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Ohio artist @FerrariCKA releases a crazy new single ft. @Tre_Hoover

Whooville Money Gang’s own Ferrari Cka grabs buzzing Ohio artist Tre Hoover for their new single “Medusa Freak”. These two act like a lyrical combo formed to take over any event. This song is definitely a club banger, perfect for any party or turning up any occasion. This track came about after Whooville Money Gang and Tre Hoover opened up for #LilUziVert on his tour stop August 24th in Columbus, OH which was the same night that #LilUziVert dropped his debut album #LuvIsRage2. With these two artist steady clime to the top of the musical food chain there is no reason to not expect both camps to new music very soon!

@ZachSmithOG & @_LilLonnie_ connect for a new single “Want From Me”

Zach Smith gives fans a banger that would make any hater mad. “Want From Me” features the talents of Mississippi’s buzzing artist Lil Lonnie. Both artist complement each others style to make a serious candidate for a major hit. Do not be surprised if this song finds its way into a playlist or club near you. Do yourself a favor and jam the new Zach Smith single “Want From Me” and drop off a comment below.

Get in-tune with @ThaBoneOfficial’s new EP “SPLURGE”

Tulsa rapper, ThaBone drops his exclusive EP called, “SPLURGE”. Years, working on his own unique sound, style, & flow; this tape has a lot of meaning behind it even though it’s only called, SPLURGE. Bone’s family always tries to give him advice on how to spend his money, & motivates him to stop buying things he does not need; especially being a college student. The EP starts off with the song SPLURGE that has a catchy hook of him saying, “ I get the money I SPLURGE; pending bank alert” which proves that he has a spending problem. Not only this tape represents his spending problem but also each track has different meanings to them. Second track, I Had Too, is about how people in his high school used to talk down on him because he came from a poor background & now that he is up he had to, “Jugg and finesse just to show them how to move” meaning he had to go through a lot to get to where he is at today. Another track on his mixtape that sticks out to him is the 6th track “count me in”. Bone knows being a artist trying to make it through the music industry, it’s going to have a lot of storms (haters, rumors, and challenges) but he will do whatever it takes to make it happen, & he accepts whatever comes with music just count him in. So, this EP is one of his best work and put a lot into it. Streaming on all music plate-forms and would appreciate all the listens and supporters.

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Rappin’Queen, Young female Hip-Hop Artist/ Engineer whom writes, produce, engineer and markets her own music. out of Houston, Texas, with so many talents pertaining to the music business. Surely to be at the top with determination and hard work. Expressing how she feels starting with ink ending in the booth with her dramatic Adlib affects. Queen is 23 years young and has already accomplished so much in her ongoing career such as becoming a part of MR WIRED UP TRP GANG LABEL, FLEET RADIO HOST, radio spins from 93.7 the beat as well as lafayette radio stations, SXSW PERFORMANCES WITH OVER 2500 ATTENDEES, video shoot appearances, top of the line studio recordings, engineering/producing experience, certified copy and print and more! Ready for the world to sit back and watch her grow.

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Arkansas talent @LBROCKTOWNBOI drops off a new sound “U A Joke”

Peep LB was born in West Helena Arkansas, Mom is from west Helena she moved to marvel Arkansas to raised us. My first time recording at a studio was when I was in the 9th grade I was going to J.A. Fair High School. How I came up with the name “Peep LB” I used to be call just LB but it was to many people getting called by that name so I had to be different so I told a producer to peep my mix tape and he said everybody peeping that track you did. Check out his new single.

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