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DAVID NATION delivers smooth vibes on new song/video “Twinkle” directed by Hype Trilliams

*PREMIERE* – David Nation, the multi-talented artist hailing from Fort Worth, is back with a new single/video titled “Twinkle” directed by Hype Trilliams . You might have heard his name from his buzzing song “Iso” which racked up over 150k plays on Spotify Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.59.01 PMsince its release last year. The self produced single “Twinkle” delivers the real late night R&B vibes you need this time of year. You’ll instantly recognize the melody from the famous nursery rhyme. One of the things that makes melodic artists like Future so great is their ability to take timeless melodies and deliver it with up-to-date content. David Nation absolutely delivers that with “Twinkle”.

Director Hype Trilliams brings a simple visual to life and effectively shows off Nation’s artistry and vision. With only a few locations, the video never gets boring as Nation croons his verses in solitude. Dark room shots with glow in the dark paint on the wall and a light-up sweater deliver a colorful feel. “Twinkle” is all about night time vibes and the visual portrays that well.

Currently working on his upcoming project Death Via Clout, Nation is an artist to keep an eye on. Normally known for hard hitting rap tracks, I was impressed by his ability to switch it up and deliver a good melodic record. He’s able to mix rapping and singing very effectively and has huge hit potential when they come together. His music always comes off as very personal and real, and that will definitely come in handy as he continues to build on his successes. Check out the video below and keep an eye out for his upcoming project right here on Popped Cherry.

Montreal’s NEKO is still making hits, the latest is “Stains” prod. by shyguy

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.56.36 PMA few months ago we wrote about Montreal’s buzzing underground scene. One of those artists was up and coming rapper Neko. He’s back with a new project, this time with two songs for a compilation project from Club Nuage, a soundwave collective from Quebec.

My favorite of the two tracks is “Stains” produced by shyguy. The beat is wavy and melodic and Neko shows a new style I haven’t heard before. Some introspective lyrics, melodic bars, but still the grittiness I love from Neko. Check it out below, rumor is he’ll be making an appearance at SXSW this year. I hope that’s true.


TRAE CANE releases “Danksgiving” video from the vault

Nobody in Texas has had better visuals the last few months than Austin’s Trae Cane. Video’s with Cole Bennett, Chino Chase, and something dropping soon with Steven Jets, Trae has been on fire. On Thanksgiving, Trae and Mason Flynt blessed us with some heat from the vault titled “Danksgiving”. Now, Trae teams up with underground platform TRILLPHONK to release the visual. Old or not, it’s still fire. Check it out below.

JahleelFaReaL returns with a slick visual for “No Feel”

JahleelFaReaL returns to our pages with a slick new video for “No Feel”. The Texas artist has seen some serious growth over the last few months from doing packed shows in Austin to dropping steady content. Jahleel takes control of all aspects on “No Feel”, completely self-producing the record, directing and editing the video. It’s this self taught talent that intrigues me about Jahleel’s records, as his story grows with each release. Check out the video below.

Check out more of JahleelFaReaL’s catalog below.

Meet Broward County’s Anonymuz and listen his new song/video “Motorola”

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.00.38 PM

From underground popularity becoming mainstream success, million dollar label deals, and a few brutal assault accusations, everyone in rap had their eyes on Broward County this year. The hype rarely disappointed, and the drama rarely subsided. Among the many bright spots was the continued ascent of Anonymuz,  a hard-spitting underground MC from South Florida.

Since the attention grabbing project Vice City late last year, Anonymuz has built his buzzing fan base to over 55k Youtube subscribers, 19k followers on Soundcloud, and over 50k Spotify listeners a month. Unapologetic, gracious, and a genius at the internet machine has turned his fanbase into a cult-like status  spamming his mentions with support in droves. Helped by his popularity in the online gaming community, Anonymuz is able to have an impact at festivals like E3 as well as the music crazy SXSW where he headlined multiple showcases last year.

