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Get to know Bamsworth Belli

New York native, Take Care of Home creator, 26 year old Denzel but most known as Bam or Bamsworth. The name Bamsworth was collected from his childhood, and from his friend putting together his last name with Bam.

Bam started his music career back in 2013, making beats, writing songs and recording for himself and others. I asked him if there was anything he felt he could be better at when it comes to making music he said “If I could sing better, I would, and knew how to play more instruments.” Even then, you don’t come across many artists who can do the whole enchilada – Bam is a special one, and that’s for sure.

I’ve always been really interested in knowing what the bear meant and today I finally got my answer. When Bam was 10 years old his twin brother “bear” passed away… The bear symbolizes his brothers keeper.

I didn’t know how cool, passionate, or even funny Bam was until today. Over a glass of water and finally getting comfortable Bam opened up.

How does it feel being the first and only artist in San Antonio to have your own billboard?

It’s cool, I had a conversation with a friend and he influenced it. I also designed the billboard as well as my logo, and fliers. I tell my homie PoST my vision and he helps bring it together.


The Charity Event you’re hosting, tell me about that…

I wanted to throw a show after Mala Luna to keep the hype going. A charity event or some kind of toy drive is something i’ve been wanting to do. In the beginning of the year I thought of the Take Care of Home thing and ran with it. I wanted to challenge people to go out of their way for other people. Not being from San Antonio I have a lot more people have turned into family here. Between the ages of 5-18 I was in and out of homeless shelters and Juvenile, no matter what my friends always helped me. I always had somewhere to stay, something to eat and clothes. It’s like a thank you for everything.


What’s your ritual before a show?

I don’t pee, usually before a show I have to piss but I don’t because I feel like something bad will happen.


Who’s someone you haven’t worked with but you want to work with?

Andre 3000, he’s that n*gga


Fuck one, marry one kill one… Kylie Jenner, Black Chyna, Amber Rose.

I’m not trying to marry none of these hoes, but fuck Kylie, kill Black Chyna, marry Amber Rose


It was a pleasure to have interviewed Bam, check out his latest drop A.D.I.D.A.S and keep up with the man. A little bird said his album “is coming”!

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