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“NO SMOKING ON THE ROOF” EP – DEDD & Donnie Hardaway

Faded Decade’s Dedd and NoDom$ Donnie Hardaway are back with a new ep “NO SMOKING ON THE ROOF”. This ep consists of 3 tracks straight bangers, certain to enhance your playlists. With assistance from producers, Axthentic and DRXW, this is one you don’t want to sleep on!

Plotting on collaborating since 2016 at Faded Decade’s “The Barn”, these two later reunited and Dedd was inspired. He communicated to Donnie his excitement, ” We gotta make some fire, we gotta drop something crazy,”. They decided to let it come naturally and not rush the process.

Donnie stayed at Black Book Studios for 2 weeks and the first song was “All Dawgs Go To Heaven” meaning all their friends go to heaven. Donnie got the hook down and Dedd freestyled his verse.

On “Free Snow”, Donnie wanted a lot of energy on it so he could give Dedd the momentum he needed to freestyle. They took their time with it to really make sure they were getting the right point across. Donnie thought Dedd’s verse was perfect true and catchy. Donnie wanted his verse to have intensity and “ratchetness”, they knew it’d be the opening track.

The last song they recorded was “The Balcony”. They knew this track needed intensity and power as well so Dedd started it off making it swift for Donnie to follow him. By the time his verse was completed they felt a bit stuck until Donnie decided to let Donnie know, “you might as well come in with your part again because it was hard.” and then the song felt just right.

Dedd made sure he got the mixing and mastering for the ep where he desired it to be. They had brief difficulty with the cover art but Rome lent a hand with that. These two had lots of fun making this ep and they feel confident that they made hits that can compete with most of the mainstream talent. Dedd and Donnie feel as though they have quality music on their hands and are content with the response they are getting thus far. Go ahead and check them out below!


NoGum Hundo – Final Boss EP

I told y’all NoGum Hundo was putting in that work. Just the other day our good friend DJ Zach Skywalker premiered a new Hundo EP titled “Final Boss” with the production by John Mello. The EP is really one you shouldn’t sleep on. Go ahead and press play down below and check it out for yourself.

The mysterious Richy Hyliger releases an amazing new EP titled FLUXUS

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.03.17 PM

Richy Hyliger has long been known for vibe heavy singles and catchy bars that run up an insane amount of plays on all platforms. This time he drops a full project on our heads. The 5 track EP  titled FLUXUS featuring production from CashMoneyAp, Steelo Foreign, and more. A member of the buzzing collective Anahata Militia, known for their creativity, style, wild performances and innovative sound, Richy doesn’t disappoint with FLUXUS.

Featuring the hit “Already” produced by djsaucyrex which has already run up 18k listens on Soundcloud, the project is relatively short. With a play time of just over 13 minutes, and only one song over 3 minutes, Richy has mastered the high replay value I always speak about. Keeping your songs short and catchy makes me hit that replay button over and over again.

“Delorean” produced by riclaflare will probably be your girls favorite song this weekend, the poppy beat mixed with Richy’s locked in autotune leaves me bobbing my head the whole song. “Sleepless Nights” produced by Texas producer Steelo Foreign is a jam The ascending keys, mixed with pounding 808’s sounds great when you’re doing 90 on the interstate, trust me.

My favorite joint on the project is “Both” produced by CashMoneyAP, the platinum selling producer who looks to build off an insanely big 2017. Richy’s tantalizing chorus mixed with the bass heavy production leaves me wanting more and more. Listen to the full EP below and let us know what you think. You can also catch Richy performing at JG & Friends in Dallas on March 3rd.

“My bitch act like she don’t know, she got options, I got hoes”

freebxll will – “way back when” (prod. tredyboi1hunna)

Freebxll Will just dropped a fresh one for your heart. Bringing you a beautiful blend of R&B and pop like styles thanks to the works of tredyboi1hunna, this track will have you vibing out til the night is gone. This is the 3rd time these two came together and created another single for the books.

Available on all streaming platforms, “Way Back When” will have you reminiscing in a haze of bittersweet memories of the one that got away with light melodic harmonies that would be perfect to hear cruising on a summer day.

Freebxll Will stems from the Metro-Detroit Michigan area. He is currently on a brief tour and has many new drops and features up his sleeve.

Next month stay tuned for his feature in RjThaGuru’s anticipated track “Nostalgia”, in April, he plans to release his new ep “Free the Sad”, and he will be featured on hip-hop group, The Lobby’s mixtape sometime this year. He’s definitely an artist to watch, you won’t want to miss out on anything the future holds for this him!

Apple Music:

Way Back When – Single by Freebxll Will on Apple Music


Way Back When


Way Back When by Freebxll Will


Young Hustle’s team is full of talent, and their debut tape proves it

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.06.06 PM

Yesterday Young Hustle, the rap collective out of Minneapolis released their first full-length project together, a ten-track album titled Steezotapez. B-Cool, DAVA, IMJUSKEEM, Pookie, Zelly, Starrx2, and Swaggyki offer a variety of sounds, flows and styles, and Steezotapez is filled with high production value and some impressivly catchy records.

