Proz Taylor Make His Formal Entrance With His Debut Album

Since the beginning of the year, Mississippi’s Proz Taylor has spent a great amount of time claiming that he’s dead. Today we finally get an explanation for his “death”, in the form of his debut studio album, Deadman Wonderland.

While definitely defining his own lane and creating his own landscape for music, it’s hard not to think of Proz’s Deadman Wonderland as a modern day 808 and Heartbreaks in a sense. The theme of heartbreak is obviously present but Deadman is a little more haunting and rather experimental. This album certainly displays his creative range. On one of our favorite tracks, “Very Scary”, Proz boldly raps about overcoming past downfalls and being prettier than people that have snaked him. But transition to the bouncy pop ballads like “Dangerous” and “Dead To Me” and Proz Taylor shows he can handle much more than just rapping. With various approaches from Taylor, Deadman Wonderland is definitely interesting if anything. Features are kept short, but right hand man, Deezie Brown, Randy’s Alive Not Dead, and Venture stop by to make appearances on the album. Texas funk band Parallelephants also join Proz at some point on all 12 tracks to play guitar. Stream Deadman Wonderland below and look out for Proz Taylor as he continue to impress with his enigmatic presence.

Stream Deadman Wonderland here at Spotify or Apple Music.

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