#FreeGameFridays : Why You Should Respect Your Local DJ W/ DJ Syon

This weeks segment of #FreeGameFridays is all about the DJs simply because I feel like DJs are the most slept on people and they are super under appreciated. DJs really have the most important job in the industry because without them artists wouldn’t be shit, so I feel like you guys should really put some respect on their name. Today we are going to be talking about why it’s important to respect DJs and their hustle so I got to chop it up with DJ Syon about why it’s important to show respect to all your local DJs and why DJs are important to the culture.

In your opinion why are DJs important to the culture?

DJ’s are super important. We are the gate keepers in the music industry. We play the music for fans at any event or music setting so that artist gain new listeners.

Do you think people don’t appreciate DJs and the work that y’all do?

Honestly only certain people do but of course not as much as we should be appreciated. Now we have grown to a generation of people who want to be DJ’s for the wrong reason and suck at it which waters down our respect and talent level for an already under appreciated class of important people.

How does a DJ stay relevant?

Stay on top of your music always, and share it with people. Either in the form of a mix or singles. Also it wouldn’t hurt to explore other music avenues that can add to your DJ persona.

Make sure to always support your local DJ because they can be the reason why your entire life changes. They can help you prosper. Shout out to @DJSyonKream for putting us on game this Friday.

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