Austin’s Shanzyan is back with new single “Insecure”

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Austin is known for its wide range of musical sounds, and Shanzyan has found a home in the Live Music Capital. Back on our pages with his new self-produced single “Insecure”, Shanzyan continues to shine and build off of the success of his last release “Take Off”. Blending indie pop sounds with hip-hop influence is something we don’t hear often on Popped Cherry.

The single is inspired by HBO’s hit series “Insecure” and describes being in a “love/hate” relationship where most of the issues stem from insecurities. “I wrote this to explore the feelings associated with that, while ultimately wanting it all to work out in the end,” says Shanzyan.

Lately, he’s been experimenting with production styles and songwriting cadences and in “Insecure” he wanted to make a song that let some of those frustrations out. His ability to produce his own records allows him to live in the world he’s creating, and the organic process of that shines through.  He’s got new music on the way, we’re excited to see where his story goes next. Tune in below.

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