The elusive Shelovesllyrik surprises us with “Sauce On Me”

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.17.46 AM

Austin’s Shelovesllyrik proves he can do more then just sing, and surprises us all with “Sauce On Me” produced by the all around talented Netherfriends. If you’ve ever been around the scene in Austin you can expect the flyest person in the room to probably be Llyrik. And as well as he can blend a fit, he can blend styles in his music. You can tell Llyrik is having tons of fun on “Sauce On Me” and floats around on the incredibly uplifting beat. Shit makes me want to milly rock at my desk at work. I could get used to hearing more of this style from Llyrik. Until then, “Sauce On Me” is getting added to all my playlists.

If you like “Sauce On Me”, check out “Rainy Days in Tokyo” to hear a different sound from Llyrik.


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