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Ted Park goes global with “No Go” featuring Korean rapper Okasian

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Ted Park continues his ascent with a another catchy record titled “No Go”. Landing a feature from a major Korean artist has been on his radar for awhile and when

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Ted Park

Okasian DM’d him on Instagram, Ted was shook. In an article with VIBE Ted says, “He’s one of my favorite Korean artists, and the first major one that to reached out and showed so much love — it was a blessing. “I sent the record through to him because I thought it matched his dark and hard hitting sound, and he had it back to me next day. We have even more joints coming which I know the people are gonna love.”

“No Go” is a heavy hitting, bass bumping song, produced by longtime contributor and platinum selling producer, DJ Pain 1. Ted’s strength is his melodies, and how often he switches them up. Paired with the darker sounds of Okasian, who kills his verse, and one of my favorite Pain beats in recent memory, this one is a certified banger.

It will be interesting to see how this song does in South Korea, Ted’s ancestral home and where he spent several crucial developmental years growing up. Creating a demand in one of the most lucrative and fan crazy music scenes like South Korea could take Ted to a whole other planet. If not now, he will soon.

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