T.Y.E gets held hostage by taymoney in video for “Kalashnikov”

After his recent project 32, T.Y.E’s name has been buzzing on platforms all over the country, including industry leading Noisey. The Dallas rapper is back with a new visual for “Kalashnikov” produced by Lazy Drug and shot by frequent contributor Dance Daily. They grab upcoming Dallas artist taymoney to hold TYE hostage in what looks like a deal gone wrong with some crazy Russians. As true professionals, extra points for rocking the rifle from which this song gets its name. Dance Daily has been killing the videos, the cuts and transitions in this are crazy. He’s able to do a lot with a pretty basic storyline, and keeps you entertained for 2:42.

Of course, most of that entertainment comes from T.Y.E. Just like on 32, he’s able to create vivid stories with his words, and deliver them in creative ways. The man has fucking bars, straight up. He knows how to use space in his verses and build excitement, before pulling away to build suspense. I strongly hold on to my claim that he’s the best rapper right now in Dallas (don’t @ me twitter, I dare you).

I wouldn’t mind hearing more T.Y.E soon. If he can keep capitalizing on this momentum he’s had the last year you’ll be seeing him everywhere in 2018. Honestly, I also wouldn’t mind seeing taymoney holding a rifle more either. Peep game below.

Stream 32 below

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