This week, Anonymuz took another huge step along his journey with the release of a new single/video titled “Motorola” produced by frequent contributor downtime and directed by Adam Gharib and SYGMOD. “Motorola” is Anonymuz at his best; rapid fire bars, a catchy hook, and a high level of bravado makes for a great record. For such a chill person, he comes to life behind a mic and you get the sense he’s waiting for the world to wake up and realize what he’s got.

The video is excellent, SYGMOD and Adam use a dimly lit parking garage and some grainy effects to really bring out not only the anonymity he’s known for, but the character he is. From color, to quick camera work hitting as hard as the beat, I was entertained throughout. It was Anonymuz’s first music video since “Vice City” a year ago, so the growth and direction is definitely apparent. SYGMOD and Adam really brought this newly evolved character to life. Check it out below.

With his recently released project Urameshi, and the success of Vice City’s single “Cowboy Bebop” anime has had an influence in building Anonymuz’s catalog. While anime has been a popular theme in rap music in the last year, usually it’s from rappers biting the aethsetic that the Japanese cartoons offer. “I love anime… but I think the way people put it in music is kinda strange you know what I’m saying?” mentions Anonymuz when I asked it’s importance. Unlike most rappers who simply mention it in their music, Anon uses anime as more of a soundtrack. “When I name a song after an anime or game, it’s more so when I hear the song it reminds me of the vibe I get when I watch that anime or play that game it’s more like a soundtrack or theme to the shit.”

Intrigued by the connection, I was curious what influence the characters have on him. Anon responded with, “I learned a lot about myself from my last album where I embodied someone who was morally grey and I learned that I walk that same line…”. As Anonymuz continues to learn about himself, we continue to learn about him, and it seems like every release gives his growing fan base something stronger to grasp on to. He’s prime for a giant 2018, led by new management and new direction. We can’t wait to see where it goes! Check out the rest of his catalog below.

Hassan Khaffaf drops an excellent new video for “Sunday”

Boasting a great catalog of production work, including credits on Life of Pablo, Hassan Khaffaf is now starting to make a name for himself as a recording artist. He adds fuel to the fire with the release of the music video for his track “Sunday”.

The track itself will please anyone riding the melodic wave in hip hop right now. Hassan
creates an atmosphere and vibe with loosely interpretive lyrics that can be applied to many situations a listener might be facing. That approach combined with a few religious references and a mention of Pompeii (which make for a strangely great bridge), creates an end product that feels fresh. There is definitely something unique here, and I want more.

Directed by Adam Gharib, the music video shows that Hassan is serious about investing in his art. It is honestly one of the cleanest, most modern videos I’ve seen this year. Bambi Martinez and Jada Everon add to the beauty of every shot. Everyone killed it; my eyes did not move from the screen.

Hassan has an EP out, “Mood Board.” Every track is something new. Also highly recommend his single “Bad Man” which features OG Maco. Working with big names in the industry and putting out stupid nice content like this video, Hassan is poised for a big 2018.

The Best Soundcloud Links In My DM’s last night

Soundcloud can be overbearing, the amount of links we normally sift through is endless. The beautiful thing about the app is the same thing that makes it tiresome. Anyone from anywhere can share music where quality is usually an afterthought and styles come and go in waves. Sometimes in my downtime I like to open up the DM’s to the willing, and artists from all over the country came with some heat last night. Here’s some of the best.

LuKe 4K – StarPower ft. Swan Ivy (prod. by ok boi)

My favorite record of the night, Texas artist LuKe 4K comes with the heat on “StarPower” featuring buzzing Ivy Music Group artist SwannyIvy. Produced by ok boi and mixed/mastered by San Antonio’s G Clef, this song is top notch radio quality. The autotune laced record is catchy as hell and the two bring some serious star power to the track. LuKe 4K has been dropping lots of good music lately, his 2018 can be very bright. In the meantime, play this extremely loud.

Lil Sef – Flexing Up (prod. by Cormill)

I’ve been familiar with Lil Sef for awhile. The Atlanta native has been grinding and working on his sound for awhile now. He finds a good formula with “Flexing Up”, you can hear the southern influence in the classic trap beat, catchy chorus, and grimy ad-libs. Atlanta’s musical history has been written by catchy records and artists who blow up overnight. Sef’s putting in that work, excited to see how he builds on it.

