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Lil Jay So Icy Blesses Us With “Fishscale Airlines” EP

Making his first appearance on our pages we would like for you guys to get familiar with Rap-A-Lot’s newest signee Lil Jay So Icy hailing from Houston, Texas. As he blesses the streets with his new EP titled “Fishscale Airlines” giving us 5 solid tracks featuring upcoming artist like 2wift, Roy Veye, Trevell Hudson, and 1WAYFRANK. Lil Jay picks production from Baker YungDigital Rockstar, and slopmadethebeat, making this EP a great start to get to know Lil Jay as an artist. Go ahead and stream the project down below and let us know what you think.

Belis – Say Why U Luv Me (EP)

Hailing from Charlotte, Belis is a quick uprising artists delivering gems and vibes. Just recently she blessed the streets with her highly anticipated EP “Say Why U Luv Me” 6 contagious new tracks. The infectious production is the cherry on top, Belis knows how to pick some bangers. Go ahead and get familiar and press play down below and let us know what you think.

Proz Taylor changes the landscape of music once again with new album, DEATHPROOF.

Proz Taylor is an multi-media artist from Long Beach, Mississippi. Last year he caught our attention with his self-produced debut album, Deadman Wonderland. It was dark and eerie ride of heavy bass filled bangers, sprinkled with little touches of pop inspired ballads. It was cool to see an artist mesh all these different sounds together to create a cohesive body of work.

Now the talented songwriter/producer has followed up with whole new presence on his DEATHPROOF record. It’s only 7 songs but it’s just enough to get the point across. Abandoning his signature dreary and pain filled bangers, Proz illustrates that the hardships on his last album has not defeated him. DEATHPROOF is a fun and feel good record with bright and uplifting production. Although he still managed to sneak a little bit of his dark side on records such as the Popped Cherry favorite “Can You Love A Deadman”. Check out Proz’s lastet project available on iTunes, Spotify, or you can check it out on Soundcloud. Be sure to also keep your eyes open for what he does next.

Duffle Bag Buru – Narcissist (EP)

Let’s talk about how Duffle Bag Buru is up next from Chicago. Just recently he has proved himself with the release of this 6 track EP titled “Narcissist” with some fire production by 5heriff, Conner David, Luke Almighty, and Kayo going hard on the beat. If you aren’t familiar at all with Duffle Bag I’m here to put you on, so press play down below and take a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed.

HOODLUM – Korner Store – Chopped Not Slopped

SAs Southsidehoodlum has been getting big looks since he dropped Korner Store in early May. Following a cosign from New York Times Best Selling author and fellow Texan Shea Serrano, Hoodlums new found momentum helped him even get a Chopped Not Slopped remix from OG Ron C himself. Be on the lookout for more soon, and give a listen to both versions of the project below.

American Pop is the breakout album for Austin’s The Teeta

The Teeta has been a fixture in the Austin rap scene for years. Recently we’ve seen Austin’s Rap landscape spike in quality and popularity and a big reason for that is because Teeta is always raising the bar. This past week he appeared on the cover of the highly regarded Austin Chronicle, featured in their article about “The future of Austin Hip-Hop”, the hype around Teeta is real. He recently released the full length project  “American Pop” inspired by the 1981 animated film of the same name, The Teeta gives us his own take on the current Hip-Hop where rappers are the new “pop- stars”. Waving his purple flag proudly reppin’ Team Next, Teeta gives you his emotions, ups and downs, and so much more with this full length release.

Partnered with the Atlanta producer Bosssbeatz, the two come together to build something special. Since their last collaboration project, the Killstreak series, the two have definitely progressed. While American Pop pulls from many of the same trap elements that Killstreak does, it is far more refined in nature. With ominous landscapes built with eery electric guitar, Teeta transforms from the “pretty boy trap” rapper we’ve enjoyed to something bigger and brighter. From the music to the art created for the album (shoutout to @lonelyboyjoshua), rarely do you find an artist who can thoughtfully incorporate pain, sadness, anger, love and happiness all in one place. American Pop has something for everybody.


  1. Stylish – The most catchy song on the album rings in a quick 1:17 but meets all the requirements of “DJ run that back”.  “Stylish” is definitely a continuation of the sound Teeta and Boss developed working on the Killstreak series and shows Teeta’s growth and ability to make a hit record. One more verse, especially a high profile feature on this, and “Stylish” could BOOM.
  2. Risky Business – My favorite record on the album blends a super dark organ synth with some slapping 808’s and some descending bells. “I might give that girl my heart, but she can never take my soul though/ And I do hate when we’re apart, this love a drug might fuck around and overdose”  is something anybody can relate with. Switching up flows and melodies without, “Risky Business” lands at the top of my list.
  3. 2400 Degrees – Situated on the back half of the project, 2400 Degrees shows why American Pop is one of the deepest projects of the year. The ode to Juvenile/Lil Wayne works in Teeta’s favor, blending his style of slurred words with the infamous “After you back it up then stop”. Again sitting at the 1:30 mark, this one is quick and catchy and deserves a rewind.
  4. TPain Freestyle – The last record on the album might be the best, with a dark beat heavy on the 808’s, Teeta spits an excellent verse with a super catchy chorus. The only collaboration on the album (outside of Bosssbeatz) goes to Ladi Earth who has stormed onto the scene in 2018. Her energy is usually unmatched and her live show never disappoints. She delivers a short verse that completes the record and the album. “T-Pain Freestyle” is a must listen.

If you’re unfamiliar with Teeta, you’ll find American Pop is just an extension of his entire discography and I strongly advise you to dive in. He’s released a massive amount of work since late 2016 including over 10 projects, a ton of singles, and several videos premiering on Elevator, Daily Chiefers, and more. He’s next on our list to blow.

