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Tanner Turismo shows there is no slowing down with “Creep In the Night”

One of the more consistent artists found on our pages is Tan The Terrible. Little Rock’s own is well known for heavy auto-tuned anthems and catchy hooks. We are big fans of his recent release “Fast!” featuring Goon Des Garcons* and he’s back for more with “Creep In the Night” teaming up with frequent production contributor Ian Eastern. The beat rings off true to the name, it’s haunting and methodic, Tan adding a buzzing auto tune anthem perfect for your late night cruise.

Houston rapper Doeman takes rap back to the barrio, with a breath of fresh air.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.03.57 PM


In 2018 the rap climate would tell you we don’t come across a rapper spitting bars very often, certainly not on the internet. Blogs would have you believing true lyricists have been sent fleeing to the shadowed corners of open mic venues or J. Cole fan pages. In their defense, very rarely do we stumble upon a rapper who can appeal to both hemispheres.

However on Tuesday off a tip from an industry leader in town, Houston’s Doeman came across our inbox with the best thing we’ve heard this week. The Southside artist had the internet buzzing yesterday with the release of his new Bird Medina directed video “Barrio God II Intro”. The J Cardenas produced track is everything you want with a haunting melody paired with aggressive drums. Riding in on an old Chevrolet convertible, Doeman doesn’t skip a beat as he talks his shit. His second verse calling out our governments twisted Immigration laws, a talking point for many but a daily occurrence and obstacle many Texans are faced with.

With over 10 million Hispanics in Texas, Doeman has the ability to do what most artists can’t. With compelling bars, and a natural swagger that growing up in Houston can teach you, he has the ability to build a platform that nobody else in Texas has shown they can stand on. It just so happens that it’s something the whole state can get behind.

With his project Barrio God II on the way soon, and rumored collaborations with Cardiak, Willie B from TDE, and Scoop Deville after a recent trip out to Los Angeles, Doeman is an artist who might level up before you catch your breath. Stay tuned for more.

Nodis and Braddock Road’s video for “OFFDRUGS” is catchy and wildly cinematic

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.37.12 PM
DMV artist Nodis has an exciting video on his hands for “OFFDRUGS” featuring Braddock Road. The mesmerizing visual’s were directed by @ShootWithFam and include some cinematic flair that compete with some of the best out. Sonically, shades of Lil Skies and Smokepurpp are evident, but Nodis’ lyrical ability shines through and delivers a catchy song with a great video. He’s landed on Yes Julz 1AM playlist recently, and continues to build stream going into 2019.

Corin Gabriella gives us a taste of her home with new video “Brooklyn”

Corin Gabriella’s video for “Brooklyn” provides a great lens to view the culturally rich city through. Her soulful vocals contain a tinge of funk flavoring as seasoning, creating a  unique r&b experience that will stick in your head. The video, directed by Judah&Kxzilla, blends the line between crisp and gritty, and shows off several sides of Corin’s artistic ability.

As she prepares to release her self produced EP Ascension with the help of Richard Osborne, “Brooklyn” gives us a strong introduction to her sound. Check it out below.

J SOULJA’s old school vibes are better than ever in 2018.

unnamed (1)J SOULJA is no rookie to the Texas rap scene. The 4Life4Ever signed artist is 6 albums deep and still evolving in 2018. As J SOULJA prepares for the release of “iLLSZN” a double disk album (Red Pill & Green Pill), he drops off a slick visual for “Ol’ Skool Wayne II” filmed by NewHighFilmz. Check it out below.

UPDATE: As we were writing this J SOULJA dropped a banger to help celebrate his birthday. Check out “Blowin’ Up”, it’s a perfect anthem for the rest of your weekend.

California artist DPIH shows brilliant visual versatility with his video, “Death”

When it comes to the California music scene, it’s certainly one of the faster-growing hubs of homegrown talent. Historically silenced by all the “stars” moving to California, the local scene has been buzzing this year. The versatility and variety of work has been something to watch out for and you can see that with Los Angeles act, DPIH. The growing artist has released content in the past but he delivers an impactful visual with his new single, “Death”. 

The eerie melodic jam is off-kilter to say the least but it gives an insight to watchers that DPIH certainly has a different mindset than others when it comes to his artistry. It’s really clean, sonically and visually. The video was filmed by Eugene Ehl, who absolutely killed it.  That level of professionalism usually goes a long way for newer artists, and it definitely makes me want to see what DPIH is coming with next. Premiered by the good people over at Modern Life Mag, check out the video below. 

GhostBoy Jaysee’s “Juvenile” shows another big step in his progression


One of the names you might skip over when discussing Central Texas’ buzzing artists is Ghostboy Jaysee. The former track athlete at Texas State comes from the East coast, but attended school in Austin before moving down I-35 to San Marcos. If you aren’t up to speed about the budding music scene in San Marcos it’s getting dangerously close to “you’re sleeping” levels. With a slew of talent from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas all converging into such a small area mixed with producers and engineers focused on their craft, San Marcos has become the place to be, for more than just fraternizing on The Square.

Jaysee has seen what trusting the process can create. After dropping single after single the past few years, the strategy has certainly paid some dividends. His last release “Stepped in the Room” featuring GLV’s Deelow and Purp, dropped in May and has ran up 28k views on Youtube.

