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SPOTLIGHT: Get Familiar With VIRA An Uprising Fashion Line Dropping Unique Styles

Fashion designer and model Melanie has changed the game with her fashion gems that might just be considered iconic, not only does she design the clothes she models them making her that much more fire. VIRA is a fashion brand her and her boyfriend created together and they recently provided us with the striking “FROSTBITE” collection which featured the distinctive “FROSTBITE JACKET” that is now available for purchase. I asked Melanie what inspired her to create the Fashion line, “I grew up watching fashion runway when I was around 6 and had a dream of being a designer and owning my own clothing brand. I followed the same dream for years and pursued it by going to school for fashion marketing. I learned design on my own off YouTube and by trial and error. Till this day I see the same vision for myself as I did when I was little.”

VIRA is a unique brand and they want people to feel very confident and comfortable wearing the clothes, because no matter what people will compliment the gear. The goal for VIRA is to have more pop up shops around the world to showcase the unique style and hand sewn clothes, with hopes in opening a store in the future. But for now they are currently working on the “Angelic” collection, Vira is set to appear in their first ever fashion show in LA March the 14th. Be sure to check out the clothing line on instagram @viraexclusive and be sure to visit her website

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