New York’s Fortysvn drops the perfect song for your smoke break

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.52.17 AM.pngUsually the songs that end up on constant repeat are the ones I smoke to most. “Smoke Break” is the lead single on Fortysvn’s new album Destiny Drive, and it’s a damn good one. The hook being catchy might be an understatement, it’s radio quality stuff. Forty sounds comfortable on the verse, doesn’t over rap and allows the vibe to stay consistent throughout the whole record. The whole album features popular r&b sounds and you can hear the strong influence from industry leaders Bryson Tiller and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Entirely self produced, the album is a total step up from his 2016 project Come As You Are. It seems like the New York artist has definitely found a sound that works and crafted a great aesthetic to show it off. Excited to hear what’s to come.

Check out the rest of Destiny Drive below.

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