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#FreeGameFridays : Keeping The Right People In Your Circle W/ Chase N Cashe

This weeks topic of #FreeGameFridays we are going to talk about the importance of keeping the right people in and around your circle, because if you don’t have the right people you won’t get where you want to go and those wrong people can hold you back from making any positive moves. I got to chop it up with Chase N. Cashe an artist who’s been in the game and is constantly dropping free game on social media.

How important is it to keep the right people on your team?

Very Important. The people you surround yourself with will only enhance or limit your progress. You have to be around people who push you to do the right thing for your career.

In your words, what are the types of people you should avoid that could hinder the process of longevity in the game?

Avoid anyone who procrastinates and doesn’t invest in their craft. To stay in this game you have to be consistent and you have to invest in yourself to get help from the right people

Have you ever seen anyone ruin an opportunity for themselves due to the people around them?

Many times especially on social media. People that have Management on social media giving their opinions on other people and brands have to be careful. There are consequences to everything you do and say in this game.

As a creative you always want to analyze who’s on your team and in your circle. You want to make sure these people you keep around are benefiting your success not holding you back from it. You want people who will help reach your goals. You have broke friends? You’re not too far behind them because you are who you hang with. You can’t be the only person on your team getting money, EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE GETTING MONEY.

Getting rid of all negative is a must because if you’ve got negative energy surrounding you all the time it’s impossible to be positive about the things you’re trying to accomplish. Of course you can’t avoid negativity all the time in the industry or even on social medias but when you see it, run from it. Nobody wants to be drained by negative ass people. Those are the ones who really ruin opportunities for you. I’ve seen several people ruin opportunities for themselves due to the fact that their friend wants to act out. Nobody wants to deal with that, your team reflects on you. Be sure to keep up with us every Friday while we continue to give out some free game.

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