Minneapolis rap has historically been led by the sounds of Rhymsayers, the historic independant label that has always focused on creative bars and woke lyrics and never really cared about making commercial radio music. In 2018 the new age of Minneapolis sound is led by the youth making catchy records filled with hustle, pain, and love. Steezotapez touches on each of these in a mature sounding, industry ready product. Production credits on the album go to Mpressive BeatsManiac, Djdub ProductionsQuasar, and Scottie Flames.

This isn’t one of those collective projects where every song has 5 artists on it. The track listing is seamless and each song sticks out on its own. They all jumped in the studio recorded a bunch of songs and picked the best ones, Steezotapez shows off the best of what Young Hustle has to offer. This is their intro to the world, and with solo projects coming from all of them we might be looking at the future of Minneapolis’ sound. Get familiar below.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 3.15.13 PM

Tony Tone – Two Face EP (Review)

When I found out about the inception of PNTHN, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As time progressed and they pushed out more and more content, it became apparent that the best way to describe them is a gang of dope people creating dope shit, and each individual brought something special to the table. Tony Tone was always one of the standouts, his classic flow and voice reminiscent of mid 90s New York, with a lyrical style to match. His latest solo work, the Two Face EP, is full of Golden Era influence, with sample filled boombap production and authentic emotion riddling every verse.

The feel and vibe of the project is purely immaculate, reminding me of projects like Westside Gunns Flygod, or the legendary Madvillainy, classic hip hop with a modernized sound. Soul samples are my favorite thing ever used in hip-hop, and this thing is full of them, perfectly used. Each track is soulful and vibrant, production from lofi heavyweights Knxwledge and Por Vida full of life and nicely orchestrated, and really so beautiful that I honestly need an instrumental version that I can study to, and Tony really glides over each one with his lyrics. Every line is unapologetically his, every verse has you really feeling like you’re learning about who is a person and really understanding his mindset, and there’s a lot of straight up dope lines, like “Make these fuckers eat they words like some cold breakfast”, and “Our diction gonna piss off a couple false christians”. Start to finish it’s like you’re on his journey through life, next to him every step of the way, not knowing you’re destination but experiencing every moment path he takes.

This is a very good project, and you should listen to it.

BIGBABYGUCCI Blessed The Streets With “Big Gucci’s Universe”

BIGBABYGUCCI has started his year off just right by blessing the streets with a new project and as I was streaming it last night I realized BIGBABYGUCCI, really put in work last year. From visuals, to singles, to projects, he delivered in every way possible. So it’s safe to say he’s coming for your favorite rappers spot this year especially with him releasing a dope aaa project like the one he just dropped “Big Gucci’s Universe” these 9 tracks are solid and the production is incredible Captain Crunch, Joe Dirt, 6silky, plus a few others. Go ahead and stream his first project of the year down below and tell us what you think. We don’t want to be handing out tardy passes when his time really comes.

ZOTiYAC – Lost Language

While we wait for his next project, Blackball, to drop, ZOTiYAC tossed us some new shit to pass the time. Lost Language may be small, but the energy behind it is huge, delivering 5 heavy hitter tracks. Zo is known for his dark, almost evil sound, and is really in his bag with this one. His gritty lyrics and trademark flow are always on point, and the amount of pure aggression he consistently brings whenever he drops is all over LL. The standout tracks are LICC HOE$ and Unleashing Sum, but each track carries serious weight on their own. One of my favorite underground artists, he never fails to bring the ruckus. Check out Lost Language below, as well and his Too Hotty freestyle.

Don’t Sleep: Choker – Peak

With the year winding down, I just want to take a moment to show some love to a project that I felt like glossed skipped over by the majority. I found Peak in an article somewhere in like May, and was honestly blown away by the fully developed and organic sound, truly bare and honest lyrics, and a wave of emotion packed into each track. Probably the most interesting part of this album is that it’s Chokers debut, self-produced and self-released. Blending indie pop nuances with a Hip Hop core and some artistic embellishments, Peak has a wide soundscape that reminds me of a lovechild of Frank Ocean and Toro Y Moi with a dash of Joy Division. Chokers spoken word style flow puts you right in the middle of each scenario he describes, pulling you in with scenes of love, heartbreak and growth. The instruments are tightly contained and all over the play at the same time. One moment they can be soft and subtle, and the next you can be hit over the head with beautifully aggressive kick drums and synthesizers, shown in the breakdown in Sunflower and the production on Moshka. If you take the time to listen, this project really checks all the boxes of a good record. I don’t wanna sit here and give you a massive breakdown of the album, that’s not the point of this. I just wanna let everyone know, if you skip this one, you’ve skipping easily one of the best projects of the year.

From My Soul To Yours – Doeman

Now I never expected anything less than the best from Doeman.. But damn homie, why’d you gotta do us like that?!

From his first LP The Gold Blooded dropping in 2014, to dropping single The Man and album Stereo Types in 2015. To which was my favorite project O.B.E (Outer Body Experience) and Barrio God V1 in 2016. This mans sound has developed so smoothly – he’s really made for this.

None the less, I appreciate him for putting on for the Latin culture, giving fans nothing less than the greatest work. This album is definitely my favorite and one of the best to drop in 2017. From My Soul To Yours available on all major streaming platforms Apple music, Spotify and SoundCloud. Get that damn thing, TODAY.

RIP Thomas. Also be looking out for our interview with Doeman dropping soon!