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THOUXANBANFAUNI floods SoundCloud with 9 new bangers 

Woah y’all, Atlanta’s very own THOUXANBANFAUNI just unknowingly blessed us with multiple new bangers today on SoundCloud. The 3400 solider had been hinting to us for a while that new music was coming, but none of us expected this! I’ve followed fauni for over 3 years now, and his progress has personally been my favorite to watch. The new heat includes features from artist such as Ski Mask The Slump God, UnoTheActivist, & Wulf. Get hip to the new Summer bangers here first!

D Savage- Look At Me Now

Straight out of high school in Gardena California almost around this time last year, D Savage began killing the game early. His progress has been made significantly fast, and has given us all reason to believe he’s here to stay. D Savage delivers new heat in “Look At Me Now” in his true form of style.  Check out the new track below, it’s fire!

Trap House drops and is a certified banger

Jae Cobain  (@jaethegiant) and RubioRap$ (@RubioRaps) out of San Angelo, Texas are back. After working together on songs in the past the two decided to link up again for their new song Trap House. With a menacing beat produced by Jae himself this song will inevitably be a banger. A trap sound that Jae is very familiar with already as he has production credits for Young Thug, Trae Tha Truth, Rick Ross, Que, and many more. RubioRap$ who is known for bringing bars on every song does nothing less on this new track. I expect more dope work from both of these guys very soon and I think you should as well. Check out the song below and be sure to follow both artist on Twitter to keep up with more music updates.


Meet Marley: The Glam Goth Slaying Faces To Your Favorite Rapper

The world needs more beauty influencers like this Glam Goth, she literally does artwork on her face and it is much appreciated. Marley Mitch, is the CEO of Glam Goth she is an amazing, dope creative, bad bitch who will slay your face, jamming Playboi Carti. Growing as an individual she is rapidly building her fan base, and using social media as it should. Providing us with Snapchat tutorials on how to beat your face, and also creating wavy themes that make her stick out. Currently owning her own business Marley, isn’t your typical make up artists I feel like she should be everywhere. Her dopeness is infectious, and the world should get to know her.

What made you wanna start doing makeup?
i think it was my love for fashion that brought me to be a makeup artist. i wanted to be a fashion designer but the fashion school where i lived was just too expensive for me, so i took a year off to “find myself” and i realized that i have a true passion for makeup and just beauty in general.

I notice in your tutorials you play all types of music, how do you decide what you’re gonna listen to when you start your tutorials?
i honestly have no idea haha! it depends on what mood I’m in. for youtube i like to use underground music that relates to the look and creates a vibe. i try to use music from people i know also because i love the fact that i can use this platform to expand their listeners as well. for snapchat tutorials i like to do a mix of songs because its only 10 seconds vids so i like to keep it interesting.

Who’s your favorite artists to listen to while working on makeup?
wow this is hard, is it crazy to say that trap music makes me feel the most glamorous when I’m getting ready? i do realize i listen to a lot of Chief Keef, Playboi Carti, and Lana Del Rey when I’m getting ready and when i have clients its usually Drake and Rihanna

What music and artists influence you?
im really influenced by Amy Winehouse and Paramore. more so alternative, rock and roll, and “back in the day” music like Donna Summer and Jimi Hendrix.

How’s your Glam Goth business coming along? Are you getting a lot of good feedback?

Its going way better than i imagined, i started my company in October 2016 and have already made back like %120 profit and i just recently got my LLC so I’m like official now! but its awesome its everything that i could dream of and there is still so much that i have to do and want to do as a business owner. My supporters are amazing they are always posting pics and sending them to me for me to obsess over and i love them for that. i really do this for them so they’re feedback is whats most important to me.

If you could “beat” any artists face who would it be?
Definitely Rihanna! she’s such a badass man i just want to give her a glitter smokey eye and smoke a blunt with her honestly

I believe you’re a very influential person, what do you have to say to anyone out there chasing their dreams?
stay committed. don’t fucking give up, ever. have faith in yourself, and be patient. everything is a process and you have to put the time in. the people who we see that are up now have been doing this shit for YEARS. way longer than we even know about so please don’t compare yourself. i believe that everyone has a purpose and its not always what we think it is but the universe will lead us to our destiny eventually.

 Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Because you know a lot can change in just 1 year so where do you see yourself?
in 2 years hopefully I’m either living in New York or LA getting ready to open up a store or a pop up shop. its a hard to tell because like you said a lot can change in a year so i have no idea where ill be in 2 but i just want to be happy and healthy and bad bitch 😉

Do you do anything else other than make up?
as far as Cosmetology goes just hair and waxing, I’ve been dipping into designing my own merch here and there but nothing too major. i do however want to start making visuals soon hopefully in the fall of 2017.

Make sure to follow this Glam Goth on twitter @TheGlamGoth and support her business. She’s really about to go all the way up, and you saw her here first.


