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Popped Cherry’s Top 10 Video Countdown

So some of you might have missed our first Top 10 Video Countdown but don’t trip, because we are back today with our second installment of our favorite top 10 videos that have dropped over the last couple of months. The Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown really wants to focus on recognizing the artist but most importantly the director, because without the director your song wouldn’t be brought to life. This months countdown features some of the hottest upcoming artists who I won’t name because I want you to press play and just watch. Each one of these artists grabbed a director that really did an incredible job in adding their own sauce to make the song of the artist that much better. We have directors featured like DanceDailey, Steven Jets, DONTHYPEME, Reel Bump, and many other dope shooters. Like I’ve always said visuals are a crucial must have in the game because in all honestly someone would much rather sit there and watch you deliver your song than to sit there and listen to it. Visuals are key.

So without further ado go ahead and check out our Popped Cherry Top 10 Video Countdown up above, and remember these are in order from great to greatest. And also shout out to DavieeDavee for editing this together for me he really went all the way in.

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