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RaeBeth – Dropout ft. AJ Bray

Houston via San Marcos singer RaeBeth is bringing forth a brand new energy with her latest offering Dropout. Featuring San Antonio rapper AJ Bray, Dropout has a laid back vibe that blends the sounds of chillhop, neo-soul, and hip hop, but mixes them in a way that works together very nicely. The transition between RaeBeths’ sultry and unique singing, and the flow and style AJ is known for, rais seamless, uniting two different worlds in a way that you wouldn’t even be able to tell were separate. Listen to Dropout below.

INTERVIEW: Ca$h Fendi discusses his new album, the vision, and how he plans to take over Houston.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.51.40 PM

Houston rap has had a long history of success, beef, creativity, and biting. Decades of artists, self funded records, and the historic Rap-A-Lot records have built the legacy the city stands on. When somebody tells you they’re from Houston, you can hear it in their slang, in their music, and their pride. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.49.53 PMNorthside’s Ca$h Fendi to talk about his new project Creme De La Creme, Houston’s rap scene, his inspiration, and how he plans to bring Houston back to what made it so successful in the past.

Creme De La Creme is full of influence. While more lyrical then some of his current counterparts, the production and flavor screams Houston. Fendi bounces from sampling vintage Lil Wayne on “Shy Bitch”, to a cash making anthem “Run It Up” to making collaborative slappers with Wes Blanco on “Bruce Wayne”. I was most impressed with strong production from the likes of SoloHendrixx and BeldonDidThat. Cash told me it was a priority to keep most of the project’s work in the city, and the result was a thoroughly cohesive effort from one of Houston’s up and comers staking claim to best in the city.


What gave you the idea to put the short interview right away in the middle of the project?

I like giving people an insight into my mind, and how I live. I feel like interviews are a great way to give people that feel, and to see where I’m coming from.

It seems like you take quite a bit of pride in your lyricism, are you a “in the studio” freestyle type dude or do you enjoy the writing process?

I have moods… sometimes I hear a beat and I’m just like, I gotta write to that. Sometimes when I’m in the studio with a producer, like with SoloHendrixx and the “Shy Bitch” song, it’s easier for me to vibe. But mostly, 9 times out of 10, if I know I’m going to work with a producer I usually have at least the hook in mind, everything flows naturally after that.

What are some of your favorites or your most favorite off of the album?

“Run It Up”, “In My Pocket”, and I like “Ballad of Cash” too. I like “Ballad of Cash” because I like telling stories thru my music sometimes.

Have you been musical your whole life, or is this pretty recent?

I’ve been writing verses and shit, since like 6th grade. I got composition books full of verses. At the time I was pretty clean cut, before I really got off the porch. It was a lot of clean verses, no cursing. Once I hopped off the porch and started to really see life, it started to get a little more life oriented.

A big part of your project and vision is to bring Houston together, and to help support each other like Atlanta has shown. Do you think that falls on the veterans, guys like Bun, Slim Thug, Paul Wall to push that unity or is it on the younger guys to set a new precedent?

As far as the legends, when Houston was really running the rap scene there wasn’t too much unity then. There was still northside to southside beef and guys not wanting to do tracks together, I think it’s still on that wave.. that’s not the wave. Atlanta is winning because… Atlanta artists see the potential and take guys who show potential and show them the way. It’s all about us coming together, keeping that shit in the city, and investing in each other. Producers, videographers, rappers, all that.

What are some of your favorite projects of 2017?

Man there was so much good music this year.. I listen I like that Karma by Dave East, of course, that’s one of my favorite artists. I like everything Big Sean dropped this year, he’s going to always be underrated just how the world is. They don’t process bars, they just like catchy shit. HoodRich Pablo Juan’s Designer Drugs 3, I like Glock Season, Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, Rick Ross, Migos’ Culture, man there was just a lot of shit. Amine, I liked his project too, that was crazy. Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimy project, Drake, but that should go without being said.

What’s next?

Definitely going to follow up Creme De La Creme, probably coming this summer. I’m going to push this until me and Se7en drop a project around 4/20, but I have a lot of friends who make music so you’ll see my name pop up. A bunch of videos from Creme De  La Creme, just to stay relevant, you can expect a lot from me in 2018.


Appreciate the conversation with Ca$h Fendi, I fully expect whatever he has coming next to be worth a listen. Seems like he has a very conscious understanding of the scene, where it’s headed and his potential. In the meantime, run up Creme De La Creme, and let us know what your favorite track is.

SamDoes – Son Of Sam (Prod. By Notgnilrabtnert)

SamDoes got the streets vote a few days ago for his track “Son Of Sam” and it’s too fire definitely a song you don’t want to sleep on. Go ahead and press play down below and get familiar with all the other music SamDoes has to offer, don’t sleep.

30Rock – Hating Ass Niggas (Visual)

Memphis rapper 30Rock has finally blessed the streets with a brand new visual for “Hating Ass Niggas” which was featured on his most recent project “Rocky”. All I can say is finally, I’ve been waiting to see what type of visual 30Rock was going to deliver and he did this one, the visual was shot by Reel Bump. Go ahead and click play up above and tell us what you think.

Freebxll Will featuring IAMFRIZ – Beauty In Rage

Freebxll Will is a dope artist who the streets voted for. His track “Beauty In Rage” is pretty infectious and it features IAMFRIZ. Popped Cherry is making sure that you get familiar with all these dope upcoming artists, so go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think.

DJ Skribbs Remix : Yung Bambi Feat. Kamiyada – Madonna

DJ Skribbs remixed a pretty dope track by Yung Bambi & Kamiyada titled “Madonna” and when I tell say you need this track in rotation, you need it. The streets voted for this one so go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think.

Phay Featuring Milu.Wav – Ooh Lala

Hailing from Atlanta Phay is new to us and we are here to make sure that you guys get familiar with him. Just recently he blessed the streets with his infectious new record titled “Ooh Lala” featuring Milu.Wav and when I tell you it’s hard not listen to it twice believe me after you listen to the track once you’re more than likely going to run it back. Go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think, we don’t want to be handing out tardy passes.

Lil House Phone – Tokyo Goons (Visual)

So I’m mad that I’m just now getting hip to Lil House Phone because this song he just dropped a visual “Tokyo Goons” is too fucking catchy the visual, all the way down to the production of the song all of it is just great. The visual was released not to long ago by No Jumper. Go ahead and get familiar with Lil House Phone he’s going to be your next favorite rapper.

Fury – Triple 7 Rebel (Prod. By Yatchzen)

Fury a Las Vegas native was one of the artists who the streets voted for his song “Triple 7 Rebel” a track where Fury delivers nothing but gritty bars he’s not messing with that mumble rap, he’s delivering bars full force. Go ahead and check him out down below and tell us what you think about the track.

Stunnaman Chas Feat. Dave $tokes – Whenever

Stunnaman Chas is hailing from the good ol’ Louisiana and he’s blessing us with gems just a couple days ago he dropped a brand new track featuring Dave $tokes who also produced their new track “Whenever” and they both killed this shit. The track is definitely worth sharing so Popped Cherry is here to put you on. Go ahead and click play down below and tell us what you think.