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Texas artist Robot has a banger with “Camera”

If you’re looking for a guttural growl that’ll rouse you from a needless slumber, Robot’s “Camera” has it – lots of it, to be precise. The bouncy, eclectic tune captures the bare minimum as far as production goes, purposefully. Robot’s chaotic, oddball flow takes center stage here. The results are best to be heard for yourself. Spoiler alert: It fucking bangs, brutally.


Words by Trey Alston.

MHCSB links with Wane for an exclusive interview and drop off a new visual for “Top Shelf”

Hailing from Long Island, NY and New Jersey, MHCSB is a blend of several different styles. These guys always bring a high amount of energy, great production, and bridge the gap between hyphy rap and actually spitting bars. From the self proclaimed Suburban Superstar Ab Flexinn (Long Island, NY) to the talented producer/rapper Spaceman Labonte (NJ), Money Micc (Long Island, NY), Brown Boi Pachino (NJ), and others, MHCSB has all the tools necessary to level up.

We had an opportunity to link with them during SXSW 2018, as the group made their first trip to Texas and attended the annual week long festival showcasing some of the best up and coming acts from around the country. MHCSB certainly stayed busy that week, hopping on Wane’s World SXSW and opening up for G.O.O.D Music’s Valee, as well as 3 other shows. For new artists SXSW can be intimidating. Streets full of dirty mixtapes stepped on by thousands, the smell of old beer and the previous nights escapades lingering in the air. MHCSB did it right, hitting numerous stages with the heavy energy that is lacking by most new acts. You can hear more about their Texas experience, 4 Loko diet, and what inspires their work below.

Building off the success of their 2017 single “Blue” the group drops off a new @NimbusNine directed visual for their new single “Top Shelf”. The Pvt Joker and Manzo produced beat offers the perfect assist for MHCSB to float on. With the groups ability to blend styles while keeping their verses original, pairing it with tripped out visual creates an enjoyable experience for listeners.

With production placements, solo projects, and more group projects, MHCSB is one of those names to keep an eye on. We’ll keep watching over here at Popped Cherry and keeping you updated on the latest releases. Let us know what you think!

Wane’s World drops an exclusive interview with rising Texas artist Yung Bambi

bambiinterviewWe had the opportunity to sit down with rising Texas artist and Midnight Society’s hardest working artist Yung Bambi for an exclusive interview. Hosted by Back2Back Hip-Hop’s Andy Alessio, the laid back conversation touches on Bambi’s recent collaboration project with Hounds titled DOGDEER, how Bambi has adjusted his creation process to make music he likes when he’s 30, and a crazy experience he had going out to Belgium to do a show recently. The interview is only available on Wane’s World’s Spotify Playlist. Take a listen below and stay tuned for the next interview featuring Billyracxx soon.


Texas’ most intriguing artist, Billyracxx, returns with the Mason Flynt produced “Shadows”

The enigma that is Houston’s Billyracxx, returns with a new single produced by Mason Flynt, titled “Shadows”. Billy is fresh off the heels of the Elevator-premiered “High Maintenance” video, which racked up 10K YouTube views in just a couple weeks. Now he returns with a new sonic landscape that fully embraces the darkness around him. Recently we’ve seen Billy’s heavy auto-tuned vocals become more crisp and clear, mixed and mastered by frequent contributor Steelo Foreign, they’ve been able to take Billy’s artistry to the next level. “Shadows” offers a continuation of the great visuals we’ve come to expect self directed with help from frequent contributor Dakota. “Shadows” delivers great cinematography with the usual elements of aliens (his latest project was called Alienation), quick camera cuts, and beautiful dark and twisted scenes.

After performing in Los Angeles at the BET Awards Weekend, a steady stream of amazing visual content, and support from some of the biggest blogs in the industry, Billyracxx is primed to blow up. He won’t act like it, it’s not his style. He’ll just keep putting in good work that pushes the envelope of what we expect artists to deliver every time they drop a song.

Check out the new video for “Shadows” available exclusively on Riveting Entertainment, with a release on Youtube set for Friday. “Shadows” is available on streaming services everywhere.

Austin producer Joaqu.n throws his own sauce on Sheck Wes’ smash “Mo Bamba”

Talented producer Joaqu.n is one of the biggest movers and shakers in Austin. His weekly party The Nu Wave, always has the cities trendiest artists and scene kids raging every week. They always play Sheck Wes‘ buzzing “Mo Bamba” and people literally go wild. In honor of former University of Texas basketball player Mo Bamba being drafted last night by the Orlando Magic, Joaqu.n dishes out his version of the hit single. It’s a perfect mix for the rest of the summer. Stay tuned for more music from the talented Joaqu.n set to hit our pages soon.

Houston’s Burger Man is back running up plays with a new captivating video, “Hunt”

Houston’s new wave has been making a lot of noise with the likes of Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, Sad Frosty, Maxo Kream, and more getting nationwide attention. Looking to break his music beyond the barriers of the Lone Star State, Burger Man has been preparing himself for quite some time to be an outlier in Houston’s music scene. Catching the nation’s attention with his retro-inspired visual, “Fuck College” and now he’s back to apply pressure with his Pablo Aguilar directed music video, “Hunt’. Seems like Burger is making all the necessary moves to build some buzz in the busy city of Houston. Check out the video below. 

