Proz Taylor changes the landscape of music once again with new album, DEATHPROOF.

Proz Taylor is an multi-media artist from Long Beach, Mississippi. Last year he caught our attention with his self-produced debut album, Deadman Wonderland. It was dark and eerie ride of heavy bass filled bangers, sprinkled with little touches of pop inspired ballads. It was cool to see an artist mesh all these different sounds together to create a cohesive body of work.

Now the talented songwriter/producer has followed up with whole new presence on his DEATHPROOF record. It’s only 7 songs but it’s just enough to get the point across. Abandoning his signature dreary and pain filled bangers, Proz illustrates that the hardships on his last album has not defeated him. DEATHPROOF is a fun and feel good record with bright and uplifting production. Although he still managed to sneak a little bit of his dark side on records such as the Popped Cherry favorite “Can You Love A Deadman”. Check out Proz’s lastet project available on iTunes, Spotify, or you can check it out on Soundcloud. Be sure to also keep your eyes open for what he does next.

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