Tan the Terrible’s catchy new album “Tan Turismo” is packed full of hits

tanturismoWe thought Tan the Terrible was done for the day after releasing the visual for “Tan Turismo”, which ends up being the intro track to the full Tan Turismo album. Produced entirely by frequent contributor Ian Eastrn, Tan channels his inner race car driver and delivers a 9 track album full of melodies and catchy lyrics.

Hailing from Little Rock (Arkansas), a recent hot bed for rap music, Tan the Terrible began his musical journey 8 years ago. He’s been able to create a multitude of sounds delivering upbeat hits with heavy trap beats. After venturing  out to Los Angeles, Tan was able to combine a large variety of sounds and genres to help pave his own lane. While we heard those sounds on his previous projects You Should Know Better and Never Fails, Tan Turismo is the culmination of both, and working exclusively with Eastrn has allowed him to refine that sound and deliver an in-depth project full of big moments.


“Get up Go” – The second track of the project is one of Tan’s best. Getting the opportunity to hear this one live when Tan performed at Fresh Baked in Austin, TX opening up for Key! and Diego Money makes hearing it on the album even better. The high paced crooning is peak Tan, tying clever verses with a catchy hook has all the makings for some commercial success.

“Mapco” feat. C-Wil & Hector Slash –  “Mapco” is a great change of pace on the album, offering listeners some hard bars they probably weren’t expecting. Joined by fellow Little Rock artists C-Wil and Vile Pack member and Popped Cherry veteran Hector Slash this one is gritty and cutthroat. Tan shows off his versatility and I’ve kept this one on repeat all day.

If you haven’t seen the Juughaus directed video for “Tan Turismo (Intro)” check it out here. Listen to all of Tan Turismo below and let us know what you think!

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