Get Familiar with Avant-Garde Musician & Filmmaker, Yeek

LA native musician, producer & filmmaker, Yeek, is fostering quite a distinctive summer splash with his newest EP titled ‘BLACKHEART‘. Strumming his way all throughout your heart strings, he effortlessly harmonizes a myriad of genres of music from washed out indie rock to underground hip hop, launching a groundbreaking sound into the atmosphere of music itself.

Yeek successfully outlines the dynamic between being head-over-heels in love while also highlighting our youth and rebelliousness amidst running around the city – also putting the spotlight on the stresses correlated when it comes to actually being in love with someone: the risk of emotional trauma & feelings of emptiness. His method of explanation comes from a genuine place of experience, something in which you will have to take a listen to for yourself. The depth connected to his overall message uncloaks his true renaissance like capability, unlocking our understanding of his true originality.

BLACKHEART is available for streaming on all major music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, & SoundCloud.



Press play on most recent visual for ‘Alive’, also featured on BLACKHEART below & let us know what you think:

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