The Teeta and Bosssbeatz release their long awaited project “Killstreak II”

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The Teeta and Bosssbeatz release their long awaited second collaboration project titled Killstreak II. The 9 track project contains plenty of new sounds from the Austin rapper who has grown to cult status over the last year with 6 album releases and countless videos/features.
Produced entirely by the talented Atlanta based producer Bosssbeatz who boasts credits on countless projects for Chxpo, P2TheGoldmask, ATL Smook, and more. Bosssbeatz fills the projects with heavy hitting beats with plenty of 808’s and tantalizing melodies.
Consisting of the hard hitting songs that have given Teeta the title of originator of Pretty Boy Trap to the emotional and self reflective music that has made him so popular, Killstreak II is fully encompassing. With the only features being from the buzzing Steven Cannon and Austin artist ImYoungin this project is bound to be another classic.
Austin radio station WBMPro will be streaming the project in its entirety tonight at 7pm on and Austin’s KUTX 98.9 will be hosting an in studio performance/interview that will be played Saturday night at 11pm.
Listen below:

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