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#FreeGameFridays : How To Build Your Brand

Last week for #FreeGameFridays we talked about how you could get your music heard on blogs because some artists seem to need help with that. This Friday we are going to be putting you on game on how to brand yourself. One of the reasons Popped Cherry is so different is because we actually want to put you on game, most people charge for the kind of knowledge being dropped.

Whether you’re  an artists, producer, DJ, model, photograph, etc. your name is your brand so you have to make sure your brand differentiates you from the competition around you. That’s a major thing because that’s what the people see and hear. You can’t be out here trying to look like the next person your brand has to stand out.

Utilize the hell out of all your social medias give people something to look at when they google you. People like to see what you’re doing and sometimes how you’re doing it. Your twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and sometimes even Facebook will help build your fan base. Another important thing in building a brand is building a website this is probably a key thing. People will take you more serious when you hand them a business card with your social media handles and website.

You can’t build a brand by yourself you have to build a solid team. Make sure your team is generating brand awareness. I’m not saying come out here and build a big ass team, shit my team for my brand is 5 people and each of us contributes in some way shape or form. Just make sure your team forever solid.

Another important thing is connecting with people. When you’re out at a function or anywhere it’s important that you’re networking and that you’re out here building up your plugs. You gotta establish your presence in the building. You wanna get to the point where people see you and they want to link or build a connection with you. Let your presence be known in a good way.

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