California artist DPIH shows brilliant visual versatility with his video, “Death”

When it comes to the California music scene, it’s certainly one of the faster-growing hubs of homegrown talent. Historically silenced by all the “stars” moving to California, the local scene has been buzzing this year. The versatility and variety of work has been something to watch out for and you can see that with Los Angeles act, DPIH. The growing artist has released content in the past but he delivers an impactful visual with his new single, “Death”. 

The eerie melodic jam is off-kilter to say the least but it gives an insight to watchers that DPIH certainly has a different mindset than others when it comes to his artistry. It’s really clean, sonically and visually. The video was filmed by Eugene Ehl, who absolutely killed it.  That level of professionalism usually goes a long way for newer artists, and it definitely makes me want to see what DPIH is coming with next. Premiered by the good people over at Modern Life Mag, check out the video below. 

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