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Khawaja – RIP

Khawaja stays with the hits. The Houston artist dropped a smooth, somber, energetic ballad that makes you feel. RIP shows a change of pace for the artist, with vibrant production from Cash Money AP and 30Hertz that really breathes life to the story he’s telling and putting you in the mood for Hennessy and texts you’ll regret in the morning. Listen to it below.

Xavier Wulf Drops dope 360 Visual for “Check it out”

Xavier Wulf is currently on tour but finds time to release a visual for “Check It Out”. I had the luxury to be on stage with Xavier Wulf earlier this month in Houston and Austin Tx and must I say the energy he provides is top level. The Alpha K9 and his camp have added another knotch to this video by making it a 360 degree visual. Take a look and listen to the new video for “Check It Out” and go crazy in the comment box.


Click Here To Watch Popped Cherry: Top 10 Video Countdown💥🍒

So the other day I thought of this brilliant idea, why not start a new segment that really recognizes the underdogs. Real artists on the come up with a Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown. I have put together some videos that deserve to be watched and not slept on the order is from great to greatest. But you always want to be number 1 so the number 1 video is special. The countdown features new up and coming artists that I feel you should really get familiar with. Artists like Dev Almxghty, Slime Sito, Tay Money, Boakie, Yung Baby Tate, Rory Fresco plus more. Not only do we want to recognize the artists we also want to recognize the directors, the shooters, the editors, because without them visuals wouldn’t exist.

Here is who we have featured on our first Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown:

10. ‪@devALMXGHTY ‬- PLEX ‪@DavieeDavee ‬

9. ‪@_slimesito – PSA ‬Dir. @reggie_reggg & @lowkeytim

8. ‪@sirjonlee ‬feat. FYI – Bullet Club Dir. Paul Buford III

7. ‪@yungmal__15 ‬& ‪@1LilQuill – Drop My Top ‬

6. ‪@taywtsn – MONEYWAY Dir. @DanceDailey‬

5. ‪@1boakie – WOP Dir. @filmswavebray‬

4. ‪@BIGBABYSCUMBAG – Austin Powers Dir. @PabloVasquezIII‬

3. ‪@RoryFresco – Big Shot Dir. By @LoganMeis ‬

2. ‪@YungBabyTate – BOB‬

1. ‪@Lerado78 – Energy Dir. @NatePTGOD‬

I chose Lerado to be number because this song and video just does something to me. It’s sticks out completely and I’m pretty sure when you watched it, it did the same for you. The track itself gives off great vibes and energy you can’t deny it. 

Now I know there’s a fuck ton of videos that deserve a chance so this won’t be the last Popped Cherry video countdown that we have. We want to continue recognizing those real artists who really be out here putting in work. Artists with real views, plays, and followers.

If you feel like your visual deserves to be on our next countdown contacts us through our site and we will check it out.

Be sure to also check out the full videos of th artists we have featured!


Also shout out to Proz for editing this video together for us!

“Nostalgia”- Rj Tha Guru ft FreeBxll Will (prod. tredyboi1hunna)

Nostalgia has finally arrived!

Rj Tha Guru of NoDom$ highly anticipated track featuring FreeBxll Will just dropped ! Produced by tredyboi1hunna, this song will have you reminiscent on the one that got away, perfect for this Valentine’s Day.

For about 4 months these two have had this gem under wraps waiting to be released with the rest of Rj Tha Guru’s newest project “LoveGame$”, also released on Feb. 14, 2018. FreeBxll Will came through with the hook, setting the melodic tone for the song. This made it easy for Rj to follow up with his lyrics, inspired by personal experience.

With the cover art inspired by Rj’s personal experience also, photographer Divine of Divine Productions creatively took it upon herself to go out and photograph a local park in Detroit, Michigan, to help replicate the sense of “nostalgia” that 4th Ave Park in Rj’s hometown of Bethlehem, PA always seemed to give him.

Stream “Nostalgia” down below and check out the full project “LoveGame$” as well !

“Lost” FURY x Junior (prod. grimdire)

FURY recently blessed us with a new collab with Junior on their song LOST produced by grimdire.

artwork by: FURY

This hard and haunting track consists of a lot of questioning of thyself and is mainly about losing different important parts of yourself as time goes on.

NoDom$ FURY of Las Vegas, and Junior of Michigan are both a part of a group called ENDS, making any of the members collaborations together a part of E[ND$].

Stay alert for FURY’s new project “DESERT PUNK” set to drop next month in March, fully produced by Yatchzen. Also, Junior’s new 3 track ep “The Jester’s Blizzard” fully produced by Ded333 set to release early-mid April.

Go ahead and bump “Lost” down below!

“NO SMOKING ON THE ROOF” EP – DEDD & Donnie Hardaway

Faded Decade’s Dedd and NoDom$ Donnie Hardaway are back with a new ep “NO SMOKING ON THE ROOF”. This ep consists of 3 tracks straight bangers, certain to enhance your playlists. With assistance from producers, Axthentic and DRXW, this is one you don’t want to sleep on!

