Who hates Kenzie?

Firstly I want to start off with, why the name dude?

If you’ve ever heard any of Michael McKenzie’s aka Rismm (legacy is sadly over) you’d know this man is completely SICK with his bars or whatever you cool kids call it.

McKenzie recently just shared an unreleased track “Speak My Language” (Produced by Ohara) and it was everything I expected with some spice!

“Back then getting paid was the agenda to our grievances now we tell the doubters suck our inner-city penises” only artist I know that rhymes grievances with penises.

THANK YOU McKenzie for trusting me not to leak this track. He’s also a sick ass photographer, check his work out at

Ps. Ohara this beat is great dude! Cannot wait to hear more from you.

2 comments on “Who hates Kenzie?

  1. I only hate him because he left me to eat lunch alone and left me with out disgusting music to jam out to driving through the city.


  2. Rion Atom

    I LOVE this little cuck…


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