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Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown

I started this thing not too long ago where I felt the need to highlight artists and their visuals, and of course the directors simply because visuals are a big part of the game. So Popped Cherry is back today with their 3rd installment of their “Top 10 Video Countdown” featuring visuals from Dan2TheL, BYV Dot, EVIJANJOHN, Jack Rottier, GIO, WeSeeWaves, plus a few other videoagraphers.

This Top 10 consists of:

10. No Gum Hundo Feat. Al Douja & Yung Texaco – Cant FWM (Dir. BYV Dot)

9. Trap Varis – Vengeance (Dir. Kev Films)

8. BigChildSupport – Trap Money (Dir. EVIJANJOHN)

7. Goji – Skate Slide (Dir. Jack Rottier)

6. LilJaySoIcy – Danny Phantom (Dir. GIO)

5. Auntie Naj – Feel So Good (Dir. Kumoshai)

4. Shanzyan Feat. Ross Mayfield – Takeoff (Dir. WeSeeWaves)

3. Quin NFN – Intro (Dir. Dan2TheL)

2. Matty Wood$ – Good Morning (Dir. Porter Hopps)

1. BillyRacxx – Iconic (Dir. Dakota Hanson) 

Each artists bringing to life their own visual. Stream our Top 10 Video Countdown below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel because we will be dropping these monthly.

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