T.Y.E gets held hostage by taymoney in video for “Kalashnikov”

After his recent project 32, T.Y.E’s name has been buzzing on platforms all over the country, including industry leading Noisey. The Dallas rapper is back with a new visual for “Kalashnikov” produced by Lazy Drug and shot by frequent contributor Dance Daily. They grab upcoming Dallas artist taymoney to hold TYE hostage in what looks like a deal gone wrong with some crazy Russians. As true professionals, extra points for rocking the rifle from which this song gets its name. Dance Daily has been killing the videos, the cuts and transitions in this are crazy. He’s able to do a lot with a pretty basic storyline, and keeps you entertained for 2:42.

Of course, most of that entertainment comes from T.Y.E. Just like on 32, he’s able to create vivid stories with his words, and deliver them in creative ways. The man has fucking bars, straight up. He knows how to use space in his verses and build excitement, before pulling away to build suspense. I strongly hold on to my claim that he’s the best rapper right now in Dallas (don’t @ me twitter, I dare you).

I wouldn’t mind hearing more T.Y.E soon. If he can keep capitalizing on this momentum he’s had the last year you’ll be seeing him everywhere in 2018. Honestly, I also wouldn’t mind seeing taymoney holding a rifle more either. Peep game below.

Stream 32 below

Lil Uzi Vert – Luv Is Rage 2 review

Let me just start by saying, I’ve been a fan of Uzi for a while now, at least a couple years. His feature on the DJ Carnage track WDYW is what grabbed my attention, his verse and hook being arguably the best part of that entire track. He brought a new energy and melodic style to hip hop that hadn’t really been seen before, influenced by his love of alt rock as a kid. Fast forward to now, with 3 projects under his belt and one of the biggest songs this year with XO Tour Life, and Uzi has blown up to be one of the biggest artists of the new generation, and LUV is Rage 2 one of my most anticipated prjoects. The first iteration had  a wide variety in terms of style and flow, gave him his first shine, and each of his follow up projects showed a lot of growth and sound evolution. I had high hopes for what 2 could bring to the table, and while what we got was cool, it falls short of being the vibrant and definitive Uzi project it could have been.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good music of the album. Pretty Mami is a bop, 444+222 showcases Uzi’s super strong flow, Neon Guts delivers one of the best Pharrell features in a minute. From the jump you get hints of classic Uzi style, and a lot more metal influence than before without a darker theme that’s carried throughout the entire project. But digging deeper, LIR2 has very few strengths and a lot of weaknesses. A lot of the problems I have with the project come from what feels like a lack of creative control on Uzis part. In my opinion a few of the tracks feel sort of awkward, limited, and more “safe” than a Uzis previous projects, majority of the album feeling designed to appeal a mainstream audience. There’s only a handful of tracks I have in rotation, and while the album is good sonically, it for the most part lacks in terms of content and creativity. I get that being his first official album, the label would want something widely accessible, but throughout the album you can hear a lot of restriction on his creative process. Like, Scott and Ramona, off of Lil Uzi Vs. The World, feels more organic of a love song that something like The Way Life Goes, which comes off a bit generic and seems sort of like a plant. Dark Queen being his version of a mom love song is cool, but other than that, it, like most of the other tracks, has no real depth or substance.

I really wanted this be one of the best projects this year, and while the strength of Uzis fanbase pushed it to be the number one album in the country, musically it just didn’t live up to what I’ve come to expect from Uzi as an artist. While there’s a few issues, he does show out a couple times on the project. Neon Guts is one of the best tracks to come out this year, easily one of the best on the album. Pharrells classic four count into the best and most vibrant production amps you up, and both Skatebord P and Uzi glide over their verses. There’s nothing on the album that’s super bad, but only a select few songs have any real staying power. Lack of features isn’t really an issue, because all throughout his catalog Uzi has proven his ability to stand on his own in his music, but they do leave something to be desired. The Weeknd feature is just ok, doesn’t really add anything to the project. If anything, it would have been cool to see someone like Playboi Carti on the album, just because of how strong we’ve already seen his and Uzis chemistry on a track to be.