Stacy Money Delivers His Highly Anticipated Project “Ratchet Romance”

We may be just a little late, but we are here to finally say that Stacy Money’s highly anticipated project “Ratchet Romance” is finally here. And everything about it made it so much worth the wait, this 12 track project features some really dope producers like Captain Crunch, Yung Guapo, JBands, Fanboy, plus many others. If you aren’t too familiar with Stacy Money go ahead and wake up by pressing play down below and letting us know what you think. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Lil Turbo – TurboTax EP

Lil Turbo has been consistently putting in work by providing his supporters with constant bangers. Just recently he blessed the streets with his highly anticipated 3 track EP “TurboTax” featuring production from Ghostrage, LORD FUBU, unknwngreazy and Cruz Slime. Each track proves why Lil Turbo is up next. Go ahead and stream the EP down below and tell us what you think.

Surgical Summer: The Resurgence of San Antonio

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this modern era of hip hop exists as a renaissance, both culturally and sonically. Just this summer alone, we got release every almost every Major G.O.O.D. Music artist( they went 1 for 5, but that’s none of my business), Drake dropped a double album, Rocky dr(fl)opped, AND we finally got Astroworld, plus a ton of other quality projects. This shit crazy honestly. What’s gone almost unnoticed though, surprising most who bothered to pay attention, is a slew of high level projects coming out of San Antonio’s rap scene.

Anyone who’s really from San Antonio know shit been super trash outta there for a while, with the city of Carmen Calls and Chingo Bling remixes most major offerings for a minute being King Kyle Lee verses about the spurs and a nigga rappin bout snapbacks (Is AJ Herns alive?). While things and been on the uprise for a couple years now, except for the worst cypher in the history of rap(seriously, who set that shit up? I just wanna talk, fam), this summer is where it all came to a head, giving us top notch projects from AJ Bray, King Khali, Fritogang, and Reek & Sage all in close proximity. Things are changing, and SA could finally be on its way to make its mark in history the same way Houston did back in the day.

AJ BrayEnigma


Enigma proved to be AJs best project yet, not just in quality, but in impact. He made a lot of waves with his FrFr video, creatively shot like a Genius lyric breakdown, catching the eye of a lot of major outlets, and provided some of his most energetic and tenacious songs to date, signaling a new livelihood and hunger. He’s beginning to embody a mix of trap and lyricism that melds so well together that you can’t tell the two styles apart, which is, in my opinion, how it’s supposed to be. At its purest level, the energy and aggression that AJ put into this project shows a true progression in artistry.

King KhaliPoor Decisions, Good Intentions


I’m not gonna lie, this project caught me by complete surprise. I was unfamiliar outside of his name being brought up in some convos I’ve had, but when I finally decided to listen, I was honestly taken aback by how nice dude is on the mic. A lot of confident flows, heavy punches, and good storytelling, really showing that he takes his craft serious, which I appreciate cuz it seems rare these days. On top of all that, he fits the pocket perfectly, never seeming off kilter on any of the beats and emulating all the emotions that his word convey. PDGI is a strong, introspective look at street life and the balance between keeping it real and keeping your composure, which is something the city really needed. Plus he topped it all off by going 2-0 in a beef, so bonus points.



This one was probably one of the most anticipated just because of the amount of notoriety these guys have in the city. They’ve been operating in the scene for years throwing events and having one off performances(one had Texas State University going crazy), but this is the first major project from them as far as I know. They’ve been major proponents of developing their vintage throwback aesthetic, which is shown in their appearance as well as their music. Smooth sampling and production places you way back in the day, in the age of cookouts, house parties, and spike lee movies, bringing a different aura to the current climate of hip hop that’s reminiscent of the golden era with a pinch of modern flavor. It’s all smooth lyrics and flows from multiple members, most songs inspired greatly by 90s R&B, with some crooning that makes you feel like times were simpler, and you just got out of school in time to watch Moesha. To have something like this come straight out of central Texas really blindsides you, in a good way.

Reek & Sage – Chapter 2WO


For me, quality of music doesn’t always originate from the words you say or the hardest production, but the amount of passion you invest in it. Start to finish, this is a passion project by definition. One of the strongest pens in the city, Reek displays not only his ability as a lyricist, but a degree of emotional vulnerability and pairs perfectly with Sages production, almost to the point where I don’t want to hear anything else. It’s a introspective yet relatable look at who Reek is, his life, his experiences, every sincere moment he’s gone through expressed in a way where you’ve felt like you’ve gone through it as well. Sage really shine too, his unique not quite lofi style is something that is truly his alone, a sound I’ve never heard from anyone else, with the two of them together making shit like the wonder twins. This isn’t even just the best out of the city, I could truly see this making some best of the year lists from those in the know.

With these four dropping just this summer, like weeks apart, I’m really excited for the future SA holds. They really showcase the diversity of artists around, none of these guys even sound similar, and have paved their own way with their own sound. There’s so many other unique artists in the city as well, Clee, 80sBlond, and Proz Taylor, just to name a few, who are really showing that there’s much to the city that gets overlooked. the past. If the pace continues, the city is EASILY the next to cause a major shift in the culture, and all I can say is, it’s about time.

Hosted By DJ PHAT: Bag Ty – Destined 4 Greatness EP

Uprising Atlanta rapper Bag Ty has finally dropped his highly anticipated EP “Destined 4 Greatness” hosted by none other than DJ PHAT.  The EP features some of the hottest upcoming producers you want to keep an eye on like, TayMasterChef, B1ack, Benji, and a few others. Go ahead and stream the 5 track project down below and stop sleeping on Ty, he’s out here working.