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Interview: ALUMNIÌIRADIO Drops Episode 1 Of ‘Long Live The Fallen’

Austin, Texas based radio collective, ALUMNIÌIRADIO, is exploring new textures of sound while reinforcing the history of the ‘chopped & screwed’ genre. I was quickly able to sit down with the collective to dig a bit deeper and get more intimate so we may know who exactly they are and what they are here to accomplish in their journey.

Kyaira: When & why was the collective established?

Dominique Woodson: I started ALUMNIÌIRADIO by myself back in 2014 to have my own collective of talented individuals that are hungry to be great and overall on the same wavelength as well.

Kyaira: How did the collective come into form?

Dominique Woodson: In the beginning, Devante & I met through SoundCloud. He was the first official member that I recruited. Later on down the line, Cedrick was then initiated by the both of us together. Cedrick and I knew each other since we were kids and I always knew he was working as a rapper so I figured he would have something dope to actively contribute to our collaborative. A trinity is what we grew into and that was the birth of ALUMNIÌIRADIO.

Kyaira: What is the universal mission of ALUMNIÌIRADIO?

Dominique Woodson: ALUMNIÌIRADIO’s main objective is to spread love by completely pushing the envelope for greatness. The 3 IÌI’s are for Knowledge, Prosperity & Wisdom. I started ALUMNIÌIRADIO to present some songs that have allowed me to feel, songs that come with a nostalgic feel, or even songs that showed me the way through rough periods on my own personal journey. It’s like a release mechanism for me.

Dropping episode 1 of their 2nd season titled ‘Long Live The Fallen‘, Dominique, Cedrick & Devante master the concept of tapping into various feels & vibes, by gently touching on each panel of emotion associated with each track featured on the mix. Press play to catch a vibe. You won’t regret it. Be sure to check out other episodes on their Soundcloud link up above.

You can find the collective on Twitter at their handles listed below for more content:

Born & raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Music curation. Instagram: kyairacheyenne

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