what Mike is doing. He’s been building his fan base consistently over the last year or so, I expect big things from the “demigod”.

If you like “Phase Face Moonlight” check out “Begonia” directed by Sire.

Max Wells confidence is booming in his new single “Selfish”

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.26.45 AM.png

Austin’s most intriguing artist, Max Wells, drops off a new single today titled “Selfish” produced by Still. Selfishness inherently comes with a little confidence, and Max is definitley flexing on some people with this one. Lyrics and flow are always the standout part of a Max track, and “Selfish” is no different.

Max has certainly built his own lane over the past few years, and has tons of work on the resume to back it up. It has gone a long way to growing a strong/engaged fan base all over the country, something a lot of other artists based in Austin haven’t accomplished yet. Something that takes a lot of hard work and good music to reach that level. Max Wells is definitely one to keep an eye on.

The Bishops return with a beautiful record titled “Constellation”

What makes The Bishops unique isn’t just the fact that the group is made up of 3 siblings, but that Cara Bishop and her brother Chris are equally talented floating over brother Troy’s production. No verse outdoes the other, but each verse could stand alone and still create a great song. Nothing exemplifies this better than their new record titled “Constellation”, their first group release since last year. Trust me, it’s a good one.

Troy Bishop sets the tone on this record with a wavy uplifting synth driven by an updated twist on a classic boom bap feel. Lyrically speaking, it seems like the gap between releases has allowed Cara and Chris to grow and become more confident in the creativity behind how they deliver their vocals. Something I always see live from the trio, but a noticeable change on record in my opinion. The siblings have obviously grown, and the content backs that up.

The Bishops are combining their success on Spotify (nearly 17k listeners a month) with a strong local fan base, setting themselves up for major success in the coming months. They’ve played almost every large stage/venue in Austin but nothing is bigger than what they have coming up. You can catch The Bishops performing at Austin’s famous Austin City Limits festival in early October.

D. Brooks links with Goon Des Garcons for “Gnarly”

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.21.36 AMRecent Austin (TX) hit-maker D. Brooks adds to his burgeoning catalog with the tredyboi1hunna produced track, “Gnarly” featuring Goon Des Garcons.

Heavy production mixed with a level of energy only Goon Des Garcons can bring makes this a must hear track. If you aren’t familiar with what D. Brooks brings to the table, this is a good place to start.  You can always bank on a catchy hook and a few different flows. Usually weaving the listener through a confident retelling of previous nights’ escapades with someone else’s wcw.

This is quite the big feature for Brooks to get so soon. Goon Des Garcons is about to drop a new project titled “Sore Loser” this month and the buzz surrounding the Little Rock (AR) native continues to grow fast. While Goon is on the cusp of perhaps another level, D. Brooks continues building a solid resume of hit after hit. Has me wondering when people will start to catch on… something is brewing in the capital of Texas.



JSoulja’s “Gang” lets you know he is focused on success

JSoulja is fresh off his 4 city tour and hasn’t stopped releasing music. We now get a new video titled “Gang” from the Austin rapper that takes the viewer on a in-depth sit in with him as he explains his current mindset to tackle his success. The piano work of THATWHITEMASK sets a serious tone for the track as listeners notice how firm and assertive JSoulja is, “Not a flaw never pause, I just go and get it”. The focus is at an all time high, that requires a third eye on those surrounding you as JSoulja states “Niggas hungry out to get you tryna take you down”. Wake up your mental to the motivational bars from JSoulja’s “Gang” shot by NewHighFilmz.

Detroit’s @MCarmae drops an impressive first single with @OhThatsPolo “Get Rich”

New Detroit rapper Mai$ teams up with TheBeatKitchen for her first ever single “Get Rich”. Mai$ keeps her cool on the fire trap beat making it clear that she has found comfortability on the mic quite fast. To help add more flame to the catchy track she gets a verse from Austin artist Polo, who attack the beat at a unrelentless rapid pace. The aim for the young rapper is to provide a sound that is heard by those partying and stacking money. Take a listen to the trap thumper “Get Rich” as Mai$ continues to develop through phase one of her rap career.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.29.04 PM.png

Austin, Texas talent STYRO links with Tedy Andreas for “2017”

Austin, Texas rapper STYRO is making some serious noise with the drop of sold tracks like his most recent “2017” single. To add to his firepower, on the track is a feature from the buzzing Houston artist Tedy Andreas. As the artist displays his comfortability on the track with clean hitting punch lines and story telling, take note on his development. Up next for STYRO is the release of more singles, be on the look out for “Wake Up”, & “Black & Bluez” featuring Dizzy Wright dropping any moment.

Austin talent @OfficialJSoulja delivers a new video “The City”

JSoulja’s new visual for “The City” is beautiful. Not only does the Doedy Reeferson & Brently Hendrix directed video takes you into the Austin night life, but in combination JSoulja feeds listeners the insights about whats going on in the city. The Austin rapper is gearing up to apply more pressure to competition with the anticipated release of JUST A EP II April 3rd. Take a listen to the Kydd Jones and Chamothy the Great production and drop off comment below.

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