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Goon Des Garcons* – Perfect Blue (Prod. TRYPTA)

So let’s talk about Goon Des Garçons and how much works he’s been putting in. Considering he traveled oversees to do a tour and gain more fans, he’s now back in LA going even harder than what he was because he wants y’all to hear him. He recently blessed us with this infectious new track titled “Perfect Blue” and this contagious track might just be my new summer anthem, because who doesn’t like money anthems right? Go ahead and stream his latest offering down below and make sure you get familiar with Goon Des Garçons I promise you’ll be seeing his name a lot more often.

Q&A with Dennis: Meet One Of The Creators Behind The Next Most Seen Brand Good Guy

In today’s society, being authentic and up front about what you have to say is rare, and most can’t handle it. But, today I am going to be discussing a twitter legend. Prominent for always speaking his mind and allowing others to feel comfortable and confident in doing the same, he goes by the name of Dennis formerly known as @OGBEARD on Twitter. Being that his account got suspended he bounced back with a new twitter and within months gained his followers right back like nothing ever happened. Talk about the GOAT.

We consider Dennis an influencer and role model, and we would like for you to get familiar with his quickly rising brand, Good Guy, which he started with his brother just a few years ago. You can literally catch your favorite rapper, basketball player, social media star, instagram model, and even your WCW/MCM wearing the Good Guy brand. If you aren’t familiar with it, we are here to put you on. I was able to ask Dennis just a few quick questions because I wanted to make this short and sweet, and so you can get to know him for yourself.

Read our Q&A down below:

How did your brand come about & what’s the meaning behind the logo?

“The brand came about actually back in 2012 when my brother who is also my business partner Taquil Mason (@goodguyquil on IG) wanted to make a change from the life we were living. I’m from a small town where it’s real easy to get caught up in all the bullshit around it. With everybody knowing everybody there it’s not hard to mess up. We both always receive questions about the logo. He is not a specific person nor does he have a name. He’s more of an ironic image. The “Good Guy” back then always had similar features. Look at Batman and Superman. Middle aged, dark hair, nice glasses, nice smile. A Good Guy. Usually after telling them the name of the brand after seeing the logo they get it. But, he’s more of an ironic image not only because me and my brother are black but also because you don’t have to look like the Good Guy to have good intentions, hence us.”

You opened up your first store for Good Guy in Allentown, PA. How does that feel?

“It was a great feeling honestly! The support in the hometown is unmatched. It’s in a good part of the city as well. It feels like a lounge at times which is cool.”


What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs trying to bring their vision to life?

“Honestly, It’s a different path for everybody you just gotta do what feels right and works for you. Just make sure you give it your all. Some people just do it for some quick cash which waters it down for the people actually trying to take their business to the highest level possible. There’s also the scammers too that make it hard for people to wanna buy something online to begin with. Interaction is key as well. The key to loyal customers. More people wanna see you win than lose.”

We’ve noticed you’re real popular with the ladies, do you consider yourself to be a good guy amongst the women? And what does it take to be a good guy?

“Haha, yeah I guess I consider myself a Good Guy when it comes to women. Most of these guys are just too weird tho. It’s really easy to just kick back and chill that seems to be what women like.”

What should we expect from you in the future?

“You’ll see but thank you for having me!”

Go ahead and visit the Good Guy brand via twitter and IG @GoodGuyMIA and keep a lookout for Dennis he really has more things up his sleeve that he just announced on Twitter yesterday.  Keep up with him on Twitter @GOODMIAD and IG @__beard

Krisy — Erotiquement Votre (Official Video)


Brussels, Belgium based singer & rapper Krisy (also known as De La Fuentes when producing & mixing) extends to us his heart and demonstrates his genuine infatuation for his secret lover on “Erotiquement Votre“, bringing his own singular style to the French rap scene.

Krisy anticipates a phone call among baby pink & salmon hues, dreaming of her facial features as she takes a sip from a glass of Rosé. Slow motion clips of her eating grapefruit & strawberries plays into the idea of her being comparable to fruit, tantalizing and sweet. With the utilization of panned out HD clips, the video focuses on distinguishing features of the face as he further conveys to us his intoxication. In touch with his feminine side, Krisy shows several scenes of him with flowers symbolizing his gentleness, while even incorporating a baby girl balloon into the scenes to further exude the way he would like to nurture & spoil her with love and affection.

Over a soft & sultry, low-fi like beat, lines like: “Miss, let me seduce you“, “I can talk to you because it suits me“, & “when I look at your face, I see the sky” only come to truly accentuate the deep intensity of his passion.

The visual for “Erotiquement Votre” is sure to be one of the most crispiest visuals that I have ever laid eyes on.

Press play to enter Krisy B‘s dreamy & romantic realm below:

Interview: ALUMNIÌIRADIO Drops Episode 1 Of ‘Long Live The Fallen’

Austin, Texas based radio collective, ALUMNIÌIRADIO, is exploring new textures of sound while reinforcing the history of the ‘chopped & screwed’ genre. I was quickly able to sit down with the collective to dig a bit deeper and get more intimate so we may know who exactly they are and what they are here to accomplish in their journey.

Kyaira: When & why was the collective established?

Dominique Woodson: I started ALUMNIÌIRADIO by myself back in 2014 to have my own collective of talented individuals that are hungry to be great and overall on the same wavelength as well.

Kyaira: How did the collective come into form?

