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xBValentine – Patience

Just recently I came across this gem and like always Popped Cherry is making sure you get put on first. xBValentine is a dope female artist from Austin, TX and she’s definitely bringing nothing but heat. You don’t believe me? Just check out here latest offering titled “Patience”. The plays on the track keep going up. Press play down below and tell us what you think.

Jurp – Choppa Kickback

Atlanta has a lot of upcoming talent so I’m going to introduce you to another artist you need to keep your eye on, Jurp drops nothing but bangers. Just yesterday he blessed the streets with a brand new track titled “Choppa Kickback” and I’ve literally had it on rotation. Go ahead and check out his newest track down below, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

RobOlu – Moon Walk (Visuals)

Atlanta based rapper RobOlu has blessed the streets with a brand new visual titled “Moon Walk” produced by SenseiATL. The track is a featured on his latest EP “Bigger Than Reality” which is a must listen project because it’s filled with nothing but heat. Rob is definitely an artist you want to keep a lookout for this year. Go ahead and check out his newest visual up above and tell us what you think.


Click Here To Watch Popped Cherry: Top 10 Video Countdown💥🍒

So the other day I thought of this brilliant idea, why not start a new segment that really recognizes the underdogs. Real artists on the come up with a Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown. I have put together some videos that deserve to be watched and not slept on the order is from great to greatest. But you always want to be number 1 so the number 1 video is special. The countdown features new up and coming artists that I feel you should really get familiar with. Artists like Dev Almxghty, Slime Sito, Tay Money, Boakie, Yung Baby Tate, Rory Fresco plus more. Not only do we want to recognize the artists we also want to recognize the directors, the shooters, the editors, because without them visuals wouldn’t exist.

Here is who we have featured on our first Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown:

10. ‪@devALMXGHTY ‬- PLEX ‪@DavieeDavee ‬

9. ‪@_slimesito – PSA ‬Dir. @reggie_reggg & @lowkeytim

8. ‪@sirjonlee ‬feat. FYI – Bullet Club Dir. Paul Buford III

7. ‪@yungmal__15 ‬& ‪@1LilQuill – Drop My Top ‬

6. ‪@taywtsn – MONEYWAY Dir. @DanceDailey‬

5. ‪@1boakie – WOP Dir. @filmswavebray‬

4. ‪@BIGBABYSCUMBAG – Austin Powers Dir. @PabloVasquezIII‬

3. ‪@RoryFresco – Big Shot Dir. By @LoganMeis ‬

2. ‪@YungBabyTate – BOB‬

1. ‪@Lerado78 – Energy Dir. @NatePTGOD‬

I chose Lerado to be number because this song and video just does something to me. It’s sticks out completely and I’m pretty sure when you watched it, it did the same for you. The track itself gives off great vibes and energy you can’t deny it. 

Now I know there’s a fuck ton of videos that deserve a chance so this won’t be the last Popped Cherry video countdown that we have. We want to continue recognizing those real artists who really be out here putting in work. Artists with real views, plays, and followers.

If you feel like your visual deserves to be on our next countdown contacts us through our site and we will check it out.

Be sure to also check out the full videos of th artists we have featured!


Also shout out to Proz for editing this video together for us!

Lil K – Outcast (Prod. By Nate Swish)

So as I’m searching through SoundCloud gems I come across this track right here. Not only is it catchy as fuck it’s really worth listening to. Lil K has got “Outcast” stuck in my head and I’m ready for a visual. So as Popped Cherry always does, you’re hearing this track here first because we don’t want to be handing out tardy passes when you realize this track slaps.

Reese LaFlare – Drip Like That (Visuals)

2 days ago Reese LaFlare dropped a staggering new visual titled “Drip Like That” and it made me want to get up and start jiggin. Giving the infectious track a matching set of visuals Reese never lets us down when it comes to delivering. Go ahead and press play up above and tell us what you think.

THYKNOWO – Walk Thru (Prod. By BANNED)

THYKNOWO just released his first single and we are here for it. “Walk Thru” is a fucking gem and we are here to make sure you’re put on. If you like this new track just wait, I’m sure THYKNOWO has got some more fire in the vault. Press play down below and tell us what you think.

Graham Malice – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Prod. By Capshun)

We have introduced him to you once but we are back at it again letting y’all know that Dallas, Texas artist Graham Malice has returned to our page with a brand new track titled “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” and we need y’all to check it out. Go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think.

Sophia Finally Delivers Visuals For “BYOB (Buy Yo Bitch)”

Atlanta singer Sophia is always bringing the heat. Just recently she blessed the streets with the visual for “BYOB (Buy Yo Bitch)” a visual that I personally have been patiently waiting for because when I first heard this infectious track I right away knew it needed a visual and this one matches it perfectly. Director Creed Life brought the song to life. Press play up above and check it out for yourself.

NoGum Hundo – Final Boss EP

I told y’all NoGum Hundo was putting in that work. Just the other day our good friend DJ Zach Skywalker premiered a new Hundo EP titled “Final Boss” with the production by John Mello. The EP is really one you shouldn’t sleep on. Go ahead and press play down below and check it out for yourself.