Traptavian – TRAPSTARR

It’s weird that I haven’t seen many people dive into the music scene of Arkansas. I mean, on the outside it makes sense, sure, but with artists like Kari Faux and Black Party hailing from there, it’s apparent that there’s a lot more than the surface would lead you to believe. Shout out the homie Yuni Wa, a producer from that area, who slid me this project that he had a hand in. Traptavian, from the area as well, approaches each track with an aggressive presence in the most unassuming ways, and can just flow and find pocket without any hesitation. With OFFDATPACCv2, my favorite on the project, the beats intro makes you feel like it’s gonna be a softer or slower track, but with the verse starts it’s pure energy out the game, a trait echoed throughout the entire project. The production is split between g! and Yuni Wa, who both have different styles that complement each other well. With the year just beginning, Arkansas might be the next place to watch very soon.


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