Dominique Woodson: In the beginning, Devante & I met through SoundCloud. He was the first official member that I recruited. Later on down the line, Cedrick was then initiated by the both of us together. Cedrick and I knew each other since we were kids and I always knew he was working as a rapper so I figured he would have something dope to actively contribute to our collaborative. A trinity is what we grew into and that was the birth of ALUMNIÌIRADIO.

Kyaira: What is the universal mission of ALUMNIÌIRADIO?

Dominique Woodson: ALUMNIÌIRADIO’s main objective is to spread love by completely pushing the envelope for greatness. The 3 IÌI’s are for Knowledge, Prosperity & Wisdom. I started ALUMNIÌIRADIO to present some songs that have allowed me to feel, songs that come with a nostalgic feel, or even songs that showed me the way through rough periods on my own personal journey. It’s like a release mechanism for me.

Dropping episode 1 of their 2nd season titled ‘Long Live The Fallen‘, Dominique, Cedrick & Devante master the concept of tapping into various feels & vibes, by gently touching on each panel of emotion associated with each track featured on the mix. Press play to catch a vibe. You won’t regret it. Be sure to check out other episodes on their Soundcloud link up above.

You can find the collective on Twitter at their handles listed below for more content:

Wane’s World drops an exclusive interview with rising Texas artist Yung Bambi

bambiinterviewWe had the opportunity to sit down with rising Texas artist and Midnight Society’s hardest working artist Yung Bambi for an exclusive interview. Hosted by Back2Back Hip-Hop’s Andy Alessio, the laid back conversation touches on Bambi’s recent collaboration project with Hounds titled DOGDEER, how Bambi has adjusted his creation process to make music he likes when he’s 30, and a crazy experience he had going out to Belgium to do a show recently. The interview is only available on Wane’s World’s Spotify Playlist. Take a listen below and stay tuned for the next interview featuring Billyracxx soon.


Get Familiar with Avant-Garde Musician & Filmmaker, Yeek

LA native musician, producer & filmmaker, Yeek, is fostering quite a distinctive summer splash with his newest EP titled ‘BLACKHEART‘. Strumming his way all throughout your heart strings, he effortlessly harmonizes a myriad of genres of music from washed out indie rock to underground hip hop, launching a groundbreaking sound into the atmosphere of music itself.

Yeek successfully outlines the dynamic between being head-over-heels in love while also highlighting our youth and rebelliousness amidst running around the city – also putting the spotlight on the stresses correlated when it comes to actually being in love with someone: the risk of emotional trauma & feelings of emptiness. His method of explanation comes from a genuine place of experience, something in which you will have to take a listen to for yourself. The depth connected to his overall message uncloaks his true renaissance like capability, unlocking our understanding of his true originality.

BLACKHEART is available for streaming on all major music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, & SoundCloud.



Press play on most recent visual for ‘Alive’, also featured on BLACKHEART below & let us know what you think:

Eyedress — High Street Drive By (feat. Jess Connelly & Ankhten Brown)

If you haven’t heard of Eyedress, you definitely have some homework to do.

26-year old Manila, Phillipines based musician & producer, Idris Vicuña, also known as Eyedress, is serving us up a refreshing & alternative incorporation of sounds.  Meshing down-tempo beats, tranquil synths, and faded vocals, Eyedress constructs & manufactures unchanging ballads influenced by indie rock, Atari classics, distress, heartache, and hallucinogens — most of which a great deal of us can connect with.

High Street Drive By‘ reveals Idris speaking on his journey through a period of which he experienced divorce, getting kicked out of his own home, & even getting dropped from his then label, XL Records. Respectively, he was vulnerable enough to open up to his listeners about his hardship that normally, most would be too embarrassed or humiliated to share.  It was incredibly inspiring to read and absorb his story in that regard. We all experience times when things just seem to be crashing all around us, however it truly caught my attention realizing that he chose acceptance and proceeded to move forward, continuing to gift the world with undying hits.

After a series of trials and tribulations, Eyedress was then signed with London-based record label, Lex Records, in March of 2016, which you could only imagine the sense of newfound hope & contentment in association to the signing.

This song appearing on Eyedress‘ latest album  ‘Manila Ice’, which released June 2, 2017, is available on all major streaming platforms listed.

Apple Music:



Press play on “High Street Drive By” and bear witness to all of its vibrant Super Nintendo essence below:

Get Familiar With WIFIGAWD And Check Out His New Project “Heat Check”

Hailing from the DMV uprising rapper WIFIGAWD is making his first appearance on the Popped Cherry pages but it definitely won’t be his last. WIFIGAWD is currently making noise and if you aren’t too familiar with him it’s time that you do because he might just be your next favorite rapper. Recently he delivered a project entirely produced by Tony Seltzer titled “Heat Check” giving us 9 worthy tracks. You can listen to this entire project without skipping a track. The project features some of our favorites like Lil Xelly and Tripp Jones. Go ahead and get used to WIFIGAWD down below because you will be hearing his name a lot more often.

Kidd Kill – How We Rockin

Kidd Kill has been working, and he’s been proving it with the music and visuals.  Just recently he blessed the streets with a new track titled “How We Rockin” where Kidd showcases his gritty bars. I consider Kidd Kill to be in his own lane. Go ahead and stream the track up above and let us know what you think.

Ace – Beach Wedding (Prod. Nico)

Ace a quickly uprising New York artist delivers an infectious new sound that’s refreshing to your ears. As I was scrolling through SoundCloud I came across this gem titled “Beach Wedding” and I couldn’t help but replay it twice. This track is definitely a vibe. Go ahead and check it out for yourself down below and let us know what you think. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for Ace as this won’t be the last time you see him appear on our pages.