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Oak Cliff’s T.Y.E drops his heavily awaited project “32” and cements his place among Dallas’ best

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Dallas native T.Y.E keeps popping up on my timeline week after week, and yesterday he finally released his project 32.  The aggressive sound of 32 is riddled with stories about his environment and what living in what is the toughest neighborhood in Dallas can bring. “I like to talk about depression, the trauma, and the effect that the environment has on you”, T.Y.E comments in his Noisey article. The title of the project stems from the last two digits of the 75232 zip code of Oak Cliff, and the Yung Gorillas gang he shows tribute too.

32 is impressively full bodied, filled with soul samples, bars, and singing. Touching on old relationships, how his hood perceives him, and the violence that surrounds him. A deep collection of self analyzing, brash confidence, and dark memories. Each track is unique in production and how T.Y.E is delivering his story. During my first listen I had this feeling I was hearing Dallas’ version of Section.80, the now infamous project that helped put Kendrick Lamar on the map. Both T.Y.E and Kendrick share this innate ability to build emotion, utilize silence, and create a record balancing both melody and straight rap. Impressive is an understatement.

The standout track is “32 Lifestyle” which was released with a video the day the project dropped. Filmed by Dance Daily, the visuals do a great job of delivering the viewer with the area and people that surround the Dallas rapper. The setting allows the viewer a visual while T.Y.E  fills our imaginations with the stories that take place in the streets of the neighborhood he lives in.


T.Y.E has been putting out quality work all year, and 32 has the ability to take him anywhere. He’s an artist and a sound that Dallas’ rap scene desperately needs, and while Tay-K stays behind bars, T.Y.E stands on top. Stream the whole project below.

Montreal’s Mike Shabb comes with heat on his new single “No Diggity”

If you didn’t catch my article from last week on Montreal’s emerging underground, you really need to get familiar with Mike Shabb. This week he drops a song and video titled “No Diggity” directed by MOB and self produced by Shabb.

The 19 year old bounces around lyrically and shows his youthful energy on even the most chill beats. His voice is unique for somebody so young, and you can definitely hear the French influence in his delivery. I’m not sure what it is about him, but every song I hear is fire.  He consistently drops songs paired with visuals, allowing the listener to seemingly get to know him on a deeper level then most Soundcloud rappers who just drop a song and a link. It will go a long way in continuing to build his exposure in America and overseas.



If you like “No Diggity”, check out “Mama’s Boy” below.

Max Wells confidence is booming in his new single “Selfish”

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Austin’s most intriguing artist, Max Wells, drops off a new single today titled “Selfish” produced by Still. Selfishness inherently comes with a little confidence, and Max is definitley flexing on some people with this one. Lyrics and flow are always the standout part of a Max track, and “Selfish” is no different.

Max has certainly built his own lane over the past few years, and has tons of work on the resume to back it up. It has gone a long way to growing a strong/engaged fan base all over the country, something a lot of other artists based in Austin haven’t accomplished yet. Something that takes a lot of hard work and good music to reach that level. Max Wells is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Whip game cold, Kareem Kalokoh’s new album “CONGO” is full of hits

Kareem Kalokoh recently dropped his first project since 2015. “Congo”  is chalked full of dark sounds and heavy hitting street anthems. Based out of Athens (Greece), 23 year old Kalokoh provides a cohesive aesthetic to match the sounds on the album. The 11 track project pegs two features; Athens’ Majin Cost, and one of my favorite artists Goon Des Garcons*, who continues to be popping up in all the right places.

My favorite track is the addicting single “Whip Game”, which is European rap to a tee and a song I haven’t been able to turn off all week. The video, directed by Valentin Rivera & Theodore Sleeks, dropped in March and has racked up a crazy 187k views. Peep the video and listen to the full album below.

Listen to the full album exclusively on Spotify here:

Neko’s addicting EP “YOUTH” and why Montreal might have one of the best underground scenes in rap

I’ve recently stumbled across the bustling underground scene of Montreal, Canada. A city that boasts no industry rappers and other then Celine Deon the only other name that might ring a bell is Arcade Fire. Consistently under the shadow of neighboring industry powerhouse Toronto, Montreal has a few artists with potential to break into the industry. One of those I came across is a young rapper named Neko who dropped the first of a two part EP titled “Youth” that I can’t stop listening to.

The 6 track EP boasts sounds made popular by Playboy Carti and other underground rappers that old heads scoff at. The element that impressed me was that 4 out of 6 songs are self produced, creating a consistent sound throughout the project. It allows Neko to play around with a couple of different styles over the heavy production showing off some versatility in flow and delivery. The standout tracks to me are “WOK!” and “Yayah!”, listen to “side A” of “Youth” below. We look forward to hearing “side B” from Neko soon.

Gxlden Child is another artist from Montreal I see big things from. With a sound similar to something you might hear out of Toronto, Gxlden has all the tools to take his smooth autotune filled records to the next level. Although he’s been relatively quiet since he released “Thotful” in February, apparently prepping to release an album titled “Lost in Helladise” sometime this year. It was his video for “It’s Fine” that caught my eye. Since it’s release in January it’s racked up 46k views on Youtube. I’m excited to see what he releases next.

Maybe the most creative out of everyone mentioned is Husser who hails from Montreal’s tight knit Little Burgundy community. 1/3 of the group The Posterz, Husser dropped a crazy solo video in April titled “Can’t Blame Em” racking up 51k views in 3 months. He’s mysteriously disappeared from all social media accounts so we hope he returns with the same level of music and creativity soon.

Last but not least is the brash young rapper Mike Shabb who seeminly produces all his own records. More lyrical than anyone else I’ve mentioned, Shabb mixes gritty lyrics over heavy production. Just when you think his flow gets repetitive (a problems nobody seems to mind anymore) he switches it up. One of my favorites is “Jungle” released in April of this year.

Hopefully we see Montreal’s underground scene continue to grow over the next few months. In the meantime, Popped Cherry continues to bring you a few artists and sounds that you should be seeing all over your timelines soon.

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THOUXANBANFAUNI floods SoundCloud with 9 new bangers 

Woah y’all, Atlanta’s very own THOUXANBANFAUNI just unknowingly blessed us with multiple new bangers today on SoundCloud. The 3400 solider had been hinting to us for a while that new music was coming, but none of us expected this! I’ve followed fauni for over 3 years now, and his progress has personally been my favorite to watch. The new heat includes features from artist such as Ski Mask The Slump God, UnoTheActivist, & Wulf. Get hip to the new Summer bangers here first!

D Savage- Look At Me Now

Straight out of high school in Gardena California almost around this time last year, D Savage began killing the game early. His progress has been made significantly fast, and has given us all reason to believe he’s here to stay. D Savage delivers new heat in “Look At Me Now” in his true form of style.  Check out the new track below, it’s fire!