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Austin’s Shanzyan is back with new single “Insecure”

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Austin is known for its wide range of musical sounds, and Shanzyan has found a home in the Live Music Capital. Back on our pages with his new self-produced single “Insecure”, Shanzyan continues to shine and build off of the success of his last release “Take Off”. Blending indie pop sounds with hip-hop influence is something we don’t hear often on Popped Cherry.

The single is inspired by HBO’s hit series “Insecure” and describes being in a “love/hate” relationship where most of the issues stem from insecurities. “I wrote this to explore the feelings associated with that, while ultimately wanting it all to work out in the end,” says Shanzyan.

Lately, he’s been experimenting with production styles and songwriting cadences and in “Insecure” he wanted to make a song that let some of those frustrations out. His ability to produce his own records allows him to live in the world he’s creating, and the organic process of that shines through.  He’s got new music on the way, we’re excited to see where his story goes next. Tune in below.

J SOULJA’s old school vibes are better than ever in 2018.

unnamed (1)J SOULJA is no rookie to the Texas rap scene. The 4Life4Ever signed artist is 6 albums deep and still evolving in 2018. As J SOULJA prepares for the release of “iLLSZN” a double disk album (Red Pill & Green Pill), he drops off a slick visual for “Ol’ Skool Wayne II” filmed by NewHighFilmz. Check it out below.

UPDATE: As we were writing this J SOULJA dropped a banger to help celebrate his birthday. Check out “Blowin’ Up”, it’s a perfect anthem for the rest of your weekend.

American Pop is the breakout album for Austin’s The Teeta

The Teeta has been a fixture in the Austin rap scene for years. Recently we’ve seen Austin’s Rap landscape spike in quality and popularity and a big reason for that is because Teeta is always raising the bar. This past week he appeared on the cover of the highly regarded Austin Chronicle, featured in their article about “The future of Austin Hip-Hop”, the hype around Teeta is real. He recently released the full length project  “American Pop” inspired by the 1981 animated film of the same name, The Teeta gives us his own take on the current Hip-Hop where rappers are the new “pop- stars”. Waving his purple flag proudly reppin’ Team Next, Teeta gives you his emotions, ups and downs, and so much more with this full length release.

Partnered with the Atlanta producer Bosssbeatz, the two come together to build something special. Since their last collaboration project, the Killstreak series, the two have definitely progressed. While American Pop pulls from many of the same trap elements that Killstreak does, it is far more refined in nature. With ominous landscapes built with eery electric guitar, Teeta transforms from the “pretty boy trap” rapper we’ve enjoyed to something bigger and brighter. From the music to the art created for the album (shoutout to @lonelyboyjoshua), rarely do you find an artist who can thoughtfully incorporate pain, sadness, anger, love and happiness all in one place. American Pop has something for everybody.


  1. Stylish – The most catchy song on the album rings in a quick 1:17 but meets all the requirements of “DJ run that back”.  “Stylish” is definitely a continuation of the sound Teeta and Boss developed working on the Killstreak series and shows Teeta’s growth and ability to make a hit record. One more verse, especially a high profile feature on this, and “Stylish” could BOOM.
  2. Risky Business – My favorite record on the album blends a super dark organ synth with some slapping 808’s and some descending bells. “I might give that girl my heart, but she can never take my soul though/ And I do hate when we’re apart, this love a drug might fuck around and overdose”  is something anybody can relate with. Switching up flows and melodies without, “Risky Business” lands at the top of my list.
  3. 2400 Degrees – Situated on the back half of the project, 2400 Degrees shows why American Pop is one of the deepest projects of the year. The ode to Juvenile/Lil Wayne works in Teeta’s favor, blending his style of slurred words with the infamous “After you back it up then stop”. Again sitting at the 1:30 mark, this one is quick and catchy and deserves a rewind.
  4. TPain Freestyle – The last record on the album might be the best, with a dark beat heavy on the 808’s, Teeta spits an excellent verse with a super catchy chorus. The only collaboration on the album (outside of Bosssbeatz) goes to Ladi Earth who has stormed onto the scene in 2018. Her energy is usually unmatched and her live show never disappoints. She delivers a short verse that completes the record and the album. “T-Pain Freestyle” is a must listen.

If you’re unfamiliar with Teeta, you’ll find American Pop is just an extension of his entire discography and I strongly advise you to dive in. He’s released a massive amount of work since late 2016 including over 10 projects, a ton of singles, and several videos premiering on Elevator, Daily Chiefers, and more. He’s next on our list to blow.

