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#FreeGameFridays : Why Producers Deserve More Credit

Last weeks topic of #FreeGameFridays we talked about the importance of keeping the right people around you which seemed to be the perfect topic. Now this week the streets decided that we should talk about producers because without producers some of y’all really wouldn’t be shit, honestly there wouldn’t even be no music. I feel like producers are one of many people who don’t get enough recognition in this game. People fail to mention that producers are key, they can make a trash rapper sound great. Producers are just as important as the artists. So I got to chop it up with one of my homies Kandiman who’s been producing and engineering for quite a while now for record labels like Atlantic, Motown, Roc Nation, MMG, and a few others. Read what we talked about below:

As a producer how do you feel about artists not giving the proper credit to the producers?

Unfortunately, it’s a common practice in our industry of hip hop. You don’t see or hear about that in pop or country. I have a huge problem with it. It’s pure laziness and lack of focus if you ask me.

Do you feel like producers in the industry are slept on?

Producers aren’t slept on but we are underpaid and not made a priority amongst these executives. Once we are able to have bigger seats at these executive tables at younger ages then ill feel better.

In your own words why are producers important?

In my eyes, producers are important because the consumer over time has made us a priority despite the rest of the industry just now catching up. Speaking for just Urban music, appreciation for production is at an all time high with our target demographic. A lot of these records that these artists are “too lazy” to credit us on wouldn’t even be possible without a lot of the legwork that we producers/engineers put in the first place and because of social media transparency the consumer is able to see a lot of that which used to be hidden.

Does race make a difference in the industry as far as being a producer?

There are also racial issues in some of our industries that are never spoken about. Higher up white (even black) executives only willing to contract white companies/contractors. It’s low-key an epidemic. Even in my field, Black or POC artists would rather go to an engineer thats white because he’s deemed “smarter” simply because he’s dealing with computers and math. On the production side, these suburban kids are getting their parents to buy them high quality studio equipment and they’re learning these programs and mimicking at such a high rate that its washing out the real talent and cultured producers. I just want young black men behind the boards to understand that we are just as smart/talented as your favorite caucasian person in the same position. Also to know that there is nothing wrong with NOT rapping. Plenty of positions to get into in the entertainment industry besides rapping. Open your focus.

Make sure to always credit your producer, a lot of artists out here really fail to do that which then causes problems because if you didn’t credit the producer how else is everyone supposed to know who to give credit too? I know I’m not about to go out of my way and investigate who your producer is, so artist please make sure that when you’re submitting your music anywhere that you always include the producer and stay tuned for the next #FreeGameFridays

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