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DAVID NATION delivers smooth vibes on new song/video “Twinkle” directed by Hype Trilliams

*PREMIERE* – David Nation, the multi-talented artist hailing from Fort Worth, is back with a new single/video titled “Twinkle” directed by Hype Trilliams . You might have heard his name from his buzzing song “Iso” which racked up over 150k plays on Spotify Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.59.01 PMsince its release last year. The self produced single “Twinkle” delivers the real late night R&B vibes you need this time of year. You’ll instantly recognize the melody from the famous nursery rhyme. One of the things that makes melodic artists like Future so great is their ability to take timeless melodies and deliver it with up-to-date content. David Nation absolutely delivers that with “Twinkle”.

Director Hype Trilliams brings a simple visual to life and effectively shows off Nation’s artistry and vision. With only a few locations, the video never gets boring as Nation croons his verses in solitude. Dark room shots with glow in the dark paint on the wall and a light-up sweater deliver a colorful feel. “Twinkle” is all about night time vibes and the visual portrays that well.

Currently working on his upcoming project Death Via Clout, Nation is an artist to keep an eye on. Normally known for hard hitting rap tracks, I was impressed by his ability to switch it up and deliver a good melodic record. He’s able to mix rapping and singing very effectively and has huge hit potential when they come together. His music always comes off as very personal and real, and that will definitely come in handy as he continues to build on his successes. Check out the video below and keep an eye out for his upcoming project right here on Popped Cherry.

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