Texas artist Robot has a banger with “Camera”

If you’re looking for a guttural growl that’ll rouse you from a needless slumber, Robot’s “Camera” has it – lots of it, to be precise. The bouncy, eclectic tune captures the bare minimum as far as production goes, purposefully. Robot’s chaotic, oddball flow takes center stage here. The results are best to be heard for yourself. Spoiler alert: It fucking bangs, brutally.


Words by Trey Alston.

PREMIERE: Ain’t shit sweet on this side, Grizz is back at ya neck with “Rydah”.

Don’t think everything is sweet in the hippie-friendly, bike riding capitol of Texas. Grizz, a member of the prolific Austin rap group Next Gang, is back with a reminder of who is really at ya’lls neck out here. Surround by his gun-toating, pitbull wielding cohorts, the Xpensive Visuals directed video displays classic Grizz aesthetic. While far from commercial appeal, “Rydah” provides classic Texas underground allure and an intimate look inside the Kngofthawoods perspective.

Produced by 20gs, “Rydah” is classic trap production, heavy 808’s with tantalizing synth giving way to Grizz’s deep distorted vocals. Be careful though, play this one in the whip and cops might just pull you over on sight. Grizz has been putting out heat for the last year, true underground fans can find some diamonds in his catalog including songs with Lil Tracy, Mackned, The Teeta, and Swagga P. With a new website unveiled, music, and merch on the way, expect to see Grizz’s name popping up again and again the rest of this year.

Qmaine aka 77 Birds unleashes a high quality visual for his single “Gotti”

Austin’s Qmaine always grabs my attention when he releases something. Known for high energy songs and high quality videos, the guy who goes by 77 Birds isn’t shy in sharing that he makes music in hopes that it makes the listener feel something. In order to receive emotion from something you have to put emotion in… and Qmaine is un-apologeticly himself at all times. I wish more artists were this way.

Filmed by Chino Chase and Paradise Bleu, “Gotti” plays around with some 90’s filters edited by Q himself. The video shows off a beautiful girl stuck at home while Qmaine is out on the road making plays. Every hustler has had some sacrifices to get where they are, and Qmaine definitely has a story to tell.

Check out “Gotti” below and let us know what you think.

Teeta’s clever wordplay and chilling cadence make his new single “Couches” one of our favorites of the year.


Austin’s The Teeta is back on our pages with a seriously infectious single titled “Couches” produced by the talented Netherfriends. The hard hitting record gives way to Teeta’s lo-fi style, creating imagery for the listener through clever wordplay and a chilling cadence. Teeta has the ability to make songs seem effortless, this is one of those.

This isn’t the first time the two have linked up, the frequent collaborators have worked on several tracks from each artists catalog. The production on “Couches” goes to show how talented Netherfriends can be. We won’t stop playing this one for a long time. Let us know what you think!

The Bishop’s are stars on the rise, and getting better with each release

I admit it, I can’t stop listening to “No Breaks”. It could be the tantalizing keys produced by Troy, how Cara Bishop’s sultry voice meshes with Chris’ verses, or the way The Bishop’s always make you feel like everything going on in your life is temporary and that something bigger is coming.

The sibling trio from Austin keeps getting better with each release, and that’s a scary sight because they’re already really good. With the buzz slowly building, and a fan base that consistently turns out to see them play live, the sky is truly the limit and I’m anxious for them to get there.

Austin’s hard hitting Grizz continues to drop heat with “Savage”

Grizz turns the heat up just in time for a Texas summer with the hard hitting single “Savage” produced by BosssBeatz. The Atlanta producer continues to provide absolute fire for a growing number of Texas artists as his Killstreak collaboration projects with fellow Next Gang member Teeta opened up the doors to a lot of new opportunities. I hope it doesn’t stop, based on what Grizz did on “Savage”, we could see a lot of successful collab projects in the future.

Grizz has been one of the most consistent artists out of central Texas over the last year, dropping countless hot singles and projects certified for the street. If you haven’t gotten familiar, we think this is a strong introduction. Stream “Savage” below and let us know what you think.

Lamadi and B$uperior keep it low-key on new banger “Gosha”

2018 for the young kids, and nobody been moving harder then Austin’s B$uperior. He links up with buzzing Atlanta artist Lamadi on a low-key banger produced by Tarzan. It’s emphasis on the production and the quiet laid back lyrics give “Gosha” a high replay value. Both artists performed in Austin last month to a raucous crowd, and the energy is spot on with this one. Run this one up for the boys below.