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Jake Sand Presents Us With “El Fureidis”

Jake Sand is one of the hottest DJs coming out of Detroit right now, he breaks your favorite rappers records and pushes nothing but heat. Not to mention he’s also out here producing bangers and people are still out here sleep. Just recently Jake blessed the underground streets with a 7 track mixtape titled “EL FUREIDIS” featuring some of our favorites such as Lamont, BIGBABYGUCCI, Chxpo, plus many other dope artists. Go ahead and stream the tape down below and tell us what you think.

Cover Art By: @iloveyouoxxy

AJ Bray – Enigma (Project)

Anybody who’s seen AJ Bray knows. He’s full of life whenever he performs, commanding the audience and coming with an energy and presence that rivals that of some of the biggest artists. He separates himself, not defined by his hometown or his influences, but by his music alone. His latest project, aptly named Enigma, encompasses all of that energy to produce his most clear cut and impactful project yet.

Start to finish AJ Bray comes at you with a whole new clarity, and has set himself up to reach a new level. The opener The ReUp really sets the tone for what you’re gonna experience on the rest of the project,  from a better mix, harder beats, and endless flows. Each track to track transition is smooth, with every song fitting together but standing on its own to be an interesting listen.

Song quality and structure are good, poignant and super catchy. AJs calling card is his quirky and effective lyrics, flexed in a way that really makes them stick with you. She Hates My Hoes should be all over nightclubs(wassup Club Rio), FrFr tells these boys the needa stop cappin out here, and Play Around is probably a personal for me on the project. As he continues through his career, AJ has yet to disappoint. We’re watching first hand someone who’s dedicated to his shit and refuses to ease up. True to his projects name, AJ Bray is a real life enigma.


Boofman – Boofman 2

Making his first appearance on our Popped Cherry pages but certainly not his last Boofman got us hip to his most recent project “Boofman 2” which features 11 tracks of nothing but slappers. He literally created a function worthy project. Go ahead and get yourself familiar with Maryland artist Boofman, because this won’t be the last time you see him on our page. I’m anxious to see what he has up his sleeve.

Jidé – Now Or Never EP

Want something to vibe to for the weekend? Jidé will provide that for you. His 6 track EP “Now Or Never” is filled with gems that are highly slept on. I found myself jamming this without skipping a track, the production, and the melodic feel makes you just want to sit back and chill. Although we are a little late, we want you guys to get familiar with Jidé because he’s really delivering slappers. Go ahead and get hip and press down below. Don’t sleep!

Flex Malik – Unexpected 3 (Prod. By Eddie Gianni)

As I was doing some searching the other day through SoundCloud I came across another dope artists from Atlanta who goes by the name Felix Malik, some of you may already be familiar and some of you may not but just know his music is fire. Like his most recent piece of work “Unexpected 3” this 12 track project is one you can listen all the way through without skipping a song. You don’t believe me go ahead and see for yourself, press play down below and let us know what you think. Popped Cherry would never let you down with the music we want to put you on. Get familiar with Flex Malik too because this won’t be his last time on our page.

30Rock – Rocky II (Mixtape)

30Rock is a rapper from Memphis who I consider probably one of the hottest underground rappers coming out of Memphis right now not to mention he delivers music and visuals nonstop so you can’t say he’s not out here putting in work. Following right behind his 2017 mixtape “Rocky” just recently 30Rock came back again with the sequel “Rocky II“. The 8 track project delivers production from producers like MILLIONAIR, Harold Harper, Dirty Sosa, plus many other dope producers who have made this project worth the listen. Make sure to press play down below and don’t sleep on this 8 track project Popped Cherry would never let you down.

PN Jon – Nothing 2 Lose

We’ve had our eye on PN Jon for a while now because everything he drops seem to always be a banger. Wasting no time PN Jon has blessed the streets with a long overdue project titled “Nothing 2 Lose” giving us a 12 track project with tracks you can listen to all the way through. The project features production from XanGang, Black Mayo, Barclay, plus many others. Go ahead and check out the project down below and tell us what you think.

Kidd Kill – E Up (Official Video)

Shot By: Steven Jets

I’m not lying when I say Kidd Kill is up next, and if you aren’t already familiar with him you can start right here. Just last night Kidd blessed the streets with an icy new visual titled “E Up” as he continues to consistently drop banger after banger I’m ready for some more. Go ahead and stream his new visual up above and make sure you catch his performance at the Gunna concert in San Antonio June 6th.

Complex Shadow – Complexity

Just recently I was introduced to a talented artist from Athens, Greece by the name of Complex Shadow. It honestly only took 1 song for me to become an instant fan. The song that lured me in was “So Cold” Complex delivered gritty ass bars over a hard ass beat. Wanna get away from the mumble rap for a little while? just jam his album “Complexity” because while he delivers bars the beats are what turn up the whole vibe. Go ahead and check out his album down below because it definitely needs mores ears.

Lone London – Run Wild, Sun Child

Recently getting familiar with Lone London, a dope upcoming artist from Atlanta. Checking out his EP “Run Wild, Sun Child” made me an instant fan of his and we feel like his music is great enough to tell you guys that you need to check it out too. The 3 track EP is one that you wish had more, this is like the appetizer to what Lone London has to offer. Go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think.