Popped Cherry #FreeGameFridays: How To Get Your Music On Major Streaming Platforms And Get Paid.

A lot of upcoming artists wonder how they can get their music on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and other major streaming platforms. Some artists don’t even know where to start and if you’re an artist who takes their craft seriously, you need to publish your music. So I’m bringing back #FreeGameFridays, to help put some of you on game.

First you need to find a digital distributor, if you’re not signed to a label a distribution service is something you need in your life. Especially in today’s society because everything is digital, so digital distribution makes your life easier while getting paid. What a digital distribution company provides is statistics, helps build your fan base, marketing tools, plus many other things that could help you “pop” and allow you to take things to the next level. The main thing about this is you own 100% of your music and YOU GET PAID.

So below I’ll be giving you 2 of my personal favorite digital distributors and explain why they might be a better option for an upcoming artist:

Tunecore, offers artists with analytics reports along with proper revenue. The service allows artists to feature their work on a total of 150+ platforms, and get expand your music to over 200 countries, with the biggest networks being iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Youtube, etc. The cool thing about them is they charge a flat yearly fee and they take no commission from you like some of these other platforms, everything you make is completely yours. Another major benefit of the service is their synchronization licensing. This allows you to make your music available to music supervisors to use in film and television. Essentially synchronization licensing lets you put your tracks into a database for content creators to use it in their own media, again you make money off things like this.

Distrokid, with just $20 you can upload unlimited songs and you keep 100% of what you make. I repeat myself on this cause most digital distributors want a perentage of everything you make. Why do that when you can keep it all. I also heard that with every 150 plays you make $1. Distrokid can also get your music inside stores, not to mention they provide you with daily statistics.

Now there’s a lot more distributors out there but these are just 2 of my favorite because I feel like it would help anyone who takes their music seriously to gain a lot of revenue by doing this. An easier way to help spread your music and build your fan base, all while securing the bag. I hope this #FreeGameFridays was helpful for anyone who had no idea how to get their music on major streaming platforms, and feel free to suggest something for the next #FreeGameFridays too.

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