His first solo track with no features in awhile, the growth is evident. “Juvenile” is an ode to Jaysee’s journey. Balancing everything from sports, school, and trapping has given him a hunger for more. Produced by the talented Bott, the bass heavy anthem features simple melody, crisp bells, and rolling drums. If Jaysee wasn’t sure of his sound this is it. Paired with a clean video from Trent Owens (iamPSDNYM), the upward trend from Ghostboy Jaysee continues. Look for “Juvenile” on all streaming platforms this week and his debut project on the way soon.

American Pop is the breakout album for Austin’s The Teeta

The Teeta has been a fixture in the Austin rap scene for years. Recently we’ve seen Austin’s Rap landscape spike in quality and popularity and a big reason for that is because Teeta is always raising the bar. This past week he appeared on the cover of the highly regarded Austin Chronicle, featured in their article about “The future of Austin Hip-Hop”, the hype around Teeta is real. He recently released the full length project  “American Pop” inspired by the 1981 animated film of the same name, The Teeta gives us his own take on the current Hip-Hop where rappers are the new “pop- stars”. Waving his purple flag proudly reppin’ Team Next, Teeta gives you his emotions, ups and downs, and so much more with this full length release.

Partnered with the Atlanta producer Bosssbeatz, the two come together to build something special. Since their last collaboration project, the Killstreak series, the two have definitely progressed. While American Pop pulls from many of the same trap elements that Killstreak does, it is far more refined in nature. With ominous landscapes built with eery electric guitar, Teeta transforms from the “pretty boy trap” rapper we’ve enjoyed to something bigger and brighter. From the music to the art created for the album (shoutout to @lonelyboyjoshua), rarely do you find an artist who can thoughtfully incorporate pain, sadness, anger, love and happiness all in one place. American Pop has something for everybody.


  1. Stylish – The most catchy song on the album rings in a quick 1:17 but meets all the requirements of “DJ run that back”.  “Stylish” is definitely a continuation of the sound Teeta and Boss developed working on the Killstreak series and shows Teeta’s growth and ability to make a hit record. One more verse, especially a high profile feature on this, and “Stylish” could BOOM.
  2. Risky Business – My favorite record on the album blends a super dark organ synth with some slapping 808’s and some descending bells. “I might give that girl my heart, but she can never take my soul though/ And I do hate when we’re apart, this love a drug might fuck around and overdose”  is something anybody can relate with. Switching up flows and melodies without, “Risky Business” lands at the top of my list.
  3. 2400 Degrees – Situated on the back half of the project, 2400 Degrees shows why American Pop is one of the deepest projects of the year. The ode to Juvenile/Lil Wayne works in Teeta’s favor, blending his style of slurred words with the infamous “After you back it up then stop”. Again sitting at the 1:30 mark, this one is quick and catchy and deserves a rewind.
  4. TPain Freestyle – The last record on the album might be the best, with a dark beat heavy on the 808’s, Teeta spits an excellent verse with a super catchy chorus. The only collaboration on the album (outside of Bosssbeatz) goes to Ladi Earth who has stormed onto the scene in 2018. Her energy is usually unmatched and her live show never disappoints. She delivers a short verse that completes the record and the album. “T-Pain Freestyle” is a must listen.

If you’re unfamiliar with Teeta, you’ll find American Pop is just an extension of his entire discography and I strongly advise you to dive in. He’s released a massive amount of work since late 2016 including over 10 projects, a ton of singles, and several videos premiering on Elevator, Daily Chiefers, and more. He’s next on our list to blow.

KUTX’S The Breaks and EQ Austin present Summer Jam featuring the best and brightest artists in Austin

SummerJam_FlyerIf you know anything about Austin music, you know that KUTX 98.9FM dominates the radio music landscape. Their new hit show The Breaks hosted by Confucius and Fresh is on-air every Saturday night between 10pm-1am. The Breaks has morphed into the go-to platform for up and coming urban artists in Austin following KUTX’s mantra as the “Austin Music Experience”. After a successful SXSW The Breaks Showcase which saw multiple local performers playing in front of a packed crowd at Karma Lounge, The Breaks teams up with The Hakone Agency to bring you the next show in the series… Summer Jam.

The lineup is stacked with well-known artists to a few up-and-comers primed to deliver great performances. Melat is by far the best R&B singer in the city and paired with artists like The Teeta and Deezie Brown, Summer Jam promises to be inclusive to a variety of sounds and styles. This one will be one for the record books. The full lineup includes;

Jake Lloyd
The Teeta
Deezie Brown
Kyle Lucas
Harry Edohoukwa
J Soulja
with sounds by Joaqu.n.

You can purchase your tickets online here or at the door for just $10. 50% of all ticket sales will go directly to Kids In a New Groove, a local non-profit that gives children in foster care direct access to music opportunities and hands-on mentorship. The Hakone Agency is also donating a portion of the proceeds to The Eden Reforestation Project’s tree planting efforts in Madagascar.

Texas artist Robot has a banger with “Camera”

If you’re looking for a guttural growl that’ll rouse you from a needless slumber, Robot’s “Camera” has it – lots of it, to be precise. The bouncy, eclectic tune captures the bare minimum as far as production goes, purposefully. Robot’s chaotic, oddball flow takes center stage here. The results are best to be heard for yourself. Spoiler alert: It fucking bangs, brutally.


Words by Trey Alston.