SamDoes – Naked ft. Brandon Allen & C02 (prod. by Serge Crown)

Hailing from Maryland, SamDoes sent me a few songs but “Naked” really stuck out. The off-kilter beat with heavy 808’s leads the vibe but the verses really standout on this song. Each artist brings their best. Sam tells me he’s been rapping for 7 years and the experience shows, he can flow with the best of them.  Sometimes when you have so many artists on a track it can come off forced, but “Naked” is cohesive and each verse feels natural. This one is going straight to the playlist. Check out Sam’s other work, his catalog from 2017 is impressive.

A2 – Tarxan (prod. by A2)

The Austin native has a tendency for wavy records and party anthems. His recent single “Tarxan” is really good. The record is as good as it gets on Soundcloud; short, catchy, about xanax, and well produced. If he can deliver more fun songs like this, I will definitely keep listening. This one should be played at every frat party in Austin. Most impressively, everything was produced and engineered by A2 himself.

Dylan Cohl – 007 (prod. by Wolfe De Mchls and Dylan Cohl)

Houston will never have a shortage of artists making good music. Dylan Cohl really caught me by surprise. “007” is a vibe! Reminds me a lot of TDE’s Isaiah Rashad, this dude can really rap. The laid back vibe was perfect to smoke to and his  flow was 10/10, he raps his ass off nearly the whole song. This is definitely one you plug the AUX in and drive to. He’s dropping another project soon and I’m very excited to see what he can do.

Ca$h Fendi releases a crisp visual for “Shy Bitch”

As the Houston sound continues to flourish with more and more people aiming to differentiate themselves as artists, but it’s only so many who are going to make the cut as far as getting to the next level. One artist in particular, Ca$h Fendi has been growing allScreen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.44.55 PM this year and he plans to make his big splash with his debut project, Creme De Le Creme this winter. In process of releasing his project, Fendi unleashes the flawless visual for his single, “Shy Bitch”.

The Lil Wayne sampled record displays Fendi being surrounded by beautiful women and large masses of blunt smoke. The Northside bred product is poised to be one of Houston’s promising acts in this upcoming year, stay tuned for what he has in store. Check out his video below and stay plugged to Popped Cherry for an upcoming interview with Ca$h and his debut project dropping December 7th.

Oh boy, The Bishops are better than ever with “Say My Grace”

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.11.27 PM

The Austin family trio has been putting out quality records for awhile, but I’ve never heard it seem so effortless like “Say My Grace”. The new record, released on Thanksgiving, features a lyrical debut from producer Troy Bishop and it’s fire. Chris Bishop always brings great verses to their songs but the fact we get both Bishop brothers on a track leaves me wanting more. The siblings never fail to impress, and each time I hear a new record I marvel at the growth since the last one. If it was ever in doubt that Cara Bishop was searching for her sound, it’s never been more apparent she’s found it. Her angelic voice creates a beautiful chorus as she speaks on some of the thankfulness we all feel today. The Bishops certainly have a lot to be thankful for, and as listeners, so do we.

Skip the pie, Trae Cane and Mason Flynt bring the dessert with “Danksgiving”

The only way to get the body right after a Thanksgiving feast is a blunt or two, or three. I’m on my second, but I have a safe time betting that Mason Flynt and Trae Cane are well ahead. Today, Flynt released a banger from the vault titled “Danksgiving” full of straight bars from Trae Cane. The normal autotune heavy crooner, gives us some Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.15.49 PMthrowback Trae with two punch-line filled verses calling out the weak swisher smokers and dudes who can’t hang. Mason provides an off kilter beat lead by keys and an eerie synth that allows Trae to do his thang.

If you’ve been to any hip-hop show in Austin you’ve probably seen Mason on stage DJing for some of the biggest names in the industry. the multi-talented producer has an album dropping soon that we’re very excited for. Trae Cane has had a hell of a 2017 and we eagerly await his video release for his banger “She Kno”. Stay tuned to Popped Cherry for more on the two Austin artists staying ahead of the pack. Until then, I’m gonna keep smoking until my feet touch the ceiling.