All in all, it was a nice introduction of Uzi for people who may have never really listened to his music, but it’s all really surface level material. I’m sure after seeing the sales he got off this project, he’ll be awarded more creative freedom, so maybe we’ll get more of the raw unfiltered Uzi I’ve grown to love. I’d give this one about a 6 out of 10.


Yung Fuji Drops off New Track “DXPE”

Texas City shooter Yung Fuji just dropped off a new heater for us to vibe to. DXPE has a sad trap sound that you can really feel, projecting his emotion and passion through the music.  One of the best flows out of East Texas, Fuji is constantly working, dropping projects and tracks left and right that are always hard. Peep DXPE below and check out Fuji’s latest project Alternative Reality.

DJ Zack Skywalker Drops An Exclusive From ROC GLOC Titled “Survival Kit”

Atlanta DJ Zach Skywalker is always bringing something fresh to our ears and just the other day he exclusively delivered a new track from Atlanta artist ROC GLOC who is something we all need in the game and you’ll know what I’m talking about when you check this song “Survival Kit” out. He doesn’t sound like anything we are used to hearing coming out of the A. Anyways, click play below and tell us what you think and also get familiar with ROC GLOC because I think he’s working on an album.

RudeBoy Bambino & Maxo Kream Deliver Visuals For “Money Flip”

Houston rappers RudeBoy Bambino and Maxo Kream link up to drop this visual for “Money Flip” which is on RudeBoy Bambino’s most recent EP “IMPORT N EXPORT”. If you aren’t familiar with Houston rapper RudeBoy I suggest you do your research because Popped Cherry is telling you that he’s going to be around for a while. Constantly dropping dope music and visuals he keeps the game refreshed. Check out the newest visual up above and tell us what you think.

Austin’s TRAE CANE surprises us with 3 new visuals from his EP “DIGITS”

Yesterday out of the blue, Austin’s TRAE CANE released visuals for 3 songs off his 2016 EP Digits. The project put TRAE on a lot of peoples radars and are still racking up plays a year later. Fully produced by Texas hitmaker Steelo Foreign each song brings its own vibe to the table and helped create a sound that TRAE has built on with his releases this year. Each video was directed by frequent Anahata Milityia contributor Dak.ta. Watch all 3 videos below.

More TRAE CANE can be found here:

Rell Drops His Highly Anticipated Single “Dangerous”

Los Angeles artist Rell re-introduces himself with his own sound. Just recently Rell dropped his highly anticipated single “Dangerous” which prepares us and gives us a little taste of what his upcoming EP is going to sound like. If I were you I’d press play below and get familiar with Rell, because he really isn’t new to this and this song slaps. Click play below and tell us what you think.

Lil Kickdoe’s addicting record “Break Even” is staying on repeat

Dallas rap has been getting functions jumping all year. The streak continues with Lil Kickdoe’s “Break Even” produced by turbotaxxx and Kickdoe himself. This beat is booming and requires playing at the absolute maximum level your stereo can push out. The flow is Plaboi Carti esque but Kickdoe spits more bars than you’d hear on a Carti record. Dallas has really cultivated something cool in 2017 and I can’t wait to see how they make it all work and who besides Tay-K can grab some national spotlight. Definitely stay tuned for more Lil Kickdoe on Popped Cherry and check out “Break Even” below. This is the type of record I drive around the block just so I can keep listening to it.

Austin artist @Menace_808 applies pressure with his “Fckn With Me” visual

With great anticipation from he and his fans, Menace will be releasing his best yet music video, “FCKN WITH ME”, After much planning and a great amount of effort put in by his team, the visual is ready. Menace plans to turn heads with this release and continue surprising the fans with more projects he has up his sleeve. Based out of Austin, Tx, and at the age of 22, he tells us this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 10.42.50 AM.png

TEDDYTHELEGACY delivers us some new music with “Told Her”

We post a lot of Austin rap on Popped Cherry but TEDDYTHELEGACY reminds us it’s still R&B season with his song  “Told Her” featuring Cedd Bo$$. He pairs the release with a new video directed by Michael Sterling that shows some slick drone footage of Mt. Bonnell. I feel like Teddy’s sound has some crazy potential  and “Told Her” is another step in the right direction.

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