Plotting on collaborating since 2016 at Faded Decade’s “The Barn”, these two later reunited and Dedd was inspired. He communicated to Donnie his excitement, ” We gotta make some fire, we gotta drop something crazy,”. They decided to let it come naturally and not rush the process.

Donnie stayed at Black Book Studios for 2 weeks and the first song was “All Dawgs Go To Heaven” meaning all their friends go to heaven. Donnie got the hook down and Dedd freestyled his verse.

On “Free Snow”, Donnie wanted a lot of energy on it so he could give Dedd the momentum he needed to freestyle. They took their time with it to really make sure they were getting the right point across. Donnie thought Dedd’s verse was perfect true and catchy. Donnie wanted his verse to have intensity and “ratchetness”, they knew it’d be the opening track.

The last song they recorded was “The Balcony”. They knew this track needed intensity and power as well so Dedd started it off making it swift for Donnie to follow him. By the time his verse was completed they felt a bit stuck until Donnie decided to let Donnie know, “you might as well come in with your part again because it was hard.” and then the song felt just right.

Dedd made sure he got the mixing and mastering for the ep where he desired it to be. They had brief difficulty with the cover art but Rome lent a hand with that. These two had lots of fun making this ep and they feel confident that they made hits that can compete with most of the mainstream talent. Dedd and Donnie feel as though they have quality music on their hands and are content with the response they are getting thus far. Go ahead and check them out below!


freebxll will – “way back when” (prod. tredyboi1hunna)

Freebxll Will just dropped a fresh one for your heart. Bringing you a beautiful blend of R&B and pop like styles thanks to the works of tredyboi1hunna, this track will have you vibing out til the night is gone. This is the 3rd time these two came together and created another single for the books.

Available on all streaming platforms, “Way Back When” will have you reminiscing in a haze of bittersweet memories of the one that got away with light melodic harmonies that would be perfect to hear cruising on a summer day.

Freebxll Will stems from the Metro-Detroit Michigan area. He is currently on a brief tour and has many new drops and features up his sleeve.

Next month stay tuned for his feature in RjThaGuru’s anticipated track “Nostalgia”, in April, he plans to release his new ep “Free the Sad”, and he will be featured on hip-hop group, The Lobby’s mixtape sometime this year. He’s definitely an artist to watch, you won’t want to miss out on anything the future holds for this him!

Apple Music:

Way Back When – Single by Freebxll Will on Apple Music


Way Back When


Way Back When by Freebxll Will


Don’t Sleep: Choker – Peak

With the year winding down, I just want to take a moment to show some love to a project that I felt like glossed skipped over by the majority. I found Peak in an article somewhere in like May, and was honestly blown away by the fully developed and organic sound, truly bare and honest lyrics, and a wave of emotion packed into each track. Probably the most interesting part of this album is that it’s Chokers debut, self-produced and self-released. Blending indie pop nuances with a Hip Hop core and some artistic embellishments, Peak has a wide soundscape that reminds me of a lovechild of Frank Ocean and Toro Y Moi with a dash of Joy Division. Chokers spoken word style flow puts you right in the middle of each scenario he describes, pulling you in with scenes of love, heartbreak and growth. The instruments are tightly contained and all over the play at the same time. One moment they can be soft and subtle, and the next you can be hit over the head with beautifully aggressive kick drums and synthesizers, shown in the breakdown in Sunflower and the production on Moshka. If you take the time to listen, this project really checks all the boxes of a good record. I don’t wanna sit here and give you a massive breakdown of the album, that’s not the point of this. I just wanna let everyone know, if you skip this one, you’ve skipping easily one of the best projects of the year.

Khawaja – Sabr

Khawaja has been putting in a lot of work recently. From dropping collab projects and singles, a solo project, and a handful of loosies, he’s had a busy year, and with this new track, he might just have a hit on his hands. His latest offering Sabr, arabic for patience,  pays homage to his cultural roots, and shows us what it’s like to hungry, trying to make it in the game at any means necessary, and you can really feel that hunger come thru when you listen. He’s tired of being patient, he’s kicking the door down and forcing his way into the game. Khawaja has a seriously high production quality in his tracks, so you know the tape he’s got in the chamber is about to be major. Give Sabr a listen below.

Austin’s TRAE CANE surprises us with 3 new visuals from his EP “DIGITS”

Yesterday out of the blue, Austin’s TRAE CANE released visuals for 3 songs off his 2016 EP Digits. The project put TRAE on a lot of peoples radars and are still racking up plays a year later. Fully produced by Texas hitmaker Steelo Foreign each song brings its own vibe to the table and helped create a sound that TRAE has built on with his releases this year. Each video was directed by frequent Anahata Milityia contributor Dak.ta. Watch all 3 videos below.

More TRAE CANE can be found here: