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GDG* and Idle Kid go CRAZY on “Everyone Still No$e (All Of These Girls In The Bathroom)”

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 2.52.21 PM

Inspired by the classic N.E.R.D song “Everyone Nose (All These Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)”, Goon Des Garcons and Idle Kid team up for an amazing rework of the 2008 hit, and it’s a masterpiece. Idle Kid spins the classic chorus into a wild sample and the beat on this thing goes CRAZY. Goon provides the song with a 2017 facelift. Nothing embodies the LA lifestyle then a Pharrell joint about cocaine, and Goon does this thing justice. The distorted pseudo rock is a perfect sound for Goon as most of his bangers include sounds similar to this, I can only imagine how wild this one will sound live. Goon has been dropping lots of heat lately, and after a crazy show at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles, he’s about to take over the scene. Keep an eye on the kid from Arkansas, because he’s about to pop.

Ohio artist @FerrariCKA releases a crazy new single ft. @Tre_Hoover

Whooville Money Gang’s own Ferrari Cka grabs buzzing Ohio artist Tre Hoover for their new single “Medusa Freak”. These two act like a lyrical combo formed to take over any event. This song is definitely a club banger, perfect for any party or turning up any occasion. This track came about after Whooville Money Gang and Tre Hoover opened up for #LilUziVert on his tour stop August 24th in Columbus, OH which was the same night that #LilUziVert dropped his debut album #LuvIsRage2. With these two artist steady clime to the top of the musical food chain there is no reason to not expect both camps to new music very soon!

@ZachSmithOG & @_LilLonnie_ connect for a new single “Want From Me”

Zach Smith gives fans a banger that would make any hater mad. “Want From Me” features the talents of Mississippi’s buzzing artist Lil Lonnie. Both artist complement each others style to make a serious candidate for a major hit. Do not be surprised if this song finds its way into a playlist or club near you. Do yourself a favor and jam the new Zach Smith single “Want From Me” and drop off a comment below.

Keevee – Wanderland (Prod. By A.K.A.)

One of the most underrated producers out right now, A.K.A. just dropped some new off for us, this time with a very different style. Performed by Keevee, Wanderlust is an ElectroR&B track that vibes really well and takes you to a different place. The pairing sort of reminds me of a young Aaliyah and Timbo collab from back in the day, a sultry voice and space age prouction that was the first step in redefining a sound. Peep the track below.

DC4Prez ft. Tony Tone – Jabroni

PNTHN members dc4prez and Tony Tone link up to destroy some Alchemist production with Jabroni. Contrary to what niggas these days will tell you, there’s a number of young  new artists coming with straight bars, and this is perfect evidence. The beat is top notch, and both DC and Tony beat it up like Tyson in his prime with their lyricism. Listen to Jabroni right fucking now, and be sure to peep The PNTHNs mixtape …From Disorder.

Khawaja x Arthur Black – Picture Perfect

Khawaja just can’t be stopped. His production is impactful, and he continues to push himself artistically, which shows with each new release. Linking with Arthur Black on the production, Picture Perfect shows Khawaja catering more towards his pop sensibilities with the structure, the production knocks like straight hip hop. The synths are soft and light, but the 808s kick you in the chest, in a good way. I love to see an artists versatility, and with Khawaja, you never know what’s coming next. Arthur Black is making a name for himself as well, and this is a huge step in the right direction. Picture Perfect is sure to get the parties jumping all fall. Check it below.

#FreeGameFridays How To Distribute Your Music Correctly W/ Brea Simone

Today’s topic of #FreeGameFridays is How Should You Distribute Your Music last week we talked about how you should send a proper email, this week we want to help ya’ll out by giving you guys some free game on the best ways you could get your music heard by distributing it correctly. I got to speak with female hustler aka the connector of dots herself Brea Simone, and we talked a little bit about how she likes to be approached when someone is presenting their music to her and she also provided some free game so sit back and take notes and read the free game down below:

What’s the worst way someone can present their music to you?

I really don’t like press release type emails. There’s nothing personal about them and they are super spammy. Makes me feel like the artist doesn’t care if I listen to it or if I don’t. It’s a simple copy paste format. Nothing genuine about that at all.

How would you prefer the artists to present their music to you?

I like when an artist approaches me with regular conversation. A simple hello can open a door in my opinion instead of just immediately asking me what can I do for them. This goes for emails as well. Open up an email saying hi. Connect with me on something so I remember you and have a face/name to match a story. I get a bunch of submissions. If you want to be different stand out with your approach and be human. It works better in the long run.

What’s your opinion on CDs being handed out at music festivals and things like that? Because most CDs end up on the floor.

I don’t even get why people waste the money on hard copies to be passed out at events. People don’t go to events to get mixtapes handed to them. You can take that money you put into making CD’s, make some merch, sell it online and add the CD in the packaging. Not just hand it out to strangers. Build your fan base with the people that support you first or you’re marketing backwards.

So basically ladies and gentlemen don’t force anything don’t be out here spamming your music because that’s one way to really annoy people. Consistently drop the link, or @ some of the people you really want to hear the track start a conversation and catch their attention but don’t continue to constantly force your music down their throat because I am telling you that is the worst way. Not only that but don’t be out here acting like other creatives really owe you something, be humble about everything.

If you are also looking for some help with marketing I highly suggest Brea Simone she will make shit pop for you. Not only is she out here throwing her own events, she’s also helping other creatives build themselves up. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on twitter @BreaSimone.