#FreeGameFridays: How To Send A Proper Email W/ Proz Taylor

We sat down with creative genius and artist Proz Taylor yesterday to talk about how to send a proper email. That’s really one thing some artists lack and we are here to help with that. Popped Cherry is giving you a quick little seminar to help you look and sound more professional, get some free game down below:

So other than just being an artist you also do business for people like graphic design/visuals, things like that, what’s the most annoying thing someone can contact you with?

Yeah I have company, 3050 Studios and we offer all these great creative services for artists. We get all sorts of odd messages. I think the most annoying thing to me is when someone asks the price for something, we give them the rates and then they reply with “okay bet, Ima talk to my manager.” Aka I’m not about to buy any services just wanted to waste your time. lol 90% of upcoming and local artists don’t need a manager, there’s nothing to manage yet. So it’s more funny to me than anything, however very annoying. Don’t waste people’s time.

What are some do’s/don’ts for artists sending out emails, when contacting people for business or submissions?

There’s definitely a lot. I’ll have to say my top ones are:

DO be professional, DO proof read your emails and make sure all links work, DO provide contact info. DO contextualize your work briefly. It helps to know how an artist sees their work fitting in and what their aspirations might be. DO self research on who you are submitting to or contacting for business, to answer any questions that can be figured out on your own or to see if they have specific guidelines for conducting business.

DONT contact them if you know it isn’t a serious inquiry. DONT send emails with incomplete thoughts or sentences. DONT spam people’s email. If you aren’t contacted back, send a professional follow up in about a week. DONT submit unfinished or sloppy work. DONT submit without some sort of press release or info on the release and the artist.

If someone doesn’t know how to send a proper email what’s do you suggest they do?

I suggest them take a day and devote it to doing some research. We have the internet. There’s so much knowledge out there. Get educated about your line of business and how to properly communicate with the people you’re trying to do business with.

What advice do you have for artist?

Build up your contact list, develop relationships with websites, brands, and connect with your supporters. Do research. Research is your friend.

Don’t be scared to ask questions or reach out to someone for help on how to approach people, especially other blogs, managers, or anyone for that matter. Always show that you’re professional it shows a lot about someone.

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