Young icon in the making Tay-K drops 3 short new bangers under “#LIVINGLIKELARRY” which include “Murder She Wrote,” “Lemonade” and “I<3My Choppa” The artist is straight out of Dallas Fort Worth Texas, and his cutthroat flow is definitely not one to forget or sleep on. We haven’t heard a true form of Texas styled rap in quite some time, and all 3 of these tracks hands down fill that void. Check out Tay-K’s new music below and tell us what you think about the young aspiring artist.

Top 10 Producers Who Got The Juice

Producers are the key to every banger. They are the ones that make the artist sound good, without them there wouldn’t be music. That’s why it is important to recognize the Producers that have put in work, because many of them are behind the work of most of your favorite rappers. Now, there’s a lot of dope producers out there but the producers I have listed below have put in so much work you can probably almost see their name everywhere. This top 10 list isn’t really in no particular order, it’s more so recognizing those who’ve worked their way up working with some heavy hitter artists. So here’s Top 10 Producers who got the juice.

Teddy Walton (@teddywalton )
Let’s talk about how Teddy Walton has a produced track on Kendrick Lamar’s latest album titled “Love” but this isn’t his first time producing for a big named artist. He’s got some big names under his belt such as Bryson Tiller, A$AP Rocky, Nipsey Hussle, Schoolboy Q, plus many others. If you’ve been sleep on Teddy Walton, I suggest you do your research and wake up.

Pierre Bourne (@pierrebourne )
I mean this one is obvious, with his catchy ass tag you right away know there’s about to be a banger being played. This 23 year old is now Playboi Carti’s main producer, and has six tracks featured on his most recent project. But before this happened Pierre was featured on Yung Nudy’s Slimeball 2 which was mainly produced by him. Quickly making a name for himself in the industry I promise Pierre Bourne is gonna be your next favorite big time producer.

F1lthy (@F1LTHY )
Philadelphia based producer F1LTHY has been seen everywhere, due to the fact that his beats are very infectious. It’s more than likely F1LTHY has produced for one of your favorite underground rappers. I’m anxious to see him grow as a Producer because he’s coming hard.

Nash B (@ItsNashB)
So I really want you guys to get familiar with a producer people are really sleeping on Nash B has some heavy weight names under his belt, people like Future, Dej Loaf, Jacquees, Ty Dolla $ign plus many others. It’s a good idea to start doing your research if you aren’t familiar and also check him out.

Big Head (@killbighead)
Now you may be familiar with his tag, but Big Head is on his way to the top. I feel like every rapper needs to hop on a Big Head beat at least one time. If you suck at rapping I promise Big Head will make you sound fire. Producing for people like Rich The Kid, Ugly God, Lil Tracy, Lil Peep, plus many others. If you aren’t familiar with this guy you better get to it.

Gnealz (@Gnealz)
Producer and DJ Gnealz has been making a lot of noise and I just hope you guys are familiar with him, taking his beats to the next level Gnealz delivers an addicting sound which allows us to greatly vibe and fuck with the sounds. Working with your favorite rappers like Key!, Yung Gleesh, Famous Dex and many others keep an eye out for his name because I’m almost positive he’s working with your favorite rapper.

Captain Crunch (@capcrunchbeats)
There’s no question that Captaincrunch is killing the game because he is, and also being recognized by people like Smokepurpp,, Lil Citgo, Ski Mask, Yung Bans and more. He’s definitely putting in work. I can’t wait to see him working with the big dawgs.

Polo boy shawty (@Poloboyshawty)
When I hear a Polo Boy Shawty beat I just know whoever is on the track better do it some justice because the song is an automatic banger. From working with people like Kodak Black, Trill Sammy, Famous Dex and many others Polo Boy has the chance to really take over.

Richie Souf (@RichieSouf)
Quickly rising Richie Souf is blessing the streets with his work, and I’m almost positive people are like waiting to work with this man because he supply that audio dope. Considering that he’s thought about quitting in the past I’m glad he didn’t because he wouldn’t be where he deserves to be now.

Bosss Beatz (@Bosssbeatz)
Bosss Beatz is quickly climbing up producing for people like CHXPO, ATL Smook, Kevin Pollari, Gothmoney, plus many others. Providing the streets with some dope beats allowing our favorite upcoming rappers to prosper. Familiarize yourself with Bosss Beatz, and don’t sleep because he creeping up.

Now if you feel some type of way because your name wasn’t on here I apologize, I hand picked these producers because I feel like they’ve put in the work. Like I said there is a bunch of producers out there who provide dope sounds and I hope you prosper to be great I wish I could put everyone on a list but then this wouldn’t be any fun.

Sober- Argo Moto

San Antonio Texas native Argo Moto blesses us with a new banger titled “Sober” Argo has been making music for a few years now. The city went insane last year when he dropped his hit “Sorry” and seeing him grow has been quite interesting. He’s back with more content and is now apart of a collective called “Midnight Swim.” The team has stayed consistent from hosting “Wet Wednesday’s” at local clubs, to producing and curating their own sound. His music is undeniable, with smooth hooks and wavy beats. Check out the new track below and keep an eye and ear out for Argo Moto.