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Get Money Monday With Tay Money: Popped Cherry Q&A

Texas is the scene to many amazing underground artists right now, and when talking about those hot upcoming artists you know Tay Money is going to get mentioned. Many will hate and say “she’s just a white girl with a lot of tattoos” and I’m gonna say she’s way beyond that, Tay Money will out rap your favorite rapper and she’ll do it for fun too. Not too mention a lot of upcoming artists can learn from her because she’s out here putting people on game.

The first time I heard of Tay was when she first introduced herself to the world dropping “Lewis & Clarke” the real day ones know what I’m talking about. When I first saw the visual I knew she was up next. Her sparkling style, her vigorous personality, on top of her infectious flow, you can’t do nothing but respect what she has going on. You don’t really see Tay Money out here doing interviews or Q&A’s so I had to knock one out with her. Down below you can read our one and only Get Money Monday W/ Tay Money Q&A.

Check it out below:

Describe yourself with 3 words. 


How does it feel to be running the Texas scene right now? And who else do you think deserves to be noticed/heard?

I’m definitely blessed, can’t ask for much more. Especially with all my love for Texas, y’all goin crazy. As far as other artists, I be with this guy named guitar emoji. I consider him family except he really shittin on all of us 😂🔥

If you could work with any artists who would it be and why?

RIP BANKROLL FRESH 😔😔😔 Can’t even tell you what it was about him.

Rich The Kid, because he goofy and clean all at the same time. I be keeping up with him, I’ll give him a run for his money 😂

I want a feature from one of these Love & Hip Hop hoes so I can run they ass off the track, minus Tommie I love Tommie

Photo taken by: HRTBRK

We notice you drop your visuals first before releasing the actual song, what’s your strategy behind that?

Yoooo everybody wanna know this, so glad you asked. I intended on dropping my songs and videos all at once…. however i didn’t own my beats and when they see you up…. they do just about anything to keep you down. No shade or shade idgaf, ima big girl. Live and you learn, we owning shit round this bitch now. BUT I don’t think it’s a bad idea to direct them to just one source. Plays aren’t split up, I don’t know though everybody different. Just drop what u want and how u want…this rulebook they be preaching funny as shit.”

Where do you see yourself next year? I say next year because a lot has changed for you in just a year.

Just take me right now and multiply it by 10
Cause I’m getting hungrier day by day

Do you think it’s harder for women to make it in this industry? Why or why not?

I don’t know,  a lot of people already have their minds made up about female rappers. They always comparing us to each other but I don’t sound like nobody so shit irrelevant. If they can take it from me, they can have it

Did you see yourself quitting your job doing what your doing today?

I dreamed about that shit, I believed it would happen. I just didn’t know how it was gone happen I had a job since I was able to work. Shout out to my mama for raising me right
helped me understand the value of a dollar

Photo taken by: HRTBRK

Trappers Delight hit 1 Million views, how did that make you and those around you feel?

Trappers delight ain’t even all that to me but ohhhh how I love it… 😂💓💓🔥🔥
I shot 3 videos before I dropped it, I was in a rush I was still working my job & time was slipping right by me. Look @ god

What advice do you have to give those who are worried about you?

Lol you either got it or you don’t sis

So you had a sold out show in Austin,  your video hit 1 Million views, and you’re traveling coast to coast, what should we expect next from Tay Money?

I’m in the middle of a crazy ass video
My project is done
My chain on the way
Some nice lil features 😂💓

Wanna give a special shout out to anyone?

S/o my day to day team, DanceDailey, Guitaremoji, Rumplepak, Popped Cherry, Shawn Cotton, Goldiss, my dad, my mom, GOD

& s/o all dem fuckboys for my glow up


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