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DC4Prez ft. Tony Tone – Jabroni

PNTHN members dc4prez and Tony Tone link up to destroy some Alchemist production with Jabroni. Contrary to what niggas these days will tell you, there’s a number of young  new artists coming with straight bars, and this is perfect evidence. The beat is top notch, and both DC and Tony beat it up like Tyson in his prime with their lyricism. Listen to Jabroni right fucking now, and be sure to peep The PNTHNs mixtape …From Disorder.

Khawaja x Arthur Black – Picture Perfect

Khawaja just can’t be stopped. His production is impactful, and he continues to push himself artistically, which shows with each new release. Linking with Arthur Black on the production, Picture Perfect shows Khawaja catering more towards his pop sensibilities with the structure, the production knocks like straight hip hop. The synths are soft and light, but the 808s kick you in the chest, in a good way. I love to see an artists versatility, and with Khawaja, you never know what’s coming next. Arthur Black is making a name for himself as well, and this is a huge step in the right direction. Picture Perfect is sure to get the parties jumping all fall. Check it below.

Teddy J. Vanity – New Phone, Who Dis?

Texas via California rapper Teddy J. Vanity is back with a vengeance after a short hiatus, and his new shit is about send him to the next level. New Phone, Who Dis? is a shot at all the people who just want you for the clout, and lyrically spares no punches, the line “She said don’t forget me when you make, shit I probably will if I don’t” being a personal favorite. Kri$ demolishes this feature as well, hitting you with a twista meets Lord Infamous type flow. Peep a classic in the making below, and be on the look out for Teddy’s album Provanity, coming soon.


You Gotta Hear This Shit, Bruh: 7 Producers On The Come Up

Production is one of the most important parts of hip hop culture right now, easily. Producers are flourishing, with so many unique sounds and styles, becoming artists in their own right, but continuously fail to get the notoriety that they deserve. Niggas could spend all day going in depth on what certain rappers bring to the culture, and the impact that they had on the game, but when it comes to those behind the boards putting in work to make the songs what they are, nobody seems to pay attention. Rappers don’t just make the songs by themselves, you know? To truly appreciate somethings value, you gotta pay respect to all the pieces that make up the whole. There’s so much more beyond the horizon besides a Metro beat, but people don’t notice hidden gems til everybody is already on the wave. Once again, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself, so of course I gotta take matters into my own hands. I spent hours listening to dozens of tracks, trying to find the most unique and creative sounds and find the minds who stand out and bring something new to the table. These 10 have some of the best work you’ve never heard, and continue to redefine the what being a producer really means.


twitter: @aka21000

What impressed me about AKA is that at his age and experience he already has a much better ear for music than more established artists, and it comes through in his work. There’s a lot of layering and intricacies with his style that contributes to his sound, and you can hear a great amount of variety in his beats. Like, his project TEARS delivers a somber sadness throughout, while something like Everybody Eats packs a lot of high level energy. Although I can’t show off the unreleased stuff he’s played for me, trust when I say it is NEXT LEVEL. Showing growth with every track he puts out, AKA is a big one to look out for.


twitter: @hellasketchers

An Austin native, Sketchy basically lets the music speak for himself. His social media is bare, and there’s little known about him outside of his music. Even though he keeps it lowkey, his music packs a serious punch. I found him after a youtube video lead me to a bunch of “type beat” recommendations, and I was taken aback by the fully developed sound that he had. Each beat has a clarity that’s usually found in the big names producers, and his work as an artist is super catchy in itself. Even when I was already a fan of his work, I recently found that he had a placement on controversial rapper Tay K 47s album on the track Saran Pack, which in my opinion is one of Tay Ks best tracks. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before we hear Hella Sketchy a lot more often.


twitter: @frumhere

I found frumhere off a soundcloud repost a while back, and it’s been interesting to watch his development as he gears up to drop his first album. He has a more laid back, lofi sound that you can really vibe to. His Amerie mix we lie there & she says im trippin is certified bop, put a chillhop twist on a track that’s already a classic. What I love is that I instantly feel the emotion he conveys through his beat, dropping songs perfect to break up and make up to. His album is done and on the way, so don’t sleep on it or you’ll be missing out big time.


twitter: @youngkhawaja

Discovering Khawaja was just a matter of running in the same circle. In simple terms, he’s an artist that just ended up producing to give himself something to flow on, but he’s really honed his craft and come into his own. When I heard the 6 Rings beat I was honestly surprised he didn’t have more clout, and his new track Que Quieres showcases a diversity in cultural background and influence that is rare to see within a lot of other producers. He’s on his way to becoming a serious heavy hitter in the scene, with some of the most impactful content out.


A few weeks ago, searching for music for a project I was working on left me to drown in an almost never ending sea of generic “type beat” videos. Izaks beats were most of the few that even stood out, but they stood out by a large margin. To lay it all out, the shit just knocks. The simplistic style insanely catchy, so much so that he just landed a deal with Atlantic records just last month. He just knows how to use sounds effectively and make anything he does sonically pleasing. If you keep your ear to the ground, you’ll 100% hear “Izak made this one!” on your favorite soundcloud rappers tracks.

i couldn’t find a good picture and thought this looked cool lmao

Por Vida

twitter: @joeywithpulp

Por Vida has been at for a minute now. He started producing at the age of 15, having blown up on SoundCloud in highschool under the name “Raava” and just recently making a comeback a new moniker He recently released an EP titled Only Nineties Kids, which is full of Vibes and has reworks from some of your favorite artists, is a member of the DIY stronghold Bassethound Collective, and a member of San Marcos based rap crew The Pnthn. Peep his shit on soundclound and bandcamp.


twitter: @lovibe_

Another soundcloud find, visual artist and producer Lovibe has vibe in his name so you know he stays with the heat. All jokes aside, the Ukrainian(wow hip hop is universal af) producer is bringing some serious sounds to the table. His kicks pack serious punch and add that perfect amount of texture and don’t overpower, his melodies are crisp, and he deserves way more credit. Almost transcendent, his tracks deliver you to a new plane and leave you floating on sonic clouds of sound.

