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If you don’t know King Khali, “Poor Decisions Good Intentions” is a hell of an introduction

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Off a good tip, I sat down and watched King Khali’s new video for “Poor Decisions Good Intentions”. The DavieeDavee directed visual immediately offered an intimate portrait of just who Khali is. Atlanta born, the San Antonio resident loves rapping over 808 drums like most southern artists. Don’t let that fool you though, Khali balances bars with vibes better than most artists in 2018. The video centers around when Khali hit a lick to save his mom from eviction, and getting caught up in the process and slapped with a $30k bail. Surrounded by friends, you can feel the pain and anger in his words.

The realness turns into the mood of a whole project. Shortly after dropping the video, King Khali releases a 6 track EP that is a refreshing take on new-age street anthems. Flooded with realness, a touch of soul, and Khali’s bars balancing the two, Poor Decisions Good Intentions is one of the best projects I’ve heard lately. With production mostly from Duvin, the 808’s, bells, and heavy bass make the short project feel cohesive and fulfilling.

One of my favorite songs, “Pressure” features a banging chorus, and melodic verse from Taylor, an artist we’ve seen on Popped Cherry’s pages before. The transition of sound back into a verse from Khali is one of my favorite moments. Followed up by “Nothing New” featuring a fire verse from San Antonio’s Reek, Poor Decisions Good Intentions is right back where it started, a self reflective journey through the eyes of someone who has seen it all.


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