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@Billie3Bands’s “Max Payne” track adds more heat to the Summer

Dallas artist Billie Band$ is ready to fire off on competition with his “Max Payne” track. The artist waste no time with setting the tone for the New Reign produced track by aggressively delivering a fury of punchlines. As things continue to go up for the artist expect the release of #NewBandCity to be hitting your streaming services soon. Until then enjoy the energy of Billie Band$ new single “Max Payne”.

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@OfficialJSoulja drops a crazy attention grabbing short film “Window (Chapter 1/2)”

Jsoulja takes a big step to connecting with his fans through his most recent short film titled “WINDOW (Chapter 1/2)”. This film is directed by Cool Dre & JSoulja as they open up the world of JSoulja on full display. Listen and watch as “WINDOW” grabs your attention, it will surely have you begging for more. Don’t forget to get JSoulja’s new album “OMNIPRESENCE” available on ALL streaming platforms.

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Louisiana artist @2iaire & @Phomethazine tag team for “IcedUpCup”

Louisiana artist Zye is on to bigger and better things for 318 on his newest single “IcedUpCup”. The artist creates a hook that fits perfectly with the Beldon Did That sound. With the talents of both Zye and Phomethazine on full flex through the track, this song is an easy attention grabber. Take a listen to the audio provided below and make sure to leave a comment.

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Dallas talent @Rogueeisdead is making noise with his “Own” single

Roguee seems to be in his zone with his increasing buzz as we get closer to the 4th quarter of the music year. The Dallas artist drops off his new single titled “Own” featuring Jay $way. Listeners get a catchy hook and 2 verses full of flexing bars from Roguee and Jay $way while the Better Off Dead produced beat rocks your speakers. Take a listen to the audio provide below and be on the look out for a mixtape from Rougee soon.

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Louisiana artist @The6thGrade’s “123” is apply pressure to the competition

Louisiana artist The 6th Grade drops off a energy packed new single titled “123”. The 6th Grade starts off the track with hype as he attacks the Zu Engineered song. This song embodies The 6th Grades countless endeavors. The countless crazy nights with women and the feeling of being unmatched by the competition helps build the backbone of this track. You find him playing around with the ways he can use the numbers 1, 2, and 3 while he flawlessly raps throughout the song. Take a listen to the new track as makes it way across listeners wifi’s.

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@MikeOfDoom gets all the love in his “Diva” visual

The DMV’s music scene has been booming and Mike Of Doom is nothing short of a main contributor to the sound. Fans and new listeners get a visual for the “Diva” track that is a creative master piece. The two intellectual minds of Richy Guzman and Mike mesh to create multiple scenes of Mike Of Doom being treated like a king throughout the video without all the flashy jewelry, but with the loving support of beautiful women and positive vibes. Lock your eyes on the visual provided below and hit up out comment box below.

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@LightSkinKeisha brings the heat with “Cash Shit” coming to a club near you

In a time when female rappers are coming to the forefront “Cash Shit” by LightSkinKeisha should have a spotlight on shined on it. Fire, catchy, and club quality is what comes to mind when listening to this track. The scary thing about this artist is that this is only her 2nd single so we have yet to feel her full potential. Keep you eyes and ears open for more content from LightSkinKeisha but until this jam out to “Cash Shit”

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@ArinRayCamp has something to say to those who claim they know him

Arin Ray sends a message to those who think that they know him with “We Ain’t Homies”. The power of the track is found within its relatability. Once you turn on the record the drum work reals you in, Arin Ray tops it off with his vocal ability. Press play and take a trip through your mind to times where people thought they knew everything about you when they were far from it.

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