#FreeGameFridays: How To Send A Proper Email W/ Proz Taylor

We sat down with creative genius and artist Proz Taylor yesterday to talk about how to send a proper email. That’s really one thing some artists lack and we are here to help with that. Popped Cherry is giving you a quick little seminar to help you look and sound more professional, get some free game down below:

So other than just being an artist you also do business for people like graphic design/visuals, things like that, what’s the most annoying thing someone can contact you with?

Yeah I have company, 3050 Studios and we offer all these great creative services for artists. We get all sorts of odd messages. I think the most annoying thing to me is when someone asks the price for something, we give them the rates and then they reply with “okay bet, Ima talk to my manager.” Aka I’m not about to buy any services just wanted to waste your time. lol 90% of upcoming and local artists don’t need a manager, there’s nothing to manage yet. So it’s more funny to me than anything, however very annoying. Don’t waste people’s time.

What are some do’s/don’ts for artists sending out emails, when contacting people for business or submissions?

There’s definitely a lot. I’ll have to say my top ones are:

DO be professional, DO proof read your emails and make sure all links work, DO provide contact info. DO contextualize your work briefly. It helps to know how an artist sees their work fitting in and what their aspirations might be. DO self research on who you are submitting to or contacting for business, to answer any questions that can be figured out on your own or to see if they have specific guidelines for conducting business.

DONT contact them if you know it isn’t a serious inquiry. DONT send emails with incomplete thoughts or sentences. DONT spam people’s email. If you aren’t contacted back, send a professional follow up in about a week. DONT submit unfinished or sloppy work. DONT submit without some sort of press release or info on the release and the artist.

If someone doesn’t know how to send a proper email what’s do you suggest they do?

I suggest them take a day and devote it to doing some research. We have the internet. There’s so much knowledge out there. Get educated about your line of business and how to properly communicate with the people you’re trying to do business with.

What advice do you have for artist?

Build up your contact list, develop relationships with websites, brands, and connect with your supporters. Do research. Research is your friend.

Don’t be scared to ask questions or reach out to someone for help on how to approach people, especially other blogs, managers, or anyone for that matter. Always show that you’re professional it shows a lot about someone.

PREMIERE: Rising NYC DJ Bonita Santos drops new R&B mix “Last Call”


Vibes, tons of vibes. NYC’s hottest DJ Bonita Santos drops off a new mix Last Call and it has got something for everybody. She lays down a slow groove of R&B hits, including Ashanti, Daniel Ceasar, Childish Gambino, Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, Smino, and more. What I like most about Bonita is how she blends what is currently hot with generational hits that will never go out of style.

R&B is all about knowing when to bring it close, and pull it away, and Bonita is a natural on the mix, building emotion and pulling it away, but never letting the vibe die. This is a perfect mix for any night, pull somebody close and put on Last Call.

Bonita’s SoundCloud is jam packed full of curated playlists and creative mixes. A good DJ always has their ear to the ground, and Bonita never misses a beat. Look for her to make some major plays in NY and take her talents around the country soon. With mixes like this, she can get any venue to vibe.

Follow her on Twitter and stream Last Call below.

Baby Guwop is back and this time he’s joined by Scoop Jackson

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.15.41 PM
Baby Guwop

Scoop Jackson, the local Austin producer has seemingly worked with everybody who is popping in central Texas lately. He’s been teasing solo work for a long time and we finally get a listen to what we’ve been missing. He joins Austin hitmaker Baby Guwop on “Catch Me If You Can Pt. 2” with a verse and production, and it’s perfect.

Baby Guwop has a knack for making catchy auto-tune filled records that blend pop elements with rap. In February he released a full length EP titled Catch Me If You Can produced entirely by Scoop. It included hits like “Pop Star” and “Amy Winehouse” and introduced a successful sound that Guwop would continue to craft and build on.

“Catch Me If You Can Pt. 2” is a great continuation of the sound. Guwop makes happy music for the trap, and has me nodding my head through the whole song. Scoop jumps on the second verse and provides a great melody. “Black on black like my Timbs, got no room for new friends”, was stuck in my head all night after listening to this. The two obviously have a great connection, and Scoop has really crafted Guwop’s sound into something that is commercial enough to really be marketed and taken to the next level. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Ivy Music Group – Big Bag (Shot By DavieeDavee)

Ivy Music Group has been quite for a little while but them being quite never meant they weren’t working. Yesterday they decided to bless the streets with a brand new visual for “Big Bag” shot by DavieeDavee and let me tell you it was more than what we expected. The song itself is a banger allowing Swanny Ivy, PaintItBlues, THEABYSSS, ReekSavage, and their newest member Samurai Duck to individually show their style and flow they really blessed the streets with this one giving what the streets have been asking. Don’t believe me? Stream their newest visual up above and tell us what you think.

Duffle Bag Buru – Whole Bag

If you were with us last week you’ll know that we presented a brand new visual from a dope Chicago artist by the name of Duffle Bag Buru, and we said you needed to get familiar with him because he’s up next. Well just the other day he blessed the streets with his debut project titled “Whole Bag” and these eight tracks these 22 minutes of your life are well worth it. Giving us a refreshing sound Duffle Bag Buru is showing no signs of slowing down and I’m all here for it. Be sure to stream his project on Apple Music. Don’t be late to the fucking party! Stream his project HERE.