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NYC’s Emerging Star Josen Releases Epic Collabrative Project

Hailing from NYC’s underground rap scene is Josen, with his massive collabrative project titled “Josen & Friends”

Bringing together up-and-coming artists from all corners of underground rap, “Josen & Friends” is a high energy complilation tape that not only cements Josen as an underground mainstay, but highlights his abliblty to match the style and flow of his contemporaries.

Enlisting the help of fellow undergound rising stars such as Tommy Ice, Lil Turbo, JVLES & Texako among others, Josen is able to craft an intriging project that has something new to offer on every track.

Josen’s beat selection is impeccable and the production credits for this project are just as impressive as the features with production being handled by Lukrative, 4am, Falsecut, Dontsleep & GeeohhS among many others.

Recently, I had the chance to meet up with Josen and watch him preform live in
NYC. His engery was infectious and I only wish that his set was longer

This project was well worth the wait and hopefully it helps shed light on NYC’s largely over-looked underground rap scene. Either way, Josen and his friends are here to stay

Listen to “Josen & Friends” below

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