Lil Pump – Flex Like Ouu

South Florida upcoming rapper Lil Pump is making a lot of noise, so you might as well get familiar with him. Just recently he blessed the underground streets with a new banger “Flex Like Ouu” stream the track below and don’t sleep, Lil Pump is coming up.

ThouxanbandFauni – Big Bank (Prod. By 16yrold)

ThouxanbandFauni has been on a roll with blessing the streets with some new music, and today he returns with some fire produced by 16yrold “Big Bank” is a blessing to the underground streets. Stream the track below, and don’t sleep.

Rocky Banks – Skrt Off/New New

Houston Artist Rocky Banks isn’t just talking about the wonders of being sober anymore but proves it to be a fulfilling lifestyle in his new visual for “Skrt Off/New New.” In this new video for the Trust In Banko track, Banks keeps it drug free and vibrant alongside Houston artist and producer Daud Leon, leaving his mark with yellow smoke and colorful scenery while giving his viewers a refreshing sense of overwhelming joy. Although he is now sober and rehabilitated, Banks makes it obvious he has developed a new addiction to a drug free lifestyle that has awarded him a stronger high and faster paced progression as he continues to Skrt Off to some New New things.

Trill Sammy’s “FACES” sounds like classical trap music

Trill Sammy is not holding back with content, as he drops off “FACES”. The classical sound with with trap feel is one of the first things you notice from the Beldondidthat produced track. Trill Sammy hops on the track and takes it to a hit status. Its one female after the other for the rapper as he isn’t really concerns for the long term relations, but rapper focused on his money and music. Take a listen to the newest track from the Houston rapper.

Go Break The Pot Listening To Que’s “I Swear”

Que is one of the favorites out of Atlanta to have another big year. With the release of “I Swear” it adds another page in the catalog of impressive music from the artist. As Que finds his minds playing tricks on him as his accessories talking to him, you can’t help but to turn up to the song. XL’s production makes the track thump through your speakers. Can You Digg It 2 is set to drop March 24th along with a tour that starts this Saturday.

Things You Need To Know and Bring For SXSW

SXSW 2017 already looks like it’s going to be epic, the underground scene is booming with upcoming artists. So that means we are ready to catch the shows, and there’s some pretty big ones out there. But first I gotta put some people on game. For those who are already familiar with how SXSW is then you already know how it is, for those who are new to SXSW this is for you.


A portable charger

At SXSW it seems though our phones die faster, and what really sucks is there’s really no place to charge them. So an important thing to bring is a portable charger so you stay charged up the whole time you’re out there.

Comfortable shoes
Ladies don’t go out there in some heels or some outrages ass shoes, you’re literally gonna be walking all day and standing you’re feet will hurt so wear some cozy sneakers. I mean if you wanna wear heels go right ahead but I promise your feet will be hurting.

Don’t bring CDs
If you’re an artist don’t bring a bunch of CDs those end up on the floor and nobody really listens so you basically just wasted your money. And for those who aren’t artists but offer other services or you just have a brand business cards are the way to go it’s simple and it’s something they can put in their pocket. Really anything but CDs basically I hate seeing them on the floor.

The shows
There’s so many shows going on it overwhelms you, so if it’s your first year attending or even second make sure you plot on what shows you really wanna attend so you’re not crowding up 6th street. Another thing is if you’re with a big group of friends some of y’all might end up wanting to do different things. So plan the shows you wanna pull up to.

A poncho
For some reason for the last couple of years it’s rained at SXSW so make sure you bring a poncho or a jacket or anything to protect you from the rain.

Most importantly build, connect, vibe, and have fun SXSW is about having a lit ass time but also to network with others to get yourself out there. It’s the perfect place to build.

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