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#FreeGameFridays : Ways To Stay Relevant In The Music Game

Every Friday we release a segment called #FreeGameFridays and it consists of us putting you guys on game we also like to talk to other individuals to help us put you guys on game. Last week we talked about different ways to help build your own brand, so this week we return to talk about how you can stay relevant in the music scene.

First of all you can’t stay relevant if you’re not dropping good quality catchy music. If your music sounds like you’re just doing this for shits and giggles and you aren’t really serious about what you’re doing, more than likely people won’t take you serious either. Everything has to be on point from your production, to your mastering, to the way you deliver your song. Make your music catchy too, today’s music really isn’t about bars now a days it’s about the way you deliver.

Visuals are everything. Everyone loves a good creative visual people like Uzi and Trippie Redd (and many others) always have some solid ass visuals, I’m not talking about bitches shaking ass and a group of dudes holding guns to the camera I’m talking about actually putting some work in. Who you hire to direct the visual and the editing is important because it’s your craft and it’s an important way to stay relevant. People always enjoy a good visual.

Consistency is key, you’ve got to always consistently deliver dope to the streets. You have to keep your listeners ears fed, you can simply do that by dropping a single and then turning around and dropping a visual to a song that no one has heard. Keep people on their feet with how you consistently deliver your audio dope.

Another major way to stay relevant in the game is to interacting. Interact with your supporters because they are a big part of your success, without supporters there is no you. You also have to network to stay relevant. You’ve got to identify who you want to work with and you’ve got to see who will make you successful because without any plugs you can’t move how you want to. Go out and meet face to face with people, stay active on your social medias.

Be a trend setter give everyone something to always talk about. Remember to always stay original and don’t be out here trying to be like the next man, do your own thing and always drop gems and remember tune in every Friday for some free game.

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