Krisy — Erotiquement Votre (Official Video)


Brussels, Belgium based singer & rapper Krisy (also known as De La Fuentes when producing & mixing) extends to us his heart and demonstrates his genuine infatuation for his secret lover on “Erotiquement Votre“, bringing his own singular style to the French rap scene.

Krisy anticipates a phone call among baby pink & salmon hues, dreaming of her facial features as she takes a sip from a glass of Rosé. Slow motion clips of her eating grapefruit & strawberries plays into the idea of her being comparable to fruit, tantalizing and sweet. With the utilization of panned out HD clips, the video focuses on distinguishing features of the face as he further conveys to us his intoxication. In touch with his feminine side, Krisy shows several scenes of him with flowers symbolizing his gentleness, while even incorporating a baby girl balloon into the scenes to further exude the way he would like to nurture & spoil her with love and affection.

Over a soft & sultry, low-fi like beat, lines like: “Miss, let me seduce you“, “I can talk to you because it suits me“, & “when I look at your face, I see the sky” only come to truly accentuate the deep intensity of his passion.

The visual for “Erotiquement Votre” is sure to be one of the most crispiest visuals that I have ever laid eyes on.

Press play to enter Krisy B‘s dreamy & romantic realm below:

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