#FreeGameFridays How To Get Your Music Featured On A Blog

Today’s topic for #FreeGameFridays is going to be short and sweet, today we are going to be talking about how to get your music featured on a blog because some of you lack in this area or may just need some guidance.

So the first step in getting blogs to notice you is, you have to make sure your music is presentable I’m talking about if you’re supposed bmitting a single or a project please make sure you have some cover art made. I’m tired of seeing cover art that has been googled that shit right there ain’t cool that just shows how serious you are about this. Make your music look presentable. Even the visuals, nobody wants to sit there and watch a shitty visual because I know I skip straight through those. If you’re work does not look presentable you won’t be taken serious. The scene is crowded enough.

The next step would be put together a press release for what you’re releasing. Get organized, there’s people out here like us willing to help and guide you. Press releases really make a big difference. Or if you’re not really a big fan of doing it the press release way, create a more personal email introducing yourself and your music. Make the person reading your email feel important. Present your work well, and you might just have that much more of a chance at getting your music featured on wherever you’re submitting to.

Last but not least of many things BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with blogs/bloggers this is probably one of the most important things. Rather than just always sending an email with the link to your work build a relationship so that they can get familiar with you. Build your plugs up.

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