Skip the pie, Trae Cane and Mason Flynt bring the dessert with “Danksgiving”

The only way to get the body right after a Thanksgiving feast is a blunt or two, or three. I’m on my second, but I have a safe time betting that Mason Flynt and Trae Cane are well ahead. Today, Flynt released a banger from the vault titled “Danksgiving” full of straight bars from Trae Cane. The normal autotune heavy crooner, gives us some Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 9.15.49 PMthrowback Trae with two punch-line filled verses calling out the weak swisher smokers and dudes who can’t hang. Mason provides an off kilter beat lead by keys and an eerie synth that allows Trae to do his thang.

If you’ve been to any hip-hop show in Austin you’ve probably seen Mason on stage DJing for some of the biggest names in the industry. the multi-talented producer has an album dropping soon that we’re very excited for. Trae Cane has had a hell of a 2017 and we eagerly await his video release for his banger “She Kno”. Stay tuned to Popped Cherry for more on the two Austin artists staying ahead of the pack. Until then, I’m gonna keep smoking until my feet touch the ceiling.

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