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Neilaworld’s Belis Laughs It Off On “HYSTERICAL GLAMOUR”

Since the beginning of 2019 there has been a surge of female artists that are all making really good music, and Charlotte’s Belis is no exception.

Her newest single, “HYSTERICAL GLAMOUR” is an infectious, upbeat track that will be stuck in your head all day long. Belis effortlessly flows over the airy production of iankon to craft this catchy, feel-good track that sounds like its ready for radio play.

Ever since Belis posted a snippet of herself previewing this track on twitter, I highly anticipated its release so I could have it stuck on repeat all day. Now with a potential viral hit on her hands, and a project of the same name on the way, Belis is carving out a nice lane for herself. Only three months into 2019, Belis is gearing up to have a great year and is defintely an artist you will be hearing about in the near future.

Listen to “HYSTERICAL GLAMOUR” below

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