Rap can be exhausting sometimes…

Rap can be so exhausting sometimes. The constant need for eyes and validation. A timeline so busy that you must be fully engaged in order to keep up with the constant conversation. A culture that shifts daily at lightening speed. Timeline’s that are filled with comparisons and hate, reactions and opinions. I’m tired. I’m worn out. June 18th 2018 slightly after 3PM, was unbearable. It would last late into the night.

Yesterday XXXTentacion was gunned down in his car, not far from where he grew up. In many ways X represents rap’s tumultuous history. One that is hard to escape from, especially when it is repeated over and over again. Abuse, rape, violence, and murder. A sickening cycle glorified by some, demonized by others. It seems from the outside that X’s life was a direct result of his childhood. His mom kept him at arms length, he didn’t know his father, in and out of juvenile facilities for years. He experienced things a majority of his fan base never could imagine. A persona that was so strong and powerful, suburban white kids couldn’t help but be attracted to it. His brand was dangerous, loud, unrelenting. I was so repulsed by the allegations of his ex-girlfriend I couldn’t be a fan. But I couldn’t help being captivated by his rise to prominence.  His music wasn’t afraid of anything, so why should he? He literally came from nothing, from the bottom. His music was sad, painful, angry, beautiful, and incredibly tarnished.

What makes rap important is how many different stories can come from it. Much of what is commercialized is beautifully packaged, consumer addicted, high fashion rap. A facade of the imagery we glorify on our timelines and our Instagram stories. Very rarely do we get an artist so painfully transparent as X which is why his death is so sad. The 20 year old was definitely wise beyond his years, and yet still had so much growing up to do.  Many around him talked about how that transition was taking place recently. He was more at peace then ever.

I felt the need to write this, a tweet just didn’t seem like it could do this justice. I’m not even sure where I’m going with it. I think we need to do a better job at how we handle cases like X. I genuinely feel that musicians are a special breed. More vulnerable than most, depression and anger has given us a look inside some of the worlds most iconic and influential artists. It’s safe to say that X is one of those influential cases, right or wrong.

The accusations of abuse, assault, and rape should never be forgotten, because the victim most definitely will not forget them. There is something to be learned from every person’s story. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to learn from X’s yet. Maybe time will tell. Until then I’m exhausted. Because this feeling that I have is stronger than anything the music has given me lately. And that is sad.

PREMIERE: Ain’t shit sweet on this side, Grizz is back at ya neck with “Rydah”.

Don’t think everything is sweet in the hippie-friendly, bike riding capitol of Texas. Grizz, a member of the prolific Austin rap group Next Gang, is back with a reminder of who is really at ya’lls neck out here. Surround by his gun-toating, pitbull wielding cohorts, the Xpensive Visuals directed video displays classic Grizz aesthetic. While far from commercial appeal, “Rydah” provides classic Texas underground allure and an intimate look inside the Kngofthawoods perspective.

Produced by 20gs, “Rydah” is classic trap production, heavy 808’s with tantalizing synth giving way to Grizz’s deep distorted vocals. Be careful though, play this one in the whip and cops might just pull you over on sight. Grizz has been putting out heat for the last year, true underground fans can find some diamonds in his catalog including songs with Lil Tracy, Mackned, The Teeta, and Swagga P. With a new website unveiled, music, and merch on the way, expect to see Grizz’s name popping up again and again the rest of this year.

If you don’t know King Khali, “Poor Decisions Good Intentions” is a hell of an introduction

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 2.31.47 PM

Off a good tip, I sat down and watched King Khali’s new video for “Poor Decisions Good Intentions”. The DavieeDavee directed visual immediately offered an intimate portrait of just who Khali is. Atlanta born, the San Antonio resident loves rapping over 808 drums like most southern artists. Don’t let that fool you though, Khali balances bars with vibes better than most artists in 2018. The video centers around when Khali hit a lick to save his mom from eviction, and getting caught up in the process and slapped with a $30k bail. Surrounded by friends, you can feel the pain and anger in his words.

The realness turns into the mood of a whole project. Shortly after dropping the video, King Khali releases a 6 track EP that is a refreshing take on new-age street anthems. Flooded with realness, a touch of soul, and Khali’s bars balancing the two, Poor Decisions Good Intentions is one of the best projects I’ve heard lately. With production mostly from Duvin, the 808’s, bells, and heavy bass make the short project feel cohesive and fulfilling.

One of my favorite songs, “Pressure” features a banging chorus, and melodic verse from Taylor, an artist we’ve seen on Popped Cherry’s pages before. The transition of sound back into a verse from Khali is one of my favorite moments. Followed up by “Nothing New” featuring a fire verse from San Antonio’s Reek, Poor Decisions Good Intentions is right back where it started, a self reflective journey through the eyes of someone who has seen it all.


Houston’s Nick Ryan delivers his spin on a melodic trip with “Found”

The biggest city in Texas has no shortage of musical influence. Houston’s 627 square miles offers countless talent, and a million lanes. In the midst of the recent wave of artists like Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, and Maxo Kream laying their foundation in the city, Space City  has seen numerous artists feeding into that alternative lane. One of the newest selections in this new lane for Houstonians is Nick Ryan. Channeling his inner Majid Jordan, Ryan’s autotune croons over an open soundscape. While I found the autotune to be overused, “Found”, the lead single for his upcoming project, “Lost & Found”, offers a listener a good idea of what Ryan can bring to the table. I look forward to hearing more from the kid from Houston.