Trubb Trillions – Don’t Know You

Atlanta native Trubb Trillions blessed us here at Popped Cherry and no we are blessing you. Today he delivers brand new visuals for “Don’t Know You” and it is too fire. Bringing us nothing but heat Trubb never seems to fail and delivering nothing but dopeness. Stream the visual below and get familiar with Trubb Trillions.

Get in tune with DFW artist @yuhjalen

Rising DFW artist 20k Jay looks to make a big splash with the release of his Ice Age mixtape. The rapper’s trap lyrics and ability to to form relatable situations with his bars is his strong suit. Tracks like Rob Me, Facts, Damn, and Gang are great highlights for the tape. The 19 year old rapper has also taken his talents to another level by getting on shows to the historic SXSW festival like “You Gone Be Big” and “Dumbest”

More is not enough with @ygAddies “Diamond Talk”

The second latest track from A$AP Ant is “Diamond Talk”. Similar type of vibe like “High Definition” but more of a bounce to it, thanks to the amazing production of LordFubu. A$AP Ant adds a flashy sound to the track with his lyrics and ability to make others want to floss by just pressing play. Listen to the track provided below and tell us what you think.

Let @ygAddie put you in a trance with “High Definition”

A$AP Ant aka YG Addie drops off a doubled dose of tracks. The first is “High Definition” that finds A$AP Ant floating on the beat with his signature delivery. The hypnotic production of LordFubu makes the track even more effective by taking you on a dreamy trip of sounds. Strap in your seats and press play on 1 of 2 newest songs from YG Addie.

Deep message from Quentin Miller in “Expression 4”

Quentin Miller spills his emotions all over his new “Expression 4” track. The message of this song is dedicated to his daughters and how he is not able to be with their mother. Towards the end of the track he delivers a heart spoken speech to his daughters about how they should be on caution around the many men who will try to be in their life.

New dreamy sounds from Indica’s “Kansas”

Indica is back with another psychedelic track called “Kansas”. Indica floats on the vague001 produced track with some crazy melodic sounds. The lyrics of the song finds Indica boasting about females and his succeeding efforts to boss up their life. Check out the audio